Plasma 5 panel that that creates a plank or mac style zoom effect for its tasks (accompanies the Now Dock Plasmoid)
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Latest commit 2a3e78a Dec 14, 2016 @psifidotos tagging version 0.5.0


This is a panel and plasmoid for Plasma 5 which is trying to implement a mac style effect for its applets. It uses the Now Dock plasmoid for its configuration and complements it as one single area for which the user can add its applets. The applets as the user windows are going to create a nice zoom effect on hovering.


  • Notice: First uninstall any locally installed now dock components by using the script

installation script

  • sh

Now Dock Panel is now ready to be used from right-click menu in the Desktop


For translations you can use the po/nowdockpanel/, po/nowdockplasmoid/ files and either make a Pull Request for your language or upload the your language file at


  • Plasma >= 5.8.0

development packages for:

  • Qt5Core >= 5.6.0
  • Qt5Qml >= 5.6.0
  • Qt5Quick >= 5.6.0

  • KF5Plasma >= 5.25.0

  • KF5PlasmaQuick >= 5.25.0
  • KF5WindowSystem >= 5.25.0
  • KF5KDELibs4Support >= 5.25.0
  • KF5CoreAddons >= 5.25.0