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A Sketch plugin that adjusts the size of a shape layer according to the width and height of a text layer, plus values that you can input for padding.
### Select layers and add padding
**Select layers and add padding**
![Adjust Button Shape](
### Use text alignemnt to control re-drawing
**Use text alignment to control re-drawing**
![Adjust Button Shape Alignment Sensitivity](
@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ Select one shape layer and one text layer and run the script, either via `Plugin
Insert values for the top, right, bottom or left padding of the shape. If you want an already nice looking padding to stay unaltered, leave the input field blank.
Use text alignment — left, right and center — to control how the button is positioned when re-drawn
## Change log
2016-05-09 Added text alignment sensitivity when re-drawing the position of the shape layer

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