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go implementation of timsort
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TimSort for sort.Interface; special sorting for []int


timsort is a Go implementation of Tim Peters's mergesort sorting algorithm.

For many input types it is 2-3 times faster than Go's built-in sorting.

The main drawback of this sort method is that it is not in-place (as any mergesort), and may put extra strain on garbage collector.

This implementation was derived from Java's TimSort object by Josh Bloch, which, in turn, was based on the original code by Tim Peters.


$ go get


Inside the source directory, type

go test

to run test harness.


Inside the source directory, type

go test -test.bench=.*

to run benchmarks. Each combination of input type/size is presented to timsort, and, for comparison, to the standard Go sort (sort.Sort). See for more info and some benchmarking results.


package main

import (

type Record struct {
    ssn  int
    name string

func BySsn(a, b interface{}) bool {
    return a.(Record).ssn < b.(Record).ssn

func ByName(a, b interface{}) bool {
    return a.(Record).name < b.(Record).name

func main() {
    db := make([]interface{}, 3)
    db[0] = Record{123456789, "joe"}
    db[1] = Record{101765430, "sue"}
    db[2] = Record{345623452, "mary"}

    // sorts array by ssn (ascending)
    timsort.Sort(db, BySsn)
    fmt.Printf("sorted by ssn: %v\n", db)

    // now re-sort same array by name (ascending)
    timsort.Sort(db, ByName)
    fmt.Printf("sorted by name: %v\n", db)
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