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pepy is a site to get statistics information about any Python package.
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📜 About is a site which aims to show statistics about Python packages.

⚒️ Start contributing

I wanted to make the setup of the environment as easy as possible. To start the environment you need the following prerequisites:


  • bash (+4.3)
  • docker (+17.05)
  • docker-compose (+1.16.1)
  • docker-py (+2.2.1)
  • ansible (+2.3)

Start environment

You only (fingers crossed) need to execute the following to start the environment:

make start-containers

Architecture and patterns

Principally I used some DDD concepts (like value objects, entities, and so on) and also CQS whose objective is to separate commands from queries.

The structure of the code is the following:

  • pepy/application: here is where all the commands and the queries are located.
  • pepy/domain: domain objects like entities, exceptions, and value objects.
  • pepy/infrastructure: infrastructure components like the implementation of the repository class like DB or BigQuery, the Flask web application, the container, and so on.
    • pepy/infrastructure/cli: the command line programs.
    • pepy/infrastructure/container: config files and the dependency injection manager.
    • pepy/infrastructure/web: the Flask application with all the routes.

🚩 License

The code is available under the MIT license.

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