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Actions support. #4

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Adding AMC Support to Actions is straight-forward.
It may take some time & maybe some inside knowledge of AMC needed, so i will use this issue to comment & mention from commits any progress regarding actions AMC support.

feature-amc branch will be used as main "Static Nodes AMC Support" Pull Request branch.
For actions i will use feature-amc-actions branch.

Current status of "feature-amc-actions" branch:

Must Have Actions


  • CCAction-------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCFiniteTimeAction----Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCRepeatForever-------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCSpeed-------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCFollow-------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)


  • CCActionInterval--------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCSequence-------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest), Issues = #17
  • CCRepeat-----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCSpawn------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCRotateTo--------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCRotateBy--------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCMoveTo----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCMoveBy----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCSkewTo----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCSkewBy----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCJumpTo----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCJumpBy----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCBezierTo---------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CBezierBy-----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCScaleTo----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCScaleBy----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCBlink---------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCFadeIn------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCFadeOut----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCFadeTo------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCTintTo--------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCTintBy--------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCDelayTime--------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCReverseTime----------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCAnimate-----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)


  • CCActionTween----------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)


  • CCProgressTo----------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCProgressFromTo---Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)


  • CCActionInstant-------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCShow------------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CHide----------------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCToggleVisibility----------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCFlipX------------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCFlipY------------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCPlace------------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCCallFunc-------------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCCallFuncN -----------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCCallFuncND---------------NOT-SUPPORTED (Can't save custom data)
  • CCCallFuncO-----------------NOT-SUPPORTED (Can't save custom object)
  • CCCallBlock-------------------NOT-SUPPORTED (Can't save block)
  • CCCallBlockN-----------------NOT-SUPPORTED (Can't save block)


  • CCActionCamera-------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)
  • CCOrbitCamera---------------Supported, Tested (ActionsTest)


  • CCActionEase---------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseRateAction--------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseIn---------------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseOut------------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseInOut----------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseExponentialIn----------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseExponentialOut--------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseExponentialInOut-----Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseSineIn---------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseSineOut-------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseSineInOut----------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseElastic---------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseElasticIn------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseElasticOut---------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseElasticInOut-------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseBounce--------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseBounceIn-----------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseBounceOut---------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseBounceInOut------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseBackIn---------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseBackOut-------------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
  • CCEaseBackInOut----------------Supported, Tested (EaseActionsTest)
@alexeylang alexeylang was assigned
@psineur psineur was assigned

CCAnimation - should work out of the box, cause CCSpriteFrame is ready.
Just some additional logic must be added to recache used animations & spriteFrames.
Look for TODOs for Issue #9 in psineur/cocos2d-iphone.

Для того чтобы экономить память и хранить Анимации И Кадры в едином месте
удобном для редактирования - необходимо ввести понятие key в CCSpriteFrame
и в CCAnimation.

CCAnimation использует те же самые кадры, которые ей дали.
ССAnimate использует ту же самую анимацию, что ей дали.

Обычно CCAnimation & CCSpriteFrame поступают из одного места и сохранены по
каким-то ключам в своих кешах.
Так что делаем следующим образом:
1. Когда сохраняем анимацию в кеше - задаем ей имя. Когда выкидываем - убираем ей имя.
2. Когда сохраняем анимацию - сохраняем ее имя (не проверяем закешировано ли

  • для того, чтобы можно было сохранить анимацию на будущее для шары с другими, даже если она не в кеше) и все данные - всегда.
    1. Когда грузим - проверяем есть ли в кеше уже с таким именем
  • Если нет - добавляем
  • Если есть - используем повторно всегда, но проверяем равны ли,
  • Не равны - говорим об этом
  • Равны - все ок.

Updated first post - added current status.


Edited issue description. Moved Effects Actions to #18


All must have actions Supported now: e1520e5
Effects Actions Issue is located here: #18


@psineur psineur closed this
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