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package io.pager.subscription
import io.pager.client.telegram.ChatId
import io.pager.logging.Logger
import io.pager.subscription.Repository.{ Name, Version }
import zio.macros.annotation.mockable
import zio.{ RIO, Task, ZIO }
trait SubscriptionLogic {
val subscriptionLogic: SubscriptionLogic.Service[Any]
object SubscriptionLogic {
trait Service[R] {
def subscribe(chatId: ChatId, name: Name): RIO[R, Unit]
def unsubscribe(chatId: ChatId, name: Name): RIO[R, Unit]
def listSubscriptions(chatId: ChatId): RIO[R, Set[Name]]
def listRepositories: RIO[R, Map[Name, Option[Version]]]
def listSubscribers(name: Name): RIO[R, Set[ChatId]]
def updateVersions(updatedVersions: Map[Name, Version]): RIO[R, Unit]
trait Live extends SubscriptionLogic {
def logger: Logger.Service
def chatStorage: ChatStorage.Service[Any]
def repositoryVersionStorage: RepositoryVersionStorage.Service[Any]
override val subscriptionLogic: Service[Any] = new Service[Any] {
override def subscribe(chatId: ChatId, name: Name): Task[Unit] ="$chatId subscribed to $name") *>
chatStorage.subscribe(chatId, name) *>
override def unsubscribe(chatId: ChatId, name: Name): Task[Unit] ="Chat $chatId unsubscribed from $name") *>
chatStorage.unsubscribe(chatId, name)
override def listSubscriptions(chatId: ChatId): Task[Set[Name]] ="Chat $chatId requested subscriptions") *>
override def listRepositories: Task[Map[Name, Option[Version]]] ="Listing repositories") *>
override def listSubscribers(name: Name): Task[Set[ChatId]] ="Listing repository ${name.value} subscribers") *>
override def updateVersions(updatedVersions: Map[Name, Version]): Task[Unit] =
.foreach(updatedVersions) {
case (name, version) =>"Updating repository ${name.value} version to $version") *>
repositoryVersionStorage.updateVersion(name, version)
object Live {
def make(
logger: Logger.Service,
chatStorageService: ChatStorage.Service[Any],
repositoryVersionStorageService: RepositoryVersionStorage.Service[Any]
): SubscriptionLogic.Service[Any] =
new SubscriptionLogic.Live {
override def logger: Logger.Service = Logger.Test
override def chatStorage: ChatStorage.Service[Any] = chatStorageService
override def repositoryVersionStorage: RepositoryVersionStorage.Service[Any] = repositoryVersionStorageService