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package io.pager
import io.pager.client.github.GitHubRelease
import io.pager.subscription.Repository.{ Name, Version }
import java.time.Instant
object TestData {
val finalVersion: Version = Version("1.0.0")
val rcVersion: Version = Version("1.0.0-RC17")
val timestamp1: Instant = Instant.parse("2019-11-29T17:34:23.00Z")
val timestamp2: Instant = Instant.parse("2019-12-30T18:35:24.00Z")
val rcRelease: GitHubRelease = GitHubRelease(rcVersion, timestamp1)
val finalRelease: GitHubRelease = GitHubRelease(finalVersion, timestamp2)
val releases: List[GitHubRelease] = List(rcRelease, finalRelease)
def message(name: Name) = s"There is a new version of ${name.value} available: ${finalVersion.value}"