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package com.psisoyev.example
import com.dimafeng.testcontainers.lifecycle.and
import com.dimafeng.testcontainers.{PulsarContainer, TestContainersForAll}
import com.sksamuel.pulsar4s.{PulsarClient, Topic}
import munit.FunSuite
class DifferentVersionsSpec extends FunSuite with TestContainersForAll {
type Containers = PulsarContainer and PulsarContainer
override def startContainers(): and[PulsarContainer, PulsarContainer] = {
val pulsarContainer = PulsarContainer.Def("2.2.0").start()
val pulsarContainerNew = PulsarContainer.Def("2.5.0").start()
pulsarContainer and pulsarContainerNew
val message = "hello"
test("Send and receive a message") {
withContainers { case pulsarContainer and pulsarContainerNew =>
List(pulsarContainer, pulsarContainerNew)
.map(container => scenario(container.pulsarBrokerUrl()))
.foreach(result => assert(result == Right(message)))
def scenario(brokerUrl: String): Either[Throwable, String] = {
val client: PulsarClient = PulsarClient(brokerUrl)
val topic = Topic("non-persistent://sample/standalone/test/123")
val service = new MyPulsarService(client, topic)