Malicious Mail - an E-Mail Address faking Client
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Malicious Mail - an E-Mail Address faking Client

The initialisation of this programm is very simple:
1. Create a new E-Mail Address ( would be the best here, if you want to use a different one, you have to change the smtp Server in the Code)
2. fill the placeholders in /content/includes/ (username, password, forename, last name) with your own data

dummy@area51 ~ $ python3 [first name, last name, sender mailaddress, subject, recipient] *Press Return key*
*Enter your text here*
*End the text by typing EOF in the last line*
dummy@area51 ~ $

actual version: v1.1 stable

programmer: psittacus, Spl1x
@k4cg written in Python 3.5.2