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Phabricator notification Slack integration. Instantly receive Phabricator notification in Slack.


  • Instant.
  • Customizable.
  • Togglable.


Your team members can receive Phabricator notification and can easily disable/enable it in Slack at anytime, like:

/your-slash-cmd [enable | disable]


In order to deploy ph-slack, you need to prepare these things:

  • A Slack API Authentication Token.
  • A Phabricator user (bot user is much better).
  • The administation privileges of your Phabricator and Slack.
  • A new Slack slash command.
  • A server that can be accessed from Slack server.

The last two things are optional if you don't want to your user to disable ph-slack.

Here we go.

First, clone code and build:

$ git clone
$ cd ph-slack
$ python
$ bin/buildout

You don't need a virtual environment with Buildout.

Create a configuration file with sample:

$ cp

Modify like this:

PHABRICATOR_HOST = 'http://ph.your.domain/api/'

PHABRICATOR_USER = 'ph-bot-name'

PHABRICATOR_CERT = 'ph-bot-cert'

SLACK_AUTH_TOKEN = 'slack api token'

# optional
SLACK_COMMAND_TOKEN = 'slack slash command token'


Full explanation of configuration, see

Run the server on 5000 port behind Gunicorn:

$ bin/gunicorn -w 4 -b 'ph_slack:app' --log-file - --access-logfile -

Then, add http://ph-slack.domain:5000/handle to your Phabricator feed http hooks on http://your-ph.domain/config/edit/feed.http-hooks/ page.

Configure http://ph-slack.domain:5000/switch as the URL of the Slack slash command you just created for ph-slack.



By now, it only supports two kinds of Phabricator object:

  • Task
  • Revision

Pull request is welcome!