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Scripts to make life more beautiful

Youtube Downloader

Install scripts

git clone && cd scripts && ./

Try to download youtube videos

Download single youtube videos

cd ~/ && yd ""

Above command will download "Why This Kolaveri Di Full Song Promo Video in HD.mp4" in your home folder.

Download multiple videos at once

You will need to install beautifulsoup, a python package for parsing html.

sudo pip install beautifulsoup

To download multiple videos, please follow following steps

  • Right click on youtube page and select inspect element.
  • Select an html element which contains all youtube videos.
  • Right click on that particular element and select "copy as html".
  • In any directory run ymd command in terminal, it will open nano editor, paste html here, save and quit nano (Ctrl+o followed by Ctrl+x).
  • Download will be started.
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