PhpStorm plugin that adds code completion in composer.json file
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PHP composer.json support

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Adds code completion, inspections and more to composer.json file.

This plugin provides:

  • completion for:

    • composer.json schema
    • package names and version (in require, require-dev etc) from packagist repository and custom repositories defined in composer.json file ("composer", "package" and "path" repository types are supported right now)
    • filepath completion (in bin, autoload etc)
    • class and static method names in "scripts" properties
    • namespaces eg. in "autoload.psr-0" property
  • inspections for:

    • composer.json schema + quick fixes (remove entry / property, create property etc.). Schema inspections and completions are synced to 95987f4 commit of composer/composer repository.
    • filepath existence (in bin, autoload etc) + quick fixes (remove entry, create file / directory)
    • misconfiguration + quick fixes
    • version constraints misconfiguration + quick fixes
    • not installed packages + install quick fix
    • scripts callbacks (class names and method signature)
  • navigation for (eg. by Ctrl+LMB):

    • class and method names in "scripts" properties
    • files and directories in properties that store file path (eg. "bin")
    • package directory (eg. in "require", "require-dev")
    • urls and emails (eg. in "homepage")
  • documentation:

    • external documentation (shift+f1) for packages
    • quick docs (ctrl+q) and external docs (shift+f1) for properties
  • others:

    • show current installed version from composer.lock

There you can find plugin homepage.

This plugin in work


What's next?

  • If you have feature ideas, please create an issue! I have created a lot of features that used to be useful for me during my daily job, so I waiting for yours ideas too ;)