A set of python scripts, URL schemes and launcher workflows to aid in working with elaborate TaskPaper projects.
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TaskPaper Actions

TaskPaper Actions is growing, new scripts and actions are being added to the family in the hope that added functionality can be achieved.


tpactions.py is the base for all others, it sanitises the TaskPaper file/list so that it can then be parsed by other scripts.

Feature List

  • Marks every subtask as @done if the parent task is @done;
  • Marks every task as @done if all it's subtasks are @done;
  • Displays the next actions, disregarding @done tasks and subtasks;
  • Appends @next to next actions.


  • Rather than display the next actions, tag them with `@next. Tag also any corresponding subtask so that it will appear in search;
  • Determine next action for a specific project, based on user input;
  • Revision mode?


tp2reminders.py simply sends tasks tagged with @remind to Apple Reminders.

Feature List

  • Sends tasks tagged with @remind(YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm]) to Reminders;
  • If no time is specified, then a default time will be used;
  • Optionally add remaining tags to the notes field;
  • Add any notes the task may have to the notes field


  • Exchange information between Reminders and TaskPaper to mark as done in one or the other depending of the tasks current state
  • Anything else I may think of that comes in handy.