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This JS script allows your website visitors to easily report mistakes and typos on your website by selecting some text with a mistake and clicking ctrl+enter. The error reports would be gathered to a Google Forms Spreadsheet.



Get the script

The package is built in UMD format, so you can include it both as a link tag or consume it in JS.

Install via npm

npm install --save typo-reporter

Install via plain old html tag

<script src=""></script>

Create a target Google Form to gather feedback

Create a copy of this spreadsheet:

Rename it to whatever you like. You can subscribe to email notifications in Tools -> Notification rules.

Now go to Form -> Edit form and note the id of the cloned form. You would need it at the next step.

Init the plugin

Configuration example:

  var rootNode = document.createElement('div');
  var typo = new TypoReporter({
    formId: '1FAIpQLWd4bAaZYLlY38abAVosRCuZw9jJpe18sXK522IyftFYQdkvkg', // required, see previous step

    // Optional example stuff below
    locale: 'fr', // optional language, defaults to 'en'
    translations: { // optinal object with translated strings
      fr: {
        // see source code for keys to translate
    offset: 100, // amount of context text to grab from before and after the selection, defaults to 50
    endpointUrl: 'https://custom-endpoint-url', // optional, defaults to Google Forms
    snippetFieldName: 'entry.13240190', // optional, if using custom form
    commentFieldName: 'entry.1447231081', // optional, if using custom form
    urlFieldName: 'entry.238687347' // optional, if using custom form
  }, rootNode);

Check out the demo.html for an example integration.

Add styles

You should add your own styles for the dialog. They may look somehow like this:

.ReportTypo {font-family: sans; position: fixed; margin: auto; padding: 12px; top: 30%; left: 0; right: 0; max-width: 480px; background: #d7d7d7; border: 1px solid #aaa;}
.ReportTypo-message {font-family: mono; width: 100%; height: 50px; margin: 12px 0;}
.ReportTypo-comment {display: block; width: 100%; height: 100px;}
.ReportTypo-header {font-size: 21px; font-weight: bold;}
.ReportTypo-label {margin: 12px 0 6px 0;}
.ReportTypo-heighlight {color: red; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;}

Add some hint text for users to submit errors

A website editor can report errors now but selecting some text on a page and pressing ctrl+enter. You can add some small hinting banner somehwere below in the footer to tell them about that.


Report typos on a web page





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