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Welcome to the PSMoveService wiki!

Getting a build

Initial Setup Video

For all releases >= Alpha5.0, YouTuber DaleyTech made this great setup that covers both PSMoveService setup and configuration with a RiftCat headset.

For all releases < Alpha5.0 setup video, there is YouTuber's VirtuallyChris original setup video. Though most of the info in there is still relevant (with the exception of the HMD calibration step which no longer exists).

All of the steps in boths video are also listed in the following section, but it's probably best to watch the video for the release you downloaded first to get a sense of what's involved.

Initial Setup Documentation

The following sections outline how to setup the PSMoveService for use on Win10 or OS X.

  1. Hardware-Purchase-List
  2. Camera-Hardware-Setup
  3. PSEye-Software-Setup-(Windows)
    • No setup necessary for OS X or Linux
  4. PSMove Bluetooth Pairing
  5. PSMove Magnetometer Calibration
  6. Color Filter Calibration
  7. Tracker Pose Calibration
  8. PSNavi Setup
  9. PSVR Positional Tracking setup

Usage with other VR Systems



Programmer's Notes




Alex's Notes on the PSMove HID Protocol

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