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Code from Amanda Laucher and Paul Snively's Types vs. Tests presentation at Strange Loop 2012
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Types vs. Tests : Code From Amanda Laucher and Paul Snively's Strange Loop 2012 Presentation

This repository contains source code and slides from "Types vs. Tests: An Epic Battle?" presented at Strange Loop 2012 by Amanda Laucher and Paul Snively. As of this writing, Paul's Scala code and the slides are available; the F# code is forthcoming. The repository is an sbt 0.12 project, so typing "test" from the sbt command line will compile the code and run both the specs2 unit tests and the ScalaCheck property-based tests. The Shapeless.scala source file will also have been compiled, but go ahead and uncomment the commented-out examples to prove that they really do prevent the invalid account numbers from compiling. :-)

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