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Your infinite DJ. An endless stream of beatmatched music from SoundCloud.
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by Peter Sobot ( on November ~7, 2012. Licensed under MIT. Live at

Live today! is a web app that provides an endless beatmatched radio stream of the hottest tracks on SoundCloud. Check out the absurdly long blog post on its creation or the site itself. Check out the code above if you're interested in some learnin'.


Hehe. Good luck. The code has too many dependencies to count… but I might be able to go back and add a requirements.txt eventually. It also depends on custom forks of the Echo Nest's client-side Python libraries and SoundCloud's Python library.

Update: I've added a requirements.txt, but you'll also need to use my custom forks of remix and pyechonest, and for now, my fork (and patch) of soundcloud-python.

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