Native Mac OS X client for Google Hangouts. Not maintained - use Parrot instead:
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Hangover is the first native Mac client for Hangouts, Google's instant messaging service. At the moment, it is essentially a native Swift port of Tom Dryer's hangups, which was the first third-party Google Hangouts client. In the long term, Hangover is intended to be the Google Hangouts client that Google forgot to make for Mac OS X.

At the moment, Hangover is an extremely alpha project. It is slowly becoming usable as a chat client. Most of the code has simply been ported over from the original Python to Swift, and it's not pretty. (Forgive me for the sins I've committed while hacking this together.)


Hangover is super alpha software, not reliable or ready for prime time use. If you're feeling adventurous, however, head over to the downloads page to grab the latest release. (Or just click here to download v0.1-alpha.)


ooh pretty


Not yet.


Contributions welcomed! Please open issues on the project and send pull requests.

At the moment, Hangover is written in Swift 2.0, which means that you'll need Xcode 7 beta to even compile the app. As well, you'll notice that the Podfile is conspicuously empty. All dependencies must also be in Swift 2.0 (or Objective C), so the Podfile points at a fork of the Alamofire Swift networking library that has been ported to Swift 2.