Keep track of sold/held customer merchandise.
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#Django Inventory Pickup Web App Created to help keep track of sold/held customer merchandise.

##General concepts Customers make a sale, which are referred to as transactions. Transactions have items. These items are held by a store, and need to be tracked.

##How to use Install Django 1.7+.

Download and cd into the repository.

Run migrations: python makemigrations, then python migrate.

Create a superuser: python createsuperuser --username=YOUR_USERNAME --email=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS

In, change the time zone (if necessary) and secret key.

python runserver to start the development server.

Create/manage users through the admin.

##About Additional features and minor bug fixes are on my mind. Please feel free to fork or file a bug report. Visit for more information.

##Projects/technologies utilized Django --

django-registration (redux) --

Bootstrap --

SQLite --

jQuery --

pickadate.js --

Bootstrap Tagsinput --

Bootstrap Confirmation --

(slightly modified) Bootgrid --