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ABMI Species Website: source code development

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) monitors species and their habitats to understand distribution of biodiversity and to inform sustainable resource development and biological conservation in Alberta.

We provide informaion on spatial distribution, habitat associations, responses to human footprint, and predicted relative abundance distributions for a wide variety of species in Alberta.

We provide maps of native vegetation, maps of human footprint types, temporal change in human footprint in Alberta.



  • figures and small tables are hosted on a Windows Server: production server, folder /contents as in site.contents
  • large files are hosted on an ftp server: see site.ftproot
  • html pages are hosted on production server

Directory structure

  • /geospatial
    • /climate
    • /soil
    • /topography
    • /vegetation
    • /footprint
  • /guilds
    • TBD
  • /species -/birds -/mammals -/mites -/vplants -/mosses -/lichens