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Reworked code, to handle major kernel releases transparently

1) Every supported tree is named as linux[-{fork}]

2) I left only some core trees in the ketchup code, and split the rest
of them in the ketchuprc file.

3) Added the quilt_patchset and local_quilt_patchset list, to support
quilt patchsets in a general way (and not only -mmotm)

4) Reworked the code that finds the latest_kernel releases (for stable,
longterm and rc kernels), in order to handle major kernel releases
trasparently, and to fix some failures, since urls at

5) Dropped support for -ck and -pf patchsets atm, due to some versioning
issues. Hopefully I'll find a workaround, and add them to the ketchuprc

6) Changed the get_ver() function, and replaced the parsing code with
"make kernelversion" (adding however a dependency on GNU make).

7) Fixed the show-url option, so that it show the correct url for
longterm kernels.

(I know I should have split that in several commits :/)

Signed-off-by: Stratos Psomadakis <>
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1 parent e1c29f7 commit c91634dd8d29d72715917ce1de2ec0b77e3a5a29 @psomas committed Aug 25, 2011
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