A script to automatically build an open-source toolchain for PSP homebrew development.
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Basic testing done (using PSPSDK demos)


What does this do?

This program will automatically build and install a compiler and other tools used in the creation of homebrew software for the Sony Playstation Portable handheld videogame system.

How do I use it?

  1. Set up your environment by installing the following software:

    autoconf, automake, bison, flex, gcc, g++/gcc-c++, libusb-dev, make, ncurses, patch, readline, subversion, texinfo, wget, mpc, gmp, libelf, mpfr, git
  2. Set the PSPDEV and PATH environmental variables:

    export PSPDEV=/usr/local/pspdev
    export PATH=$PATH:$PSPDEV/bin

    The PSPDEV variable is the directory the toolchain will be installed to, change this if you wish. If possible the toolchain script will automatically add these variables to your systems login scripts, otherwise you will need to manually add these variables yourself.

  3. Run the toolchain script:



  1. Install the required packages by running.

    sudo apt-get install g++ build-essential autoconf automake automake1.9 cmake doxygen bison flex libncurses5-dev libsdl1.2-dev libreadline-dev libusb-dev texinfo libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev libelf-dev libmpc-dev libfreetype6-dev zlib1g-dev libtool libtool-bin subversion git tcl unzip
  2. Build and install the toolchain and SDK.

    sudo ./toolchain-sudo.sh

NOTE: If you do not wish for the toolchain to be installed in /usr/local/pspdev then edit toolchain-sudo.sh and change the INSTALLDIR variable.


  1. Install port or brew.
  2. Run prepare-mac-os.sh. This will auto-install all the libraries you will need before building.

    sudo ./prepare-mac-os.sh
  3. Build and install the toolchain and SDK.

    sudo ./toolchain-sudo.sh

Where do I go from here?

Visit the following sites to learn more:

http://www.ps2dev.org http://forums.ps2dev.org