Sane, sophisticated command line editing
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Zsh Editing Workbench

Also check out ZNT Zsh Navigation Tools and ZCA Zsh Command Architect

Incremental history word completing (started with Alt-h/H or Option-h/H on Mac):


Swapping, copying, deleting shell words, also undo:


Installation With Zplugin

Add zplugin load psprint/zsh-editing-workbench to .zshrc. The config files will be available in ~/.config/zew.

Installation With Zgen

Add zgen load psprint/zsh-editing-workbench to .zshrc and issue a zgen reset (this assumes that there is a proper zgen save construct in .zshrc). The config files will be available in ~/.config/zew.

Installation With Antigen

Add antigen bundle psprint/zsh-editing-workbench to .zshrc. There also should be antigen apply. The config files will be in ~/.config/znt.

Manual Installation

After extracting ZEW to {some-directory} add following two lines to ~/.zshrc:

fpath+=( {some-directory} )
source "{some-directory}/zsh-editing-workbench.plugin.zsh"

As you can see, no plugin manager is needed to use the *.plugin.zsh file. The above two lines of code are all that almost all plugin managers do. In fact, what's actually needed is only:

source "{some-directory}/zsh-editing-workbench.plugin.zsh"

because ZEW detects if it is used by any plugin manager and can handle $fpath update by itself.


Organized shortcuts for various command line editing operations, plus new operations (e.g. incremental history word completion).

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IRC Channel

Channel #zplugin@freenode is a support place for all author's projects. Connect to: (SSL) or and join #zplugin.

Following is a quick access via Webchat IRC

Configuring terminals


To make Alt key work like expected under XTerm add XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true to your resource file, e.g.:

echo 'XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true' >> ~/.Xresources