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Copyright (C) 2010 Srivats P.
This file is part of "Ostinato"
This is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>
#include <QByteArray>
#include <QFlags>
#include <QHash>
#include <QLinkedList>
#include <QString>
#include <QVariant>
#include <qendian.h>
//#include "../rpc/pbhelper.h"
#include "protocol.pb.h"
#define BASE_BIN (2)
#define BASE_OCT (8)
#define BASE_DEC (10)
#define BASE_HEX (16)
struct FrameValueAttrib;
class StreamBase;
class ProtocolListIterator;
class AbstractProtocol
template <int protoNumber, class ProtoA, class ProtoB>
friend class ComboProtocol;
friend class ProtocolListIterator;
mutable int _metaFieldCount;
mutable int _frameFieldCount;
mutable int _frameVariableCount;
mutable int protoSize;
mutable QString protoAbbr;
mutable QHash<int, int> _fieldFrameBitOffset;
OstProto::Protocol _data;
StreamBase *mpStream; //!< Stream that this protocol belongs to
AbstractProtocol *parent; //!< Parent protocol, if any
AbstractProtocol *prev; //!< Protocol preceding this protocol
AbstractProtocol *next; //!< Protocol succeeding this protocol
//! Is protocol typically followed by payload or another protocol
bool _hasPayload;
//! Caching Control Flags
enum CacheFlag {
FieldFrameBitOffsetCache = 0x1
quint32 _cacheFlags;
//! Properties of a field, can be OR'd
enum FieldFlag {
FrameField = 0x1, //!< field appears in frame content
MetaField = 0x2, //!< field does not appear in frame, is meta data
CksumField = 0x4 //!< field is a checksum and appears in frame content
Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(FieldFlags, FieldFlag); //!< \private abcd
//! Various attributes of a field
enum FieldAttrib {
FieldName, //!< name
FieldValue, //!< value in host byte order (user editable)
FieldTextValue, //!< value as text
FieldFrameValue, //!< frame encoded value in network byte order
FieldBitSize, //!< size in bits
//! Supported Protocol Id types
enum ProtocolIdType {
ProtocolIdNone, //!< Marker representing non-existent protocol id
ProtocolIdLlc, //!< LLC (802.2)
ProtocolIdEth, //!< Ethernet II
ProtocolIdIp, //!< IP
ProtocolIdTcpUdp, //!< TCP/UDP Port Number
//! Supported checksum types
enum CksumType {
CksumIp, //!< Standard IP Checksum
CksumIpPseudo, //!< Standard checksum for Pseudo-IP header
CksumTcpUdp, //!< Standard TCP/UDP checksum including pseudo-IP
CksumMax //!< Marker for number of cksum types
//! Supported checksum scopes
enum CksumScope {
CksumScopeAdjacentProtocol, //!< Cksum only the adjacent protocol
CksumScopeAllProtocols, //!< Cksum over all the protocols
AbstractProtocol(StreamBase *stream, AbstractProtocol *parent = 0);
virtual ~AbstractProtocol();
static AbstractProtocol* createInstance(StreamBase *stream,
AbstractProtocol *parent = 0);
virtual quint32 protocolNumber() const;
void commonProtoDataCopyInto(OstProto::Protocol &protocol) const;
void commonProtoDataCopyFrom(const OstProto::Protocol &protocol);
virtual void protoDataCopyInto(OstProto::Protocol &protocol) const = 0;
virtual void protoDataCopyFrom(const OstProto::Protocol &protocol) = 0;
virtual QString name() const;
virtual QString shortName() const;
virtual ProtocolIdType protocolIdType() const;
virtual quint32 protocolId(ProtocolIdType type) const;
quint32 payloadProtocolId(ProtocolIdType type) const;
virtual int fieldCount() const;
int metaFieldCount() const;
virtual int frameFieldCount() const;
virtual FieldFlags fieldFlags(int index) const;
virtual QVariant fieldData(int index, FieldAttrib attrib,
int streamIndex = 0) const;
virtual bool setFieldData(int index, const QVariant &value,
FieldAttrib attrib = FieldValue);
int fieldFrameBitOffset(int index, int streamIndex = 0) const;
int variableFieldCount() const;
void appendVariableField(const OstProto::VariableField &vf);
void removeVariableField(int index);
const OstProto::VariableField& variableField(int index) const;
OstProto::VariableField* mutableVariableField(int index);
virtual QByteArray protocolFrameValue(int streamIndex = 0,
bool forCksum = false, FrameValueAttrib *attrib = nullptr) const;
virtual int protocolFrameSize(int streamIndex = 0) const;
int protocolFrameOffset(int streamIndex = 0) const;
int protocolFramePayloadSize(int streamIndex = 0) const;
virtual bool isProtocolFrameValueVariable() const;
virtual bool isProtocolFrameSizeVariable() const;
virtual int protocolFrameVariableCount() const;
bool isProtocolFramePayloadValueVariable() const;
bool isProtocolFramePayloadSizeVariable() const;
int protocolFramePayloadVariableCount() const;
bool protocolHasPayload() const;
virtual quint32 protocolFrameCksum(int streamIndex = 0,
CksumType cksumType = CksumIp) const;
quint32 protocolFrameHeaderCksum(int streamIndex = 0,
CksumType cksumType = CksumIp,
CksumScope cksumScope = CksumScopeAdjacentProtocol) const;
quint32 protocolFramePayloadCksum(int streamIndex = 0,
CksumType cksumType = CksumIp,
CksumScope cksumScope = CksumScopeAllProtocols) const;
virtual bool hasErrors(QStringList *errors = nullptr) const;
static quint64 lcm(quint64 u, quint64 v);
static quint64 gcd(quint64 u, quint64 v);
void varyProtocolFrameValue(QByteArray &buf, int frameIndex,
const OstProto::VariableField &varField) const;