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Packet Dump Decode

Packet Dump Decode (pdd) is a simple convenient GUI wrapper around the Wireshark/Ethereal tools to convert packet hexdumps into well formatted xml containing the decoded protocols and protocol contents

Using pdd, you just need to copy-paste the hexdump into pdd and hit the "Decode" button.

Convert hexdumps to -

  • Tree-View (within application)
  • Pcap file and open with Wireshark/Ethereal
  • Text description of packet contents
  • XML description of packet contents

NOTE: pdd is only a wrapper around the Wireshark/Ethereal tools and hence needs either (but at least one) to be already installed.

Screencast (of an old version which only supported decode to tree-view) - PDD Screencast


Win32 Binary and Source downloads are available at BinTray To compile from source, you need Qt4 development libraries. To build -

$ qmake
$ make


PDD is licensed under GPLv3


pdd-support googlegroup