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V-Engrave Plugin for CamBam
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This is a plugin for CamBam. CamBam is a "2.5D" CAM tool that takes 2D drawings, for example in dxf format, and allows you to specify operations such as pocketing and profiling and generate g-code to execute those operations on a machine tool such as a vertical milling machine.

This plugin analyzes letter outlines, for example from TrueType fonts, and computes a 3D path to engrave those letters, using the depth of the cutter to control the stroke width and cut features such as serifs.

Download and installation

The current version can be downloaded from Google Cloud Storage. A listing of the available versions is at Downloads.

To install, unzip the download, close CamBam if you have it open, and copy the file VEngrave_Plugin.dll to the CamBam plugins directory. Restart CamBam, and the V-Engrave operation will appear in the Machining menu. The V-Engrave operation works with text, regions, and closed polylines.


See for more info on CamBam. You will need a licensed copy of CamBam to use this plugin.

DISCLAIMER: The V-Engrave Plugin for CamBam is not a product of Google or HexRay, Ltd. CamBam is a product of HexRay, Ltd, who owns all rights to the CamBam software. This project is not affiliated with HexRay, Ltd.

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