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The King James Bible

Source for, one of many copies of the King James Bible on the web.

This is a labor of love with the end goal being a clean, high quality implementation without distracting fluff.


Here is the current thinking and relative order of planned features:

  • Single Page App (SPA) but retaining SEO features
  • Full text searching
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Copy + Paste functionality to aid in copying bible content to blogs and web sites with configurable styling
  • Embeddable "verse of the day"
  • Embeddable Bible search
  • A flash card style memorization site


Please add feature suggestions to the issue tracker and I'll see what I can do.



Cross browser testing is provided by BrowserStack.

Building and Deploying

To build this software you will need several tools pre-installed:

  • Leiningen - Tested with 2.6.1
  • Node.js - 6.3.1
  • NPM - 3.10.3
  • gulp-cli - 0.4.0 - install with npm install gulp-cli -g

The build steps are:

  1. Resolve all Clojure, ClojureScript, and Node.js dependencies with lein deps.
  2. Compile the ClojureScript code with lein cljsbuild once.
  3. Build the static web page resources with gulp build --config prod. This will place the resulting files in ./out/prod.
  4. Publish the static web page resources to an S3 bucket with gulp bucketsync --config prod.