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November 2019: Cromwell and WDL Pipelines

Presenter: Scott Cukras


Date/time: Friday, November 15th @ 2pm

Location: Moffitt Stabile Research Building (SRB), David Murphey Conference Room


This month's meeting will feature Cromwell and WDL.

'In a nutshell, WDL was designed to make it easy to write scripts that describe analysis tasks and chain those tasks into workflows, with built-in support for advanced features like scatter-gather parallelism. This came at the cost of some additional headaches for the engineering team when they built Cromwell, the execution engine that runs WDL scripts -- but that was a conscious design decision, to push off the complexity onto the engineers rather than leave it in the lap of pipeline authors.' More about Cromwell and WDL at this post by the developers.


Meeting Materials


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