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October 2018 Meeting: Introduction to version control with git (scroll down for November 2018)


  • A laptop with an internet connection
  • Install Sourcetree (Mac/Windows)
    • Choose "Skip" if prompted to connect an existing account with GitHub/Bitbucket
    • Keep "Git" checked under "Pick tools to download and install" (Mercurial is not needed)
    • Keep "Configure automatic line ending handling by default (recommended)" checked
    • If prompted, click "Yes" to the question "Install global ignore file?"
    • Click "No" to the question "Load SSH key?" (we will handle this during the meeting)
  • An Atlassian account (you will be prompted to create one when installing Sourcetree; you already have one if you have logged in to Stride)
  • No prior experience with git is needed


The inaugural meeting of the Bio-Data Club will cover version control with git. The meeting will be hands-on, so make sure to bring a laptop with an internet connection and Sourcetree installed. We will begin with a brief introduction to the concepts of git and then move on to some hands-on learning (no prior experience needed). At the end of the meeting, you will know how to create a repository, commit changes, and push/pull changes from a remote repository.

Meeting Files

Slides from October 2018 meeting (includes initial presentation on git concepts and Windows Sourcetree SSH key how-to)

Helpful Links

November 2018 Meeting: git and remote repositories


  • Same as October 2018. You need a laptop with Sourcetree already installed.
  • If you are not a Moffitt employee or if you cannot connect to the internal Moffitt networks (e.g. hlmdata2), then you will not be able to access the Moffitt Gitlab server (Moffitt-Guest does not work). As an alternative, please set up an account with a provider such as GitHub.
  • Github requires email verification, but the email can take awhile to appear in your Moffitt Inbox (or it gets flagged as spam). Make sure you register and verify your email address ahead of the meeting.


Since we ran out of time in the October meeting, this meeting will be dedicated to using remote repositories with git. See the slides from the October 2018 meeting for instructions on how to set up an SSH key in Windows or follow these instructions for Mac/Linux.

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