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Linux and Networking Basics.pptx

September/October 2019: Linux and Networking Basics

Presenter: Guillermo Gonzalez-Calderon

Meeting location

Date/time: Friday, September 20th @ 2pm

Location: Moffitt Stabile Research Building (SRB), David Murphey Conference Room

Meeting details

The purpose of this session is to learn the basics of Unix systems, to understand how clients connect to servers (basic networking), how we can use linux commands (and regular expressions) to look for specific data, and other useful information.

For Windows users, they will need to download PuTTY to be able to connect to a linux server. They can either download the MSI (‘Windows Installer’) version, or if they don’t have permission to install software, they can download the standalone version.

Mac users will be able to use the built-in Terminal application.

Meeting materials

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