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Image Labeling App built with AngularJS+Material+django-rest-framework


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Basic django-rest-framework app for uploading and labeling images.

I found this useful for sorting and sending out wedding images to people. It lets you upload images, add labels to them which it can then filter on, and uses easy-thumbnail (which is useful).

Originally it was just using docker and serving everything, but I eventually decided to use nginx to server static files.

This project is a good example of:

  • a REST API via django-rest-framework
  • tied into postgres for production
  • delivered via nginx
  • using docker.
  • using easy_thumbnail

I may later decide to write some sample tasks, or something useful to add in rabbit and celery to demonstrate.

The icons are from material-design-icons, so if you need more, you can install that bower component: fair warning though, it's huge.

Effectively it's a basic single-page angular front-end that is rendered via django alongside the APIs to support it.

If you're new to django-rest-framework you might find this helpful as it utilizes custom pagination, filters, easy_thumbnail, and other facets of the platform.

It uses docker for postgres and django, however, you can run it directly without any issues.


If you want to run it in "production mode" you can run docker-compose up

If you want to run it in "development mode" you can run python runserver. If you want others to be able to get to it you need to bind, so, python runserver