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Test disk Speed (Ubuntu, OSX for reference)

Use dd utility to measure disk speed for 500mb, 1gb, 2gb r/w. Mac OSX version for benchmark.

# wget

chmod u+x
sudo ./

Current Observations:

early 2015 Macbook Pro

  • On OSX, ~ 1gb/s r/w is consistent for 500mb --> 2gb.

Ubuntu LTS:

  • Glyph Dual SSD, RAID 0, USB "C 3.2" (10gb/s) --> USB 3 "A 3.1" (5gb/s, Macbook Pro hardware)

@ 500mb, r/w is ~ 800mb/s.

@ 2gb, r/w is ~ 500mb/s.

  • Samsung NVMe "Plus" in USB "C 3.2" (10gb/s) enclosure --> USB 3 "A 3.1" (5gb/s, Macbook Pro hardware)

@ 500mb, r/w is ~ 2.5gb/s - 3gb/s.

@ 2gb, r/w is ~ 1gb/s, though variance is greater (+/- 500mb/s, thermal performance may begin to limit speed)

  • Sandisk USB thumb-drive, USB "A 3" --> USB 3 "A 3.1" (5gb/s, Macbook Pro hardware)

Not fully tested; generally speeds are limited to 10mb/s.

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