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kgn commented Jul 23, 2012

Thanks for this! I've made some changes that I hope you find useful.


Hey kgn. Any idea why this hasn't been merged yet ?
Is this project still active ?

BTW: would this work with sandboxed apps ?

kgn commented Nov 21, 2012

@Cocoa-Coder not sure about the project activity, but there hasn't been a new commit for 2 years.

I believe this works for sandboxed apps, I was integrating it into a sandboxed app and it was working. However I never ended up submitting an update for the app so I can't speak to if the code will clear review.


Thanks for the reply, David. I guess I don't need the whole library, but only need bookmark method as described here


Hey sorry, thanks for the pull. I know this is super old. The changes look good, especially the notification center stuff. I'm testing now.

EDIT: I couldn't get this to compile. To fix this, please edit the build configuration so that ARC is enabled and the target OS is updated to at least 10.7.

@psugihara psugihara closed this Nov 24, 2012
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