Some resources that can be used for workshops an courses on Dojo Ajax Toolkit
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1. Basics/1. Simple Dojo Page
2. Custom Widgets
3. Layout/Exercise 1 - Layout basics
4. Data Stores/1. Datastore and Combobox
5. Complete App


Here are some training materials to get started with Dojo Ajax Toolkit.
The idea is to have a series of lessons in different areas which are organized by level of difficulty.

Each lesson have four parts;

1. Description and reference
2. Working sample code
3. Exercise
4. Solution of exercise
5. Complete App

Each part should be as small as possible, but no smaller. Two-three paragraphs of description is perfect, for example.

NOTE: All exercises should be accessed from a web-server, not as files loaded from a filesystem, e.g. as http://localhost/training/../foo.html *not* as file://training/.../foo.html

These exercises are provided as-is by the Dojo Ajax Toolkit contributor Peter Svensson ( under the DWTFYW license.