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Very basic draw2d inspired 'connecting boxes' library
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1. Now you can add a 'dataurl' parameters when creating the boxgraph.editor object. If iyt is present and defines a JSON file at a valid URI, the editor will try to load the file and parse it.
The format is as follows;

    "colors": ["06799F", "216278", "024E68", "3AAACF", "62B4CF"],
            "id": 1,
            "y": 210,
            "width": 150,
                { "id": 100, "dir": "right", "position": 1},
                { "id": 101, "dir": "up", "position": 3},
				{ "id": 105, "dir": "left", "position": 2}
            "id": 2,
            "y": 50,
            "width": 100,
                { "id": 102, "dir": "left", "position": 2},
                { "id": 103, "dir": "right", "position": 1},
				{ "id": 104, "dir": "down", "position": 1}
        {"first": 101, "second": 102},
        {"first": 103, "second": 100}

The old test file is now called 'test_editgraph.html- The new test file which tests loading from JSON is called 'test_loadgraph.html'


1. The colors property is not yet used, but will make it easy to have your own color schemes.
2. It will also be possible to make the editor 'locked' so that boxes can't move around, also to disable adding or removing connections.


BoxGraph is a small library to let you create an interface where your users can create conenctions between ports on boxes.
The typical use-case could be workflow descriptions or creation and modification of connectedness in a graph model.

It is open source available under the BSD license. I'm a bit tired right now, so if anyone can please tell me if there's anything else I need to do thatn just state that here, pelase let me know.

There are three types of entities;

1) Boxes. These have position, height, width and name. In the future there will be logic to create anything (images or realtime graphics, or whetever) inside a box's interior.
2) Ports. A specific Port always belong to one specific Box
3) Connections. A connection is created between two different Ports.

At the moment BoxGraph only supports Manhattan routing of connections, but will support Beziers in the future.

BoxGraph is focused on user interaction, which generate events. The events are then consumed by the using application. However, BoxGraph could also be used to display a static graph without user interaction.


BoxGraph is built using Dojo's excellent OO system. This means you need to load Dojo before loading BoxGraph. Also, loading in Dojo is called 'dojo.require(..)'. This is not a killer for those of you who only
use jQuery, since Dojo plays _very_ nice with other toolkits and is completely namespaced. E.g. it will not step on your toes as long as your own classes does not beign with 'dojo.'.

Check out the test.html file for an example on how to include and use BoxGraph.

Note: At the moment BoxGraph is very alpha and have some rough edges. In the class boxgraph/editor.js the function 'test' shows how to create four boxes with various ports. Soon there will be an event based interface
which will make it much simpler to create different entities. If you have any suggestions, use the 'Issues' feature ogf github or mail me directly at


1. Reading and rendering of a JSON graph object.
2. Exporting the currently edited graph in the same data format as (1).
3. Implement events for box creation/deletion, Port creation/deletion.
4. Implement custom box presentation
5. Your idea here :)

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