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Collaboration and Tracking Workflows with Git and GitHub

Workshop Goal: Create a Git repository on your computer, add files, and push this repository to your GitHub.

Learn what makes Github such a powerful tool for both collaborative and individual projects in this introductory workshop. We will share a conceptual overview of Git and Github, teach the basics of how to get started, and explore practical applications of Github for writing and computational workflows. This workshop will be applicable for a wide range of digital undertakings, from developing code, to working with datasets, to drafting public policy, and beyond.

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This repository houses materials related to the Git Workshop offered at the GC Digital Research Institute in January 2018, forked from the GCDRI January 2017 workshop led by Jojo Karlin, which was forked from the GCDRI June 2016 git workshop taught by Jennifer Tang and Stephen Zweibel.

Workshop outline
Review of the command line
What is Git, GitHub and Markdown?
Configure Git
Initialize Git
Connecting to GitHub
Git add, commit, and push
Git for collaboration: cloning and pulling

MASSIVE Thanks to Mary Catherine McKinniburgh, Jojo Karlin(jojokarlin), Jen Tang, and Patrick Smyth who have developed earlier iterations of this workshop and offered support.

If you ever get lost, at the bottom of each file here, you will find links to these: Glossary ~ ~ ~ Helpful commands

Direct link to Markdown cheatsheet

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