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iconv-hook HP-ARABIC8 arabic8
iconv-hook HP-GREEK8 greek8
iconv-hook HP-HEBREW8 hebrew8
iconv-hook HP-ROMAN8 roman8
iconv-hook HP-TURKISH8 turkish8
iconv-hook ISO-8859-15 iso885915
iconv-hook ISO-8859-1 iso88591
iconv-hook ISO-8859-2 iso88592
iconv-hook ISO-8859-5 iso88595
iconv-hook ISO-8859-6 iso88596
iconv-hook ISO-8859-7 iso88597
iconv-hook ISO-8859-8 iso88598
iconv-hook ISO-8859-9 iso88599
iconv-hook TIS-620 tis620
iconv-hook UTF-8 utf8
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