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# -*-muttrc-*-
# Mutt configuration file of Thomas Roessler <>
# Use and distribute freely.
# Note: This file doesn't contain any personal customization, i.e.,
# using it won't make you send messages with my name in the header.
# Things to change: You probably want to change the "priv.rc" source
# command in the end of this file. Also, it's likely you want to have
# a look at the the $editor and $tmpdir variables.
# MIME settings
# auto_view application/ms-tnef text/x-vcard
# auto_view application/x-chess application/x-lotus-notes
# auto_view text/html application/x-gzip application/x-gunzip
# auto_view application/rtf application/x-rath
# auto_view application/msword
auto_view text/html
mime_lookup application/octet-stream
# alternative_order application/pgp text/html text/enriched text/plain
alternative_order text/plain text/html
# Key bindings
# A few of these may resemble Pine. ups.
bind alias " " tag-entry
bind alias \n select-entry
bind alias \r select-entry
bind attach i exit
bind attach n next-entry
bind attach p previous-entry
bind attach " " select-entry
bind attach y print-entry
bind browser <end> last-entry
bind browser <home> first-entry
bind editor "\e<backspace>" kill-word
bind editor "\e<delete>" kill-word
bind editor "<backtab>" complete-query
bind editor "\eq" complete-query
bind editor "\Ct" transpose-chars
bind generic "\CV" next-page
bind generic "\Ca" first-entry
bind generic "\Ce" last-entry
bind generic "\eV" previous-page
bind generic "\ev" previous-page
bind generic + tag-entry
bind generic ^ first-entry
bind generic a tag-prefix
bind generic $ last-entry
bind generic q exit
bind index ";" limit
bind index "\Ce" last-entry # override edit-type
bind index "\eV" previous-page # override collapse-something
bind index "\e<" collapse-thread
bind index "\eq" query
bind index $ last-entry
bind index * flag-message
bind index <delete> delete-message
bind index <end> last-entry
bind index <home> first-entry
bind index J next-entry
bind index K previous-entry
bind index Q quit
bind index R group-reply
bind index \em recall-message
bind index a tag-prefix
bind index m mail
bind index p previous-entry
bind index t create-alias
bind index x sync-mailbox
bind index y print-message
bind index n next-entry
bind index "\ev" previous-page
bind pager "\Cn" next-line
bind pager "\Cp" previous-line
bind pager + tag-message
bind pager * flag-message
bind pager <delete> delete-message
bind pager <down> next-line
bind pager <end> bottom
bind pager <home> top
bind pager <up> previous-line
bind pager G group-reply
bind pager R group-reply
bind pager \em recall-message
bind pager t display-toggle-weed # like slrn
bind pager y print-message
bind query i exit
# make it feel like emacs
macro generic "\ex" ":exec "
macro pager "\ex" ":exec "
macro generic "\eX" "\ex"
macro pager "\eX" "\ex"
macro index "~" ";~"
# macro index "%" ";%"
# Thread tagging
bind index "\et" tag-subthread
bind index "\eT" tag-thread
# for majordomo list owner and moderator jobs
macro index "\ea" ":set nopipe_decode wait_key\n|approve\n:set nowait_key\n"
macro pager "\ea" ":set nopipe_decode wait_key\n|approve\n:set nowait_key\n"
# emulate the old URL-browser key bindings.
macro pager "\Cb" "| urlview -\n"
macro index "\Cb" "| urlview -\n"
# permit limiting from the pager.
macro pager "~" "<exit><limit>~"
macro pager ";" "<exit><limit>"
# emulate the old POP-feature bindings
macro index G "!fetchmail\n"
macro pager G "!fetchmail\n"
# razor-report: Report spam.
# macro index S ":set nopipe_decode nowait_key\n|razor-report > /dev/null 2> /dev/null\ns+junk\n"
# macro pager S ":set nopipe_decode nowait_key\n|razor-report > /dev/null 2> /dev/null\ns+junk\n"
macro index S "s+junk\n"
macro pager S "s+junk\n"
# Colors
# This is a tiny hack, so I can get different
# color schemes on the console and under X11.
source ~/.mutt/colors.`if [ "$TERM" = "linux" ] ; then echo linux ; else echo default ; fi`
mono index bold ~F
# mono body bold '\*[^*]+\*'
# mono body underline '_[^_]+_'
# The header weed list
ignore delivered-to
ignore content- errors-to in-reply-to mime-version
ignore lines precedence status
ignore nntp-posting-host path old-return-path received references
ignore priority >received >>received
ignore resent- return-path xref path
ignore x400 importance sensitivity autoforward original-encoded-information
ignore x- thread-
ignore DomainKey-Signature mail-followup-to
ignore list- comments posted-to approved-by
unignore x-spam-level x-url x-mailer list-id x-no-spam x-archived-at
unignore x-diagnostic
hdr_order from to cc date subject reply-to mail-followup-to list-id
# Various settings
set abort_nosubject=no # Let me send messages with an empty subject
set abort_unmodified=no # Let me send empty messages
set alias_file=~/.mutt/aliases # Where to store aliases
unset allow_8bit # Produce correct MIME
unset arrow_cursor # Use the bar cursor
set askcc # Ask me about CCs
unset bounce_delivered # Don't include Delivered-to with bounces
# set charset=iso-8859-1 # The local character set
set send_charset="us-ascii:iso-8859-1:iso-8859-15:iso-8859-2:utf-8"
set confirmcreate # Ask me about creating new files
unset confirmappend # Don't ask me about appending to files
set delete=yes # Don't ask me whether or not I meant to delete messages
# set display_filter="tr '\240\204\223\226' ' \"\"-'" # fix some funny characters
set edit_hdrs # I want to edit the headers.
set editor="/usr/bin/jed %s -f 'mail_mode();'"
# Invoke jed with mail_mode. This may
# or may not work for you.
set noenvelope_from # set messages' envelope-from header.
set fcc_clear # Store local copies of messages in the clear.
set folder=~/Mail # Where my mail folders go
set followup_to # Create Mail-Followup-To headers.
unset force_name # Don't create save folders which don't exist.
set forward_decode # Decode messages when forwarding.
set forward_decrypt # Decrypt messages when forwarding.
set nohelp # No help line.
set include=yes # Always include a copy when replying.
set mark_old # Distinguish between seen (but unread) and new messages
set mbox=+mbox # The (unused) mbox file.
unset metoo # Remove me from CC headers.
set mime_fwd=ask-no # Ask me whether or not to create a MIME-encapsulated forward
set move=no # Don't use mbox
set pager_stop # Don't fall through to the next message in the pager
set pager_index_lines=0 # The pager index is ugly.
set pgp_replyencrypt # Encrypt when replying to encrypted messages.
set pgp_replysignencrypted # Sign when replying to encrypted messages.
set pgp_show_unusable="no" # Don't display unusable keys.
set pgp_sort_keys="keyid" # Sort keys by key ID
set pgp_replysign # Sign when replying to signed messages.
set pgp_timeout=3600 # Forget the PGP passphrase after an hour.
set pipe_decode # Decode messages I pipe to commands, typically to patch(1).
set postponed=~/.mutt/postponed # Where to put postponed messages
set print=ask-no # Don't waste paper
set print_cmd="enscript -2Gr -Email" # Two columns, landscape, fancy header.
set print_split=yes # Invoke enscript once per message
set quit=yes # Don't ask me whether or not I want to quit.
set quote_regexp="^ *[a-zA-Z]*[>|][>:|]*" # Recognize quotes in the pager.
set read_inc=50 # Progress indicator when reading folders.
set recall=ask-no # When I say "compose", ask me whether I want to continue
# composing a postponed message.
set record="+archive/now" # Put copies of most outgoing messages to ~/Mail/archive/now
set reply_to=ask-yes # Ask me whether I want to honor users' reply-to headers.
set reverse_alias # Use aliases to display real names on the index.
set save_name # Save copies by name. Together with $record and $save_name,
# this means that when a folder exists, copies of outgoing
# messages are written to ~/Mail/<name>, otherwise they go to
# ~/Mail/archive/now
set signature=~/.signature # Silly signature
set sig_dashes # Add dashes above my signature
set smart_wrap # Try to be smart when wrapping around lines in the pager
set sort=threads # sort by threads,
set sort_aux=date # then by date
unset strict_threads # don't be strict about threads
# set suspend=no # Don't suspend - I usually run mutt like this: "xterm -e mutt"
set tilde # Indicate empty lines in the pager.
set tmpdir=~/.tmp # Temporary files aren't stored in public places.
set to_chars=" +TCF " # Don't tag list mail in the index
unset use_domain # Don't append a domain to addresses.
set write_inc=50 # Progress indicator when writing folders.
set query_command=" %s" # Use the Little Brother's Database with the external
# query feature.
set sendmail_wait=-1 # Don't put sendmail into the background.
set encode_from # "From " in the beginning of a line triggers quoted-printable
set nowait_key # Return immediately from external programs
set forw_format="[fwd] %s (from: %a)" # A different subject for forwarded messages
set nobeep # Shut up. ;-)
set reply_regexp="^((re([\\[0-9\\]+])*|aw):[ \t]*)+[ \t]*" # A regular expression to detect replies
set header # Include the message header when replying.
set ignore_list_reply_to # Ignore Reply-To headers pointing to mailing lists.
set norfc2047_parameters # Sometimes, I get mails which use a bogus encoding for
# MIME parameters. Setting this shouldn't harm.
# (OK, she doesn't use Notes any more, so I can unset this. ;-)
# set text_flowed # Generate text/plain; format=flowed
# unset use_ipv6 # Don't try to use IPv6 - it doesn't work here.
set keep_flagged # don't move flagged messages to mbox
set hide_missing=yes # Don't show how many messages are missing in a thread structure
set status_format="-%r-+(%v) %f [Msgs:%?M?%M/?%m%?n? New:%n?%?o? Old:%o?%?d? Del:%d?%?F? Flag:%F?%?t? Tag:%t?%?p? Post:%p?%?b? Inc:%b?%?l? %l?]----%>-(%P)---"
set compose_format="--+(%v) Compose [Approx. msg size: %l Atts: %a]%>-"
set pager_format="-%Z- %C/%m: %.20n %> %s"
set smileys="^$"
set ispell=iaspell
set markers=no # Don't mark wrapped lines
set wrapmargin=4 # Leave a margin in the pager
# PGP command configuration
# source ~/.mutt/pgp2.rc
source ~/.mutt/gpg.rc
set pgp_getkeys_command=""
# source ~/.mutt/smime.rc
# source non-public stuff, (hooks, alternates, ...)
source ~/.mutt/priv.rc
# source aliases
# source ~/.mutt/aliases-coruscant
source ~/.mutt/aliases
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