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2010-09-15 10:05 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (54e3139a0362)
* safe_asprintf.c: suppress check_sec errors
2010-09-13 17:25 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (20b2d496349f)
* init.h: make $mail_check_recent set by default
2010-09-13 19:00 +0100 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (fea3860ff672)
* imap/command.c: Restore the previous behaviour of checking for new
messages in imap folders when mail_check_recent is set.
2010-09-12 19:54 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (a51df78218e8)
* buffy.c, buffy.h, imap/command.c, init.h, mbox.c, mutt.h: add
$mail_check_recent boolean to control whether Mutt will notify about
all new mail, or just new mail received since the last visit to a
closes #3271
partly addresses #3310
* smime.c: fix crash when index contains 0 keys
2010-09-11 07:34 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (0f962f1a6bbb)
* send.c: Allow setting message security in send2-hook
This patch delays checking the message security options until after
the user has an initial chance to edit the message. This allows the
security options to be set in a send2-hook when using $edit_headers.
Without this patch, the user has no way of automatically setting
security based on recipients since the to/cc prompts are bypassed.
The other change in behavior is if the user happened to use a
send2-hook to see if the message had security applied *prior* to
editing the message, that no longer works.
* keymap.c, keymap.h, main.c: support for ncurses extension allowing
binding to function keys with modifiers
* keymap.c: allow octal codes with more than three digits
* crypt-gpgme.c, mime.h, pgp.c, recvattach.c, sendlib.c: add DISPNONE
to mean no preferred Content-Disposition; make pgp-signature parts
DISPNONE for multipart/signed
* recvcmd.c: fix problem with reply-hook not working when a
message/rfc822 attachment is selected
* rfc2047.c: more lenient RFC2047 decoding: accept illegal spaces and
bare question marks in encoded words
* curs_main.c, mx.c: fix crash when new mail is received during IMAP
closes #3335
2010-08-25 00:30 +0100 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (5302767aa6aa)
* rfc2047.c: Use mutt_substrdup in rfc2047_decode_word
2010-08-24 16:40 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (92b02f77e780)
* rfc2047.c: detect failure to decode word and copy raw string
instead; avoids calling strlen() on uninitialized memory
closes #2923
2010-08-24 18:39 +0100 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (ebd4beafe5eb)
* mutt_ssl.c: Fix typo.
* browser.c, hook.c, init.c, menu.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c, pager.c: Do
not call regfree if regcomp fails. The content of the regex_t
structure is undefined in this case.
* curs_lib.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: use REGCOMP() macro
2010-08-24 10:03 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (5d59c8b737ba)
* init.c: add REG_ICASE accidentally removed in changeset 1a35f096c8cb
* muttlib.c: do not print debug message on ENOENT
2010-08-14 09:18 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (04fd8ddea579)
* url.c: avoid c99 syntax for backwards compat
2010-08-06 21:52 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (24a7b1aa2e55)
* buffy.c: Fix comparison signedness warnings.
2010-08-12 16:04 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (ced5d3dca974)
* imap/util.c: Fix bug in imap_keepalive() which erroneously free
Context when the IMAP connection is shut down by the server.
Closes #3410
* url.c: url_parse_mailto should return 0 on success
fix memory leak errors when unable to parse mailto: URL
closes #3441
* mh.c: always update message body size when parsing a maildir message
* safe_asprintf.c: call va_end() even when vasprintf returns <0
2010-08-09 20:48 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (6572e8bcd723)
*, imap/message.c, lib.c, lib.h, safe_asprintf.c: rename
mutt_sprintf() to safe_asprintf() to match the GNU extension that
performs a similar task
2010-08-09 10:27 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (e86ee9991dc3)
* postpone.c: In postpone.c, function mutt_num_postponed, the old
{{{OldPostponed}}} is never freed.
closes #3442
2010-08-09 09:38 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (8051fc8b631c)
* send.c: clear the real name when $reverse_realname is unset and a
match is hit so that $realname can be set in a reply- or send-hook
closes #3427
* doc/manual.xml.head: fix example of mailto: use on the command line
* pager.c: fix buffer underrun when processing ANSI escape sequences
closes #3371
2010-08-08 12:29 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (4dcf19c58139)
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/ document support for mailto: URLs
on the command line
closes #3400
* imap/message.c: avoid error when the user has requested many extra
headers via IMAP
closes #3435
* lib.c, lib.h: add a malloc+sprintf combo function
2010-08-08 10:21 -0700 Fabian Groffen <> (d4d703e21cdd)
* pattern.c: fix crash in limit when user enters invalid regexp
closes #3417
2010-08-07 06:44 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (cc881d855f05)
* mutt_ssl.c: Fix comparison signedness warnings
* pop_lib.c: add comment about safety of cast
2010-08-06 21:58 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (55f50b2db1f8)
* pop_lib.c: Fix comparison signedness warning.
* status.c: Fix signedness warning.
* .hgignore: Ignore backup files ending in a tilde character.
* url.c: Fix comparison signedness warnings.
* gnupgparse.c, pop_auth.c: Fix comparison signedness warnings.
* lib.h: Resolve if/else empty body ambiguity/warnings when compiling
without DEBUG.
2010-08-06 17:08 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (5b15d4d96277)
*, init.c, protos.h: detect availablity of 'long long'
cast time_t to 'long long' prior to bitshifting since it can be a
float value according to POSIX.1-2008
closes #3439
2010-08-06 21:22 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (bf13863e682e)
* md5.c: Drop declaration for unused argv/argc parameters.
Fixes GCC warning with -Wextra.
2010-08-06 13:11 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (998ca956b41b)
* init.c, muttlib.c: use a 64-bit random value in temporary filenames.
closes #3158
* browser.c: avoid using C99 bool
* browser.c, init.h: add %D format string to $folder_format to expand
the time based on $date_format.
properly set the locale for LC_TIME prior to calling strftime()
closes #1734 closes #3406
* mutt_ssl.c: fix compiler warning about wrong type for
2010-08-06 09:58 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (473fbe29f626)
* mutt_ssl.c: Unbreak X.509 SubjAltName checks,
regression in 6016:dc09812e63a3 that calls strlen on an SSL sk
rather than its string payload.
closes #3426
2010-08-06 07:12 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (4ae33a8a1391)
* properly set _XOPEN_SOURCE to 600 (POSIX.1-2004) when
detecting th wc*() functions
closes #3341
2010-08-05 21:57 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (bc5fb152e2ba)
* mbox.c: when parsing From_ lines in mmdf/mbox, the TZ should be
computed based on the time in the string rather than the current
time, otherwise DST issues cause the computed time to be wrong.
closes #2177
* thread.c: explanatory comments
2010-08-05 17:03 -0700 andreas <> (0666d9588eac)
* curs_main.c, functions.h: do not leave pager when changing sort
closes #2143
2010-08-05 16:47 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (57d4b3839172)
* curs_main.c: do not leave pager when using read-thread and read-
closes #2137
2010-08-04 17:04 -0700 Petr Písař <> (59ca5d7b1656)
* ChangeLog, po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation
2010-08-04 06:37 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (a7f05f29d9bc)
* po/fr.po: updated French translation
2010-08-03 10:10 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (2c42f4760c8f)
* browser.c: add locale.h for compililng with -std=c99
* main.c: adjust help for -a to make it clearer that -- is required
2010-07-31 08:21 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (7cd85c18bfaf)
* muttlib.c: Fix buffer underflow in expansion of format pipes. Add
better error detection.
Closes #3432.
2010-07-18 14:24 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (1a35f096c8cb)
* init.c: use REGCOMP() macro
2010-07-18 22:09 +0100 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (d0e0d174d620)
* init.c: Skip 'attachments' directive if minor type is not a valid
2010-07-09 11:07 -0700 Joel Dahl <> (6b13e8319c1f)
* po/sv.po: fix misspelling in Swedish translation
2010-05-18 08:39 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (29e37994a536)
* send.c: Consider any negative return value from send_message() to be
an error and allow the user to resend.
Closes #3411.
2010-04-24 16:10 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (4cd2daafd03b)
* mutt_ssl.c: openssl: only call SSL_shutdown during clean
shutdown (closes #3407)
2010-04-22 09:14 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (6ebdfd09abc1)
* po/fr.po: updated French translation
2010-04-14 15:47 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (15b9d6f3284f)
* pgp.c: remove toggle and replace with format in pgp-menu
2010-04-12 15:13 -0500 David Champion <> (41a46373ddd9)
* compose.c: Improve clarity/uniformity in compose menu's crypto
Incorporates feedback on "Security: None" key hints.
2010-04-13 06:49 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (4d798ee2898e)
* muttlib.c: fix bug handling wide pad char in soft-fill mode
2010-04-11 20:00 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (2cd62f40d840)
* compose.c: increase size of buffer used for displaying addresses in
the compose menu to avoid truncating on widescreen displays
* curs_lib.c: clear prompt when user cancels with ^G from a yes/no
* muttlib.c: Fix bug in soft-fill (%*) in $index_format not accounting
for 'set arrow_cursor'
* pgp.c: Remove the (i) option from the PGP-menu when encryption or
signing is not yet selected. The toggle between PGP/MIME and
Traditional doesn't make sense unless some type of security has been
Closes #3402.
2010-04-06 09:47 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (889aa698cc49)
*, muttlib.c: fix for compiling Mutt with clang: check
for wchar_h prior to wctype_h in check for wc funcs
2010-04-05 11:12 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (844174efa648)
* doc/manual.xml.head: [doc] Remove bogus -group parameter from
unlists and unsubscribe commands; add links to address group section
for context.
2010-04-03 20:34 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (cf97505addf8)
* init.c: prevent user from setting $charset to an empty string since
other code requires it to be set to a valid string
closes #3326
* pager.c: allow regexps to match on continuation header lines in
'color header' commands.
closes #3373
* pattern.c: Fix crash on invalid regexp in search string due to
uninitialized BUFFER variable.
Closes #3401
2010-04-01 10:10 -0700 Simon Ruderich <> (b9baa0234846)
* attach.c, commands.c, filter.c, muttlib.c, send.c: fix comment typos
2010-04-01 09:59 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (96ed7cdacdc6)
* init.h: Improve documentation for $query_command to note that Mutt
automatically adds quotes according to shell quoting rules (thx:
Simon Ruderich).
* doc/manual.xml.head: Clarify the documentation on what the line-
editor is (thx: Simon Ruderich)
2010-03-31 08:50 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (7e9e31b1bd7b)
* muttlib.c: avoid buffer overflow when expanding the format string
associated with a 'spam' command.
closes #3397
2010-03-23 16:03 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (fe29d691deff)
* doc/ remove errant commands in secton on setting
2010-03-22 22:16 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (69e9a1a0ba2f)
* sendlib.c: Fix a format string warning
2010-03-22 20:02 -0700 Marcel Telka <> (f544730656c1)
* compose.c: redraw entire screen when exiting editor after re-editing
the message body in the send menu.
closes #3393.
2010-03-21 09:52 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (0a29e3f4f4b9)
* sendlib.c: Do not assume whitespace follows the colon in a header
Closes #3385.
2010-03-08 15:13 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (ad6d799951cb)
* Comment about search libsasl for sasl2 functions
2010-03-08 14:04 -0600 Will Fiveash <Will.Fiveash@Sun.COM> (b92b9c6a1c85)
* OpenSolaris sasl fix for
2010-03-08 15:00 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (05cec973f0d9)
* pattern.c: When regexp compilation fails, report actual pattern
along with error.
* muttlib.c: mutt_buffer_printf: NULL dptr means use data
* pattern.c: If regcomp fails, assume rx has not been allocated. Fixes
a core dump for save-hook '~f foo\.bar@(something|other)\.com' =foo.
2010-03-02 11:31 -0800 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (fec2720ff6ef)
* rfc822.c: Fix #2014. Thanks to Vincent Lefevre for help
with this one.
2010-03-02 11:16 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (41cf44ddbb4c)
* copy.c: Fix thinko in [cc02f079b1b9]
2010-03-01 22:40 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (cc02f079b1b9)
* copy.c: Guard dequote with NULL check on personal field
* copy.c, rfc822.c, rfc822.h: Another attempt to dequote
RFC2047-encoded address comments (see #2014)
* rfc822.c: Backed out changeset 2a4ca6917fd0. It is incompatible with
$assumed_charset (see #2014).
2010-02-28 23:03 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (2a4ca6917fd0)
* rfc822.c: RFC-2047 decode address text before dequoting it (see
* doc/manual.xml.head: Fix next-unread-mailbox name in
documentation. Closes #3319.
2010-02-28 17:23 -0800 Antonio Radici <> (25459cbb132a)
* po/de.po: Fix German translation of "No undeleted messages." (closes
* pop_lib.c: pop: allow user-specified port to override
default in URL. Closes #3322.
2010-02-28 17:00 -0800 ludwig <> (2c78b28027cc)
* crypt-gpgme.c: GPGME: Sender verification should be canse-
insensitive for domain names. Closes #2180
2010-02-26 18:18 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (40eca68c394a)
* UPDATING, init.h: Make $thorough_search default to yes
(closes #3386)
2010-02-23 12:42 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (57124ea5592e)
* commands.c: Don't use freed ctx.path when updating utime of target
mailbox in save-message. Thanks to Sean Boudreau for the bug report.
2010-02-22 23:01 -0800 Vincent Lefevre <> (f17302c10229)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2010-02-21 13:16 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (a6fddecdc5f5)
* curs_lib.c: Make mutt_yesorno use mutt_message to print query.
Closes #3352.
2010-02-20 21:56 -0800 Gregory Shapiro <> (f723e07c8e6d)
* OPS, UPDATING, curs_main.c, functions.h: Add imap-logout-
all to log out of all IMAP connections. Closes #2880.
2010-02-17 00:47 -0800 Simon Ruderich <> (260d39279161)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Document 'n' and 'o' flags in index
* doc/devel-notes.txt, doc/, init.h,
rfc1524.c: Spelling fixes
2010-02-10 23:29 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (b7ec848af36b)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Fix a typo (closes #3379)
2010-02-01 23:40 -0800 Antonio Radici <> (e9965b78e92d)
* po/sv.po: The Swedish translation has a suboptimal
translation of the word "Bad" in several places. The proposed patch
substitutes Dålig (which implies bad "as in quality", and not bad
"as in error") for Felaktig (erroneous).
Closes #3370.
* init.h: Small fix to the muttrc manpage. Closes #3374
2010-01-13 19:12 +0100 Matthias Andree <> (e2c60de29015)
* Fix hcache build on systems with $(EXEEXT), include it
in mutt_md5.
2009-12-29 00:33 -0500 Brendan Cully <> (31881f38ca1e)
* curs_lib.c: Hack mutt_wstr_trunc to treat M_TREE characters as 1
cell. Closes #3364.
2009-12-28 22:13 -0500 Brendan Cully <> (359de549b2d1)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Remove spurious quotes from query_command
example. Closes #3365.
2009-12-14 10:24 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (736b6af3c5f1)
* rfc1524.c: Fix off-by-one errors in mailcap parser.
Closes #3362
2009-12-10 22:52 -0800 Daniel Jacobowitz <> (b7d2cb7c7ce1)
* hcache.c: Do not store header color in hcache. If the color
directive is removed from muttrc, the cached value from the last
directive would otherwise still be in effect.
2009-12-07 23:08 -0800 Patrick Welche <> (1cf34ea1f128)
* mutt_ssl.c: STACK* is not defined with newer SSL, use
STACK_OF instead. Closes #3356.
2009-12-07 22:46 -0800 Peter Rosin <> (fc9563de3dcb)
* snprintf.c: Output %p as unsigned in the bundled snprintf
2009-11-14 14:31 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (6928f522ac48)
* curs_main.c: Back out e67f4c347bb4.
I could not reproduce the problem, and the change makes it
impossible to change to a real folder when no folder is currently
2009-10-28 23:03 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (89fb586edda2)
* sendlib.c: Unfold headers to wrap length in pager, when weed is set.
From Rocco's patch queue.
2009-09-22 23:29 -0700 Antonio Radici <> (5037c59a589e)
* po/it.po: Correct Italian translation of y/n/a prompt.
Closes #3336
2009-08-27 22:10 -0700 Petr Písař <> (605559e4f88f)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
2009-08-20 11:34 +0200 René Clerc <> (6b48ff4e69a3)
* doc/manual.xml.head: No-brain documentation typo fix
2009-08-20 11:33 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (e196cfc00105)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Backed out changeset c9dd93b09ce7
2009-08-20 11:25 +0200 René Clerc <> (c9dd93b09ce7)
* doc/manual.xml.head: No-brain documentation typo fix Hi Rocco,
Attached a patch for the documentation that fixes a small typo I
stumbled upon. If you'd rather have me opening a trac ticket,
please say so; since this is such a no-brainer I figured I'd e-mail
you directly.
2009-08-17 17:07 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d0fce0eec0b3)
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/, init.h: Doc: fix more
* doc/, doc/mutt.pwl: Doc: fix aspell calls, add
custom mutt-only wordlist
* curs_main.c: Require already opened folder when using templates for
For example, start with -y and type a wrong IMAP password so that no
mailbox is open. Trying to change folders resulted in a crash.
2009-08-14 21:29 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (6a08a5244d60)
* pattern.c: Clear last search pattern if it's invalid.
Closes #3315.
We keep both, the string version and compiled version around for
search-next; however, in case of parsing errors we dropped only the
compiled version and not the string one making the code attempting
to perform a search using a NULL pattern.
* pattern.c: Bail on missing pattern modifiers at end of pattern.
Closes #3314.
2009-08-13 23:49 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f8d50e968853)
* doc/Muttrc.head, doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Docs: fix
2009-08-11 12:22 -0700 Tomas Hoger <> (dc09812e63a3)
* mutt_ssl.c: Catch SSL null prefix attach (openssl)
2009-08-09 14:45 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (002b4676d502)
* buffy.c: Add buffy_new and buffy_free abstractions.
2009-08-09 14:53 +0200 Christian Ebert <> (0153dbc12dc4)
* doc/manual.xml.head: manual: fix wrong spell checker assumptions
2009-08-09 14:35 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (59b4c73e7254)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix typos, consequently use
en_US spelling
2009-08-08 22:50 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (d4ea7f571f10)
* buffy.c: Split out mailbox-specific code in mutt_buffy_check
* buffy.c, muttlib.c, mx.c, mx.h, status.c: Unconditionally define
M_IMAP, M_POP. These aren't bloat, and not having them creates a lot
of #ifdef clutter.
* curs_lib.c: Abort prompt on ^C, as was the case prior to
2009-08-04 10:47 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (15a695678b7b)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2009-08-04 12:34 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (25c2d70f2f00)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add some words of warning to really
remove IRT header when intended
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Put mailbox shortcuts into
table for readability
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix docs for push/exec
2009-08-04 12:08 +0200 Johan D <> (14bb498c6a1c)
* mh.c: Fix MH parsing, fixes [0698e8195545]. Closes #3312
2009-08-01 15:16 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (29727d19634a)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: use full names for &eacute; and
&egrave; entities. Closes #3286.
This is necessary because we want to install a us-ascii manual.txt
that would contain only "e" instead of accented characters.
2009-07-30 17:56 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (4a572310c3b5)
* main.c: Fix mutt -h output for -a/-- options
2009-07-29 13:26 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (a2a4286491b4)
* hcache.c, hcache.h, imap/util.c: Harmonize hcache uidvalidity size
to unsigned int (per IMAP RFC). Closes #3296.
2009-07-28 23:16 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (153eac9e03e7)
* Add group.h to distribution
* group.c, group.h, init.c, rfc822.c: Fix some issues with
ungroup [...] *
2009-07-27 21:14 -0700 Kees Cook <> (2fc9348684fe)
* mh.c: Properly propagate mh_read_sequences result. Closes #3308.
2009-07-27 20:49 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (5c076ed18883)
* Do not overwrite docdir unless --with-
docdir was explicitly given. This allows --docdir from autoconf
2.60+ to work, though if given --with-docdir will silently override
--docdir. Closes #3282.
2009-07-24 14:30 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (86e066a206ac)
* po/de.po: Update German translation
* init.c: Fix warning
2009-07-23 23:36 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (0ee27568ad09)
* init.c: fix :reset to work with empty strings
Signed-off-by: Aron Griffis <>
2009-07-23 23:32 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (223020f50cb7)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2009-07-23 23:51 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (1e77b368ef55)
* charset.h, rfc2047.c: Use proper prototype for
mutt_get_default_charset(), fix fallout.
* bcache.c, charset.c: Fix two warnings "the address of 'foo' will
always evaluate as 'true'".
2009-07-23 17:28 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (1597c2074a52)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: better document what address
groups are (for)
* group.c, group.h, init.c, init.h, pattern.c, protos.h, rfc822.c,
rfc822.h: Implement ungroup command. Closes #3304.
* init.c, mutt.h, muttlib.c: Move remove_from_rx_list() to muttlib.c,
name it mutt_remove_from_rx_list()
2009-07-22 15:25 +0200 Fabian Groffen <> (d41e043fa775)
* keymap.c: Use CRYPT_BACKEND_GPGME instead of non-existent
2009-07-22 14:43 +0200 kees <> (848f08512bf3)
* hcache.c, rfc822.h: Properly restore addresses from hcache using
rfc822_new_address(). Closes #3302.
* mh.c: Don't leak mhs flags in mh_buffy(). Closes #3303.
2009-07-17 17:57 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (a3c4b605cfad)
* UPDATING: add batch mode send-hooks note to UPDATING
2009-07-14 20:25 -0700 Aron Griffis <> (084fb086a0e7)
* send.c: Make send-hooks work for batch mode. Closes
Handle SENDBATCH inline with the normal sending code, instead of
handling it separately. This allows send-hooks to run, along with
removing a number of unnecessarily lines of code.
2009-07-11 14:52 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (6f942afe60b5)
* charset.c, mbyte.c: Recognize charset extensions, see #3150.
With utf-8//TRANSLIT, we internally didn't recognize it as utf-8.
This leads to badly broken behaviour if --without-wc-funcs is used
for some reason. In that case, if we have utf-8 as charset, we
implement our own wide char functions; for all other charsets, we
use the system single-byte locale functions. And using these with
utf-8 is broken.
* curs_lib.c: Render blanks to spaces in index, fixes
wcwidth(<tab>) returns -1 so 'foo<tab>bar' was rendered to 'foobar',
and now to 'foo bar'. Closes #3270 again.
2009-07-08 13:37 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f22b71d8005a)
* mbyte.c: Fix compiler warning
2009-07-07 15:03 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d5e03a46518c)
* TODO: Update TODO
2009-07-07 10:49 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (cc4d6044b31e)
* INSTALL: GNU-make based VPATH builds work.
2009-07-07 13:16 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f161c2f00d84)
* UPDATING, bcache.c, doc/manual.xml.head, hcache.c,
muttlib.c, protos.h: Make hcache+bcache paths always UTF-8. Closes
* UPDATING, globals.h, init.h, sendlib.c: Add $wrap_headers. Closes
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: mention terminal setup for
charsets, more unicode pros.
Closes #3292.
2009-07-06 15:28 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (ccab6c56b557)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add a note about when/why to use utf-8
2009-07-05 18:36 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (118b8fef8aae)
* buffy.c, buffy.h, mx.c: Suppress new mail notification
from mailbox just left. Closes #3290.
2009-07-02 20:42 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (042f2ce0b870)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: minor fixes
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/mutt.css: Manual: Render
comments in examples a lighter for readability
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/manual.xml.tail: Manual: Reformat
paragraphs, fix &tilde; -> ~ breakage
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: rework MIME chapter a bit
* doc/gen-map-doc, doc/manual.xml.tail, functions.h: Manual: Generate
more pretty titles/ids for key binding tables
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: fix supported version
numbers for mixmaster
2009-07-02 00:06 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (029ba140fb48)
* curs_main.c: Handle keepalive failure when changing folders. There
are probably many other places where this kind of thing could happen
though. See #3028.
2009-07-01 18:13 -0700 Rocco Rutte <> (f6c6066a5925)
* account.c, mutt_sasl.c, smtp.c: Make getuser/pass abort
if input is required in batch mode. Replaces [0a3de4d9a009]. See
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add detailed section on charset
* smtp.c: SMTP: use $smtp_pass in batch mode. Closes #3289.
mutt_account_getpass() copying the password from $smtp_pass into the
account structure is only called from the SASL callback we only use
if we're sure we don't need curses (i.e. have the pass already).
2009-06-30 17:32 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f4baa2f1251a)
* pgpewrap.c: Add missing config.h include to pgpewrap.c
It technically doesn't need it, but pgpewrap should be rebuilt after
configure ran, too.
* doc/ Manual: Run lynx with --display_charset
=us-ascii, see #3286.
2009-06-29 18:20 +0000 Rocco Rutte <> (03c65df651e0)
* UPDATING, doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Move new mail detection into
its own section
This also updates some parts of docs and adds missing ones. It also
adds a note about the recent changes, also to UPDATING.
2009-06-29 18:03 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d3a7e0334e5d)
* url.c, url.h: Revert URL path encoding for now
It breaks gmail url display and makes bcache use different paths.
Still we need to think about whether we want to allow any character
in bcache paths (possibly multibyte, possibly depending on
2009-06-28 20:49 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (298194c414f0)
*, curs_lib.c: Allow tabs in index subject. Closes #3270.
* imap/util.c: Allow ImapDelimChars to be unset
* mutt.h: Rename struct thread to struct mutt_thread. Closes #3279.
* imap/command.c: Not being able to start an IMAP command
is a fatal error. Closes #3155.
* imap/auth_login.c: IMAP LOGIN does not support separate user and
login accounts. Use the user account for both. Closes #3240.
2009-06-28 22:40 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (71a84cf22c42)
* url.c, url.h: Fix URL parser to encode paths
2009-06-28 15:42 +0200 Deng Xiyue <> (fe688db8099a)
* po/zh_CN.po: Update Simplified Chinese translation. Closes #3281.
2009-06-27 17:07 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (7ca8d09f7d2c)
* hg-commit: hg-commit: drop changelog entries from hg log
* doc/makedoc.c, doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: stop using DocBook
entities mapping to ascii chars
There's no real benefit, it only makes reading/writing the manual
harder. All entities that potentially map to non-ascii characters
(&mdash, &auml, etc.) are left so that manual.xml remains pure
2009-06-26 21:47 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (b2b97c7a2ae6)
* imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c, imap/util.c: Set
internaldate of messages appended to IMAP mailboxes
2009-06-26 20:27 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (156e6d6e34fc)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: try to explain that and why
copiousoutput should come last
* po/de.po: Update German translation
2009-06-25 21:46 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c5d0252e8f72)
* rfc3676.c: Fix f=f corner case with DelSp=yes abuse
* sendlib.c: header folding: treat From_ specially, never wrap on
sending side
* sendlib.c: Add Date: header to postponed messages
* sendlib.c: Only add Status: header (fcc/postpone) when
saving to mbox/mmdf
* compose.c: Treat messages written with <write-fcc> as fcc, not
2009-06-23 10:13 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (bc2463863c15)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2009-06-23 16:56 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d152033cf967)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Simply type conversion section wording.
*, Don't build hcversion.h and mutt_md5
without hcache
* handler.c, mutt.h, muttlib.c: Implement state_putws() and
state_putwc(), see #3148.
This is needed to unbreak text/enriched rendering on Linux.
* commands.c: Only use keypad() when curses is running
2009-06-23 00:28 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (642987450d83)
* curs_lib.c: Only beep when displaying error messages (unbreaks
2009-06-23 00:20 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f5849c72a274)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Update crypt-gpgme for mutt_mktemp change
in [ed7eb5de7536]
2009-06-22 17:36 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (54bc1ef602e7)
* curs_lib.c: Make mutt_curses_(error|message) format message to COLS
chars. Closes #3278.
While I'm at it, fold both functions into one.
2009-06-22 17:21 +0200 Alexey Tourbin <> (e378bbdc3f0f)
* smime_keys: use Time::Local module. Closes #3277.
2009-06-22 17:17 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (4899f140ec25)
* mbyte.c: Fix included iswupper(). Closes #3276.
* lib.c: Catch range errors when converting to long.
2009-06-21 21:57 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (ed7eb5de7536)
* attach.c, commands.c, crypt.c, editmsg.c, handler.c, headers.c,
help.c, history.c, imap/message.c, main.c, mbox.c, muttlib.c, mx.c,
pattern.c, pgp.c, pgpkey.c, pgpmicalg.c, pop.c, protos.h,
recvattach.c, recvcmd.c, rfc3676.c, send.c, sendlib.c, smime.c: Pass
buffer size to mutt_mktemp()
* handler.c, rfc3676.c: Port f=f and text/plain handlers to
* lib.c: mutt_read_line(): make line counting ptr optional
* sendlib.c: Silently drop headers not in "key: value"
format. Fixes out-of-memory exits.
2009-06-20 23:09 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (6447ebe80797)
* handler.c: f=f: Don't kill signature separator when stripping
trailing spaces. Closes #3275.
* curs_main.c: Disallow breaking threads for messages not part of
a thread
2009-06-20 15:22 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (580ab0256c49)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Clarify and extend variable type
conversion section
2009-06-19 19:56 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (ee3d174297bb)
* rfc822.c: remove bogus FREE
It's impossible for cur->personal to be non-NULL at this point,
since cur was calloc'd just a couple lines prior.
Signed-off-by: Aron Griffis <>
2009-06-19 22:49 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (9ae13dedb5ed)
* mbox.c, mx.c, mx.h: Fixup atime for mbox/mmdf also when mailbox is
unchanged but has new mail. See #1362.
* mbox.c: Don't mangle atime/mtime for mbox folders without new
mail upon sync. Closes #1362, #3271.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add note and example for type
conversions with my_vars
* sendlib.c: Enforce 998 char length limit on header lines when
2009-06-18 15:06 +0200 Antonio Radici <> (c6fe0bb8cf11)
* doc/, doc/ Provide
smime_keys(1). Closes #3272.
2009-06-18 14:56 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (508bfe4a2e23)
* mbox.c: Backout experimental patch
* UPDATING, mbox.c: UPDATING: add note about -a and --
2009-06-17 16:19 -0700 Antonio Radici <> (25e46aad362b)
* buffy.c: Do not free statically-allocated buffy buffer. Unbreaks
unmailboxes, closes #3273.
2009-06-17 15:23 -0700 Petr Písař <> (fe94f01b369a)
* ChangeLog, po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
2009-06-17 13:58 -0700 Ivan Vilata i Balaguer <> (ef9b67c7ebc4)
* po/ca.po: Updated Catalan translation.
2009-06-17 13:57 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (62471a5d3186)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2009-06-17 20:42 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (33376ae23d8f)
* doc/devel-notes.txt: Mention in doc/devel-notes.txt
2009-06-17 11:09 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (7f37d0a57d83)
* crypt-gpgme.c, pgp.c: Display unsigned part of traditional PGP
messages. Unbreaks [e2780a423d96], closes #3269
2009-06-17 19:29 +0200 Antonio Radici <> (a2a868fc40ea)
* mx.c: Leave error handling of mx_get_magic() up to the
caller. Closes #3268.
2009-06-17 18:02 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (4b5326d8d2ee)
* UPDATING, muttlib.c: Always display text/* parts inline,
overrideable by auto_view. Closes #3246.
2009-06-15 22:05 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f40de578e8ed)
* handler.c: Unbreak header weeding for message/rfc822
parts. Closes #3265.
* init.c, lib.c, lib.h: Print timestamps in debug files. Closes #3263.
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/ bind: Clarify function
argument usage
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h, url.c: Fixup URL parser
The fixes are: 1) allow / in usernames for IMAP (by %-encoding /, :
and % when pretty-printing urls), 2) for POP/SMTP the trailing / is
no longer mandatory, 3) more strict %-decoding to avoid unexpected
2009-06-15 17:49 +0200 Bertrand Janin <> (abc8fa0abeee)
2009-06-15 17:06 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d6f88fbf8387)
* url.c: Don't parse URL port as signed short, but to int and cast to
unsigned short. Closes #3264.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add a short note about new header
folding we don't get bug reports for tab folding.
* init.h: Clarify what $wrap=0 does
* doc/mutt.css: CSS update for newer docbook xslt versions
* pager.c: pager: intermediate fix for wrapping long header lines with
$smart_wrap set
The header folding algorithm outputs a word without spaces and
longer than $wrap as-is. The pager however tries to break it. With
$smart_wrap unset, it simply breaks at $wrap regardless if there's a
space or not. With $smart_wrap set it tried to find a space and
break if the next word is too long. This logic doesn't work for
folded header lines which always start with space. Thus, the output
would always contain the folding whitespace on a line by itself
detaching the header value from the header name.
As an intermediate fix we don't try to be smart if the line begins
with space or tab.
* pager.c, sendlib.c: pager: Ignore $wrap for attachment markers
2009-06-14 20:57 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (d2e0b495b148)
* build-release: Remove duplicate update-changelog call.
2009-06-14 20:51 -0700 Antonio Radici <> (fef17099376d)
* doc/ Escape hyphens in man page. Closes #1937 again.
2009-06-14 12:29 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (7f8a2ba64516)
* VERSION, po/bg.po, po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po,
po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/eu.po, po/fr.po,
po/ga.po, po/gl.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/ja.po,
po/ko.po, po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po,
po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_CN.po, po/zh_TW.po:
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.5.20
* imap/imap.c: Save a dereference, and close #3226 with voodoo.
* sendlib.c: Initialize pointer before use under -d4
2009-06-13 19:52 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (83ffb5593bc6)
* curs_main.c: Adjust menu position after sync more
carefully. Closes #3092.
* init.h: Force status to redraw when $postponed changes.
* postpone.c: Fix check for changed $postponed. The pointer-based
check fails when the new $postponed string is stored in the same
2009-06-13 01:08 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (536771b4e085)
* commands.c, copy.c, copy.h, handler.c, protos.h, send.c, sendlib.c:
Rewrite header folding
We now distinct between sending and display case. For display, we
always use tabs for folding for readability; for sending we now
correctly fold using whitespace found in the header.
Closes #2995. Closes #3080.
2009-06-12 23:10 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (23de0e3c81f8)
* UPDATING, init.h, mutt.h, send.c: Turn $fcc_attach into a
quadoption. Closes #2528.
* handler.c: Don't insert Content-Description/form name into reply.
Closes #3164.
* pgpkey.c: Allow ! suffix for pgp keys via $pgp_sign_as and
prompt. Closes #1928.
* commands.c, recvcmd.c: Warn before bouncing messages without
From: header. Closes #3180.
* smtp.c: SMTP: don't block but print CRLF for last line if it's
not terminated
2009-06-11 18:34 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f60eb41ef63c)
* UPDATING: Mention maildir mtime use in browser
* send.c: Don't allow setting Return-Path: header via my_hdr
Mutt has use_envelope_from/envelope_from_address for that purpose.
Closes #1840.
* browser.c: Use only latest mtime of new/cur for browser, not whole
stat() info
* copy.c: Don't reformat Return-Path (angle brackets are not
optional). Closes #1702.
2009-06-10 17:44 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (0721c3f6320d)
* mbox.c, mx.c: Only print messages about CONTEXT when quiet flag not
2009-06-09 22:09 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (dc9ec900c657)
* mutt_ssl.c: Improve host checking for SSL with intermediate
* mutt_ssl.c: Whitespace.
* imap/imap.c: Skip comparison against current mailbox for idle
connections. Closes #3216.
* imap/util.c: Revert accidental change
* imap/util.c: Remove trailing whitespace.
2009-06-08 23:55 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (15c662a95b91)
*, m4/libgnutls.m4: Test for libgnutls by hand rather
than relying on deprecated libgnutls-config script. Closes #3239.
2009-06-07 10:55 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (9831d4c2c3f9)
* imap/message.c: Do not display error message when user declines
to create target mailbox.
* imap/message.c: Minor cleanup in imap_copy_messages.
2009-06-07 08:14 +0200 Miroslav Lichvar <> (16592f0dfdaf)
*, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Disable checking certificate
activation/expiration times in gnutls as we do the checks ourselves.
2009-06-06 22:31 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (e5c2befbf0f5)
* imap/message.c: Do not treat already-seen headers as if they are
new. See #2935.
2009-06-07 02:09 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (a786b0e8627c)
* doc/, doc/makedoc.c, doc/, doc/,
doc/, init.h: Fix hyphens in manpages. Closes #1937
2009-06-04 17:07 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (4f1ceaae93dc)
* rfc3676.c: Fix pretty quoting for f=f by resetting space count when
flushing paragraph
2009-06-03 22:35 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (386f2ce6b872)
* rfc3676.c: Fix several f=f bugs
It fixes problems with space-handling in general (trailing spaces
for display, un-space-stuffing), fixes quote prefix for replies and
lowers FLOWED_MAX so we don't run into line length trouble too
* UPDATING, globals.h, init.h, pager.c: Don't abuse $pager_context for
searches, add $search_context. See #976.
* pattern.c: Fix compiler warning
2009-06-02 20:25 +0200 Miroslav Lichvar <> (d1d0481d1ca1)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Add support for GNUTLS_CERT_INSECURE_ALGORITHM
error code
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Don't ignore certificate verification errors on
saved signer certs
2009-06-02 10:18 -0700 René Clerc <> (761bc678b23e)
* po/nl.po: Updated Dutch translation.
2009-06-02 17:24 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (8b2af5b64981)
* buffy.c: Fix duplicate mailbox detection for remote
* smtp.c: Fix array size
* buffy.c: Thoroughly check for duplicates when parsing
'mailboxes' command. Closes #1428.
2009-06-01 14:50 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (7a277ba306c9)
* gnupgparse.c: Use mutt_atoi() when parsing GnuPG output. Closes
* hcache.c, mh.c: More atoi() fixes
* smtp.c: SMTP: Use mutt_atoi() to parse server responses
* curs_main.c, edit.c, init.c, main.c, menu.c, mh.c, parse.c,
resize.c, score.c, url.c: Use strtol() wrappers for most atoi()
* lib.c, lib.h: Add mutt_atos(), mutt_atoi() and
mutt_atol() (strtol() wrappers)
* send.c: Treat address groups as no recipients
When sending with Sendmail or SMTP we exclude address groups anyway,
so treat these addresses as not present when checking for valid
recipients before sending in the compose menu.
* smtp.c: Weed out address groups for SMTP the same way we
do for sendmail
2009-05-31 19:19 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (0024860ab03e)
* doc/ Allow chunked and unchunked manuals to build in
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Remove trailing whitespace
2009-05-31 14:46 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (8e591e80cd48)
* smtp.c: SMTP: Don't send "undisclosed-recipients" in RCPT TO
This happened for Bcc only messages. "undisclosed-recipients" is
added in To: as guard against MTAs that leak BCCs if no To:/Cc:
header is given. See Debian #529090.
* init.h: Document that $pager_context affects searching, too
* handler.c: Turn trailing \r\n to \n for qp-encoded messages.
RFC2045 (sect. 6.7, (1) general 8bit representation) states that
neither CR nor LF of the trailing CRLF may be qp-encoded. So we
ignore trailing qp-encoded CRs.
See #2898 though this is a partial fix only.
* pager.c: Give $pager_context lines of context when searching
page-based menus. Closes #976.
* handler.c, init.h, rfc3676.c: f=f: Strip trailing spaces for
interoperability. Closes #3001.
If we make a fixed reply to a flowed message we remove trailing
spaces and can now safely allow $indent_string to be used which is
what users expect.
Second, if we make a flowed reply to a fixed message we also strip
trailing spaces since from format=fixed we assume all lines are
fixed (i.e. we don't want to errorneously make fixed lines flowed).
* handler.c, init.h, mutt.h: Add $honor_disposition to not display
attachments inline. Closes #3170.
Previously all MIME parts were displayed inline regardless of the
Content-Disposition header (if present). With $honor_disposition
set, only inline parts are displayed inline, attachments can only be
viewed from the attachments menu.
2009-04-25 01:56 -0400 Dan Loewenherz <> (c1b947f60ea6)
* init.h: Disables the insecure SSLv2 protocol. Closes #3192.
2009-05-30 19:37 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (b080ae086a62)
* ChangeLog, mbox.c: Keep new mail flag for mbox/mmdf folders after
closing. Closes #1362.
2009-05-30 10:23 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (be7b3d349725)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2009-05-30 00:24 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f65a1eb8abce)
* smtp.c: Fix logic in f260f5836284
2009-05-29 21:33 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c4d86d4ea260)
* pager.c: Drop modified version of and use mutt_read_line() in pager,
* history.c, init.c, lib.c, lib.h, mh.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c, pgp.c,
query.c, rfc1524.c, smime.c: Add flags to mutt_read_line() for
EOL-stripping and continuation support
We use these to stop supporting EOL-escaping with \ which was wrong
in most cases (e.g. $history_file), support is kept for reading
config and mailcap files.
Leaving CRLF in will be used for the pager.
* menu.c, pager.c, pattern.c: Fall back to search if no query exists
for search-(next|opposite)
The pager had the fall-through to search, so for consistency do that
in other menues as well.
* pager.c: Fix pager search prompt for reverse search
When doing a reverse search for the first time after switching to
the pager, SearchBack is always 0 and thus gave the wrong prompt,
change to using op directly. While I'm at it, unify search prompts.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix markup of environment variables
2009-05-28 16:37 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f260f5836284)
* smtp.c: SMTP: don't interactively authenticate without a
password in batch/mailx mode
Otherwise, if we don't have a password and curses is not running,
the SASL authentication callback will crash mutt. We now abort if
the password wasn't given in $smtp_url.
* doc/mutt.css: Manual: vertical-align table cells at the top
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/mutt.css: Manual: Wrap muttrc commands
in <command/>
2009-05-27 23:14 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (5502fb790bab)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: gnutls: do not ignore certificate problems.
Specifically, do not allow revoked certificates or those signed by
non-CAs unless they have been explicitly stored in the trusted
certificate file. Thanks to Miroslav Lichvar.
2009-05-27 22:55 -0700 Miroslav Lichvar <> (85f41efec6bf)
* ChangeLog, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Don't prompt to save certificates that
are already saved but invalid.
2009-05-27 22:52 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (90ef283c103e)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Don't leak gnutls certs on preauth validation
failure. Thanks to Miroslav Lichvar.
* mutt_ssl.c: Fix TLS certificate chain validation for
2009-05-25 17:31 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (8f11dd00c770)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Fix a serious oversight validating TLS
certificates. If any certificate in a chain presented by a server
was accepted, the connection was allowed without verifying that the
presented certificate was actually signed by the certificate in the
2009-05-27 22:13 -0700 Petr Písař <> (05bc65d6ae70)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
2009-05-27 10:13 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (97305eeb91ce)
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/ Document that -- is always
mandatory after -a. Closes #3235.
* init.h: Mention account-hook in the docs for $tunnel. Closes
2009-05-26 17:57 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (392e945dfba7)
* attach.c: Use charset parameter to view text attachments using
<view-attach>. Closes #3234.
2009-05-25 15:57 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (3f0963dd9257)
* pager.c: pager: print progress percentage for attachments, too
* attach.c: Mark strings for translation
2009-05-18 20:48 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (6d810c5cf4fc)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2009-05-15 15:03 +0200 Takahashi Tamotsu <> (c665bdf5ff5f)
* pop.c: POP: Notify user when messages are lost. Closes #2226.
* pop.c: POP: Ignore already-deleted messages while
syncing. Closes #2225.
2009-05-13 18:03 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (0563c88ad6f0)
* attach.c, recvattach.c: Don't loose error message when attachment
saving fails. Closes #3156.
2009-05-15 12:46 +0200 Seth Arnold <> (1cea1ecf9f79)
* UPDATING, color.c, doc/manual.xml.head: Make "uncolor" also work
header and body objects. Closes #1046.
2009-05-13 14:20 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f96a176bb14c)
* send.c: Don't set 'replied' flag if user changes
References/IRT. Closes #2044.
* mutt.h, muttlib.c: Add mutt_find_list() to lookup data in lists
* alias.c, crypt-gpgme.c, group.c, mbox.c, pgp.c, query.c,
rfc822.c, rfc822.h, send.c, smime.c: Prune empty address groups
when preparing replies. Closes #2875.
* mbox.c: Actually reopen mbox/mmdf files in case we find
modifications. Closes #2725.
Since the file is changed while we have it open in ctx->fp, we
likely get wrong information when parsing the mailbox. Now we
explicitely close and (re)open it.
2009-05-12 16:26 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (06e318bfe8f2)
* mbox.c: Backout errorneously commited mbox atime fix
* OPS, mbox.c: Fix description for <save-message>
2009-04-29 14:49 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (335e6f782862)
* browser.c: Fix maildir times in mailboxes browser. Closes #626.
Instead of using the (pointless) mtime of the top-level maildir
folder, use the latest mtime of the "new" and "cur" subdirectories.
Maildir folders in the mailboxes list can now be properly sorted by
date. This does not affect the directory browser. Also see #2421.
* mailbox.h, mh.c, mx.c: Move Maildir/MH folder detection from
mx.c to mh.c
2009-04-28 15:12 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (4d9685be5987)
* sendlib.c: Fold References: header so we never run into line length
* headers.c: Fix comment typo
2009-04-28 14:18 +0200 Bertram Felgenhauer <> (6b20a3545f03)
* doc/manual.xml.head, headers.c: Drop References header if In-Reply-
To is modified by user. Closes #3221.
2009-04-28 13:05 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (a13d8fd40094)
* send.c: Don't generate References: for reply to multiple
All parent Message-Ids are present in In-Reply-To already. Also,
RfC2822, section 3.6.4 discourages its generation.
* sendlib.c: Don't trim In-Reply-To with $edit_headers set
In case of a tagged reply to several messages, we want In-Reply-To
to contain all parent Message-Ids.
* imap/imap.c: Only sync changed messages back to hcache on
mailbox sync
* doc/manual.xml.head: For spam detection, mention $imap_headers.
Closes #3223.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix typo and reword paragraph
2009-04-26 21:09 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (9fa4a3e74355)
* UPDATING, doc/manual.xml.head, pop.c: POP: Support hcache updating,
This also allows us to use hcache to manage "flagged" and "replied"
message flags.
* imap/imap.c, mh.c: Sync header to hcache when synching
MH/Maildir/IMAP folders. Closes #2942.
* pager.c: Use dynamic buffer for displaying pager lines. Closes
With too small fixed-size buffers we can't color/find certain words
that span buffers. This needs to duplicate mutt_read_line with the
adjustment to leave line termination in and not support breaking
long lines using \ at EOL. Other callers may want to use this one
instead, too as we support \-escaping in too many places.
* init.h: Document suffixes for %f in $folder_format
2009-04-22 23:29 +0200 Bertram Felgenhauer <> (0aa313a3bf20)
* headers.c: Fix memory leak in mutt_edit_headers(). Closes #3220.
2009-04-25 10:51 +0200 Thomas Wiegner <> (8da22400a48d)
*, mkdtemp.c, protos.h: Add mkdtemp() from xfce to
unbreak gpgme build on Solaris. Closes #3217.
2009-04-25 10:35 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c6de4f51b8c7)
* ChangeLog,, protos.h, strcasestr.c: Add strcasestr()
from uclibc to unbreak (Open)Solaris build. Closes #3222.
2009-04-21 15:10 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (3d89eddb2d9a)
* buffy.c: Equivalent mutt_buffy, but readable code
* buffy.c, buffy.h: Call mutt_expand_path() from mutt_buffy to fix
imap separator. Closes #3208 and #3218
* buffy.c: Use slen instead of assuming _POSIX_PATH_MAX
2009-04-23 12:51 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (b5b4e652e4b1)
* ChangeLog, po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2009-04-20 18:36 +0200 Christoph Berg <> (39fee3a9d034)
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Better document that some send-hooks
can't work with $autoedit. Closes #1834.
2009-04-20 18:26 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (6cc887ccd229)
* init.h: Fix typo for $imap_pass
2009-04-17 18:05 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (7d44a83efcc6)
* pgp.c: Support the Charset: armor header for inline PGP. Closes
The header is defined as optional by RfC4880.
This is based on patch-1.5.9.tamo.pgp_charsetchack.1. We only
support reading this header and, if present, recode the PGP output
from the given charset to $charset if we find it valid; otherwise
fall back to UTF-8. Certain clients make use of the header when
sending mail, so mutt should respect it because some messages are
otherwise unreadable.
The sending side is not touched, we unconditionally send UTF-8.
2009-04-17 15:45 +0200 Michael Elkins <> (61a0c67ed727)
* sendlib.c: Make sure Recent-From: consults $realname. Closes
2009-04-17 15:37 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (3a7ecc3f8aeb)
* UPDATING, functions.h, pager.c: Make <set-flag> and <clear-flag>
work in the pager, too. Closes #3212.
* pager.c: Don't consider \n part of a line for body
coloring. Closes #2363.
* attach.c: Enlarge buffer size for parsing mailcap files
We really need code for dynamic buffers which would solve a few
other bugs, too. Closes #2205.
2009-04-16 19:23 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (a4f66ae72dc5)
* ChangeLog, pop_lib.c: POP: Default to using getservbyname() as we do
for IMAP and SMTP
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Improve docs on URL syntax, add
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add user-defined variables to variable
2009-04-11 10:35 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (7d7976cd4fc4)
* ChangeLog, buffy.c, buffy.h, commands.c, sendlib.c: Don't raise new
mail flag on mbox/mmdf Fcc mailboxes. Closes #1896.
2009-04-08 16:25 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (5b631ee33281)
* hdrline.c: For %F, display Bcc recipient if no other recipients
found. Closes #3157.
* UPDATING, doc/manual.xml.head, doc/, pattern.c:
Make ~x match In-Reply-To, too. Closes #771.
2009-04-07 19:57 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (667b0006b586)
* sendlib.c: Fix b5cbd0dab863, closes #3215.
Still valgrind reports 'fromcode' as leaking.
2009-04-07 11:32 +0200 Erik Hovland <> (d344c6429a48)
* sendlib.c: Try to correct usage of tempfile and *tempfile
Since tempfile is a double pointer checking for tempfile and then
dereferencing with *tempfile is not correct.
2009-04-06 22:05 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d639baaf57fb)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix typo
2009-04-06 19:10 +0200 Erik Hovland <> (4fe35e9984ba)
* sendlib.c: mutt_message_to_7bit(): Only close file
pointer if we opened it
The pointer is to be managed outside the function and provided. Only
close it we opened it ourself using fopen().
2009-04-06 19:07 +0200 Erik Hovland <> (b5cbd0dab863)
* sendlib.c: Plug memory leaks in sendlib.c
2009-04-05 13:41 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (5d393e716c51)
* init.h, sendlib.c: Backed out changeset 23c7b469ff20
This requires more thought: if the user has -- in $sendmail, we need
to add our arguments for 8BITMIME/DSN/etc. before it and not after.
See #3168.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Make sure every rc command has a
synopsis in its describing section
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fold consecutive <cmdsynopsis/>
into just one
This make it visually easier to spot what belongs together.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: More entities and <quotes/> as
2009-04-04 16:23 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (a4b635e96b30)
* doc/ Manual: Improve 'sortcheck' target
Don't call up diff+pager if all is sorted and remove the temp files
for diffing we created.
* doc/gen-map-doc, doc/manual.xml.head, doc/manual.xml.tail: Manual:
Capitalize headlines
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Move section on mixmaster support to
Optional Features
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Remove duplicate section on mailcap use
from security chapter
We already have a more detailed section on secure mailcap usage, so
link to it.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Minor improvements and fixes
* doc/, doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add a short chapter
summarizing security considerations
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Use &mdash; in text rather than --
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add section on padding for format
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Mention reply types in "Sending Mail"
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add table with navigation keys for
page-based menus
* doc/mutt.css: mutt.css: Add left+right margins to screen, note and
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add section on screens and menus with
short descriptions.
Mostly stolen from old mutt-ng docs with adjustments.
2009-04-02 13:11 +0200 Steve Kemp <> (23c7b469ff20)
* init.h, sendlib.c: Only append -- to $sendmail if not
present. Closes #3168.
This allows users to add custom recipients via $sendmail.
2009-04-02 12:57 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (bfb12cf02417)
* init.h: Clarify what $attach_charset does, closes #3165.
* doc/ Add 'sortcheck' target to doc/
This should be used from time to time to check if vars are sorted.
Closes #3191.
* init.h: Sort $pgp_* and $crypt_* vars, see #3191.
* init.h: Sort $smime_* vars, see #3191.
2009-04-01 14:33 +0200 Miroslav Lichvar <> (8205a12329d3)
* hcache.c, muttlib.c: Use PATH_MAX for buffers passed to realpath(3)
as we're supposed to
2009-04-01 13:16 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (47c64fd9ac70)
* doc/gen-map-doc, doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix openjade
* doc/makedoc.c, doc/mutt.css: makedoc: Render description lists as
This looks better and is more compact (except missing column
2009-03-31 16:03 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (22f21b558f57)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add an example of how to manage
multiple accounts using folder-hook
* UPDATING, doc/manual.xml.head, mutt.h, pattern.c: Perform case
insensitive string search if pattern is lower case
...since we do that for regex patterns already. It doesn't work for
IMAP server-side searches.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix markup of ".muttrc"
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Always spell mutt as "Mutt"
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Replace netscape with firefox
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: use <quote/> instead of " quotes
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Lots of minor improvements
(markup consistency, wording)
2009-03-30 14:58 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (318748f3962b)
* doc/manual.xml.head: For mailbox formats, add some more verbose pros
and cons
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add section about zeroprinting format
strings to format string section
2009-03-28 22:37 +0100 Thomas Roessler <> (be9fb07730c6)
* mutt_idna.c: Make IDNA code more readable
2009-03-28 16:11 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (77cfe8016930)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add section roughly explaining config
option types
* doc/makedoc.c: makedoc: make output slightly more readable
Add <?dhtml... processing instructions to render <variablelist/>
using HTML <table/> which save lots of vertical space. Also, drop
the newline before </screen> to save some space.
2009-03-27 18:02 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (a06a2a4c5ebc)
* rfc3676.c: f=f: Fix debug messages
2009-03-19 17:19 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (754ea0f091fc)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Improve section on patterns
* curs_lib.c: Fix progress update debug message
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/ Document kilo and mega
suffixes for range patterns
Document it only for ~z (message size) as they don't make much sense
for other patterns like message score or number of attachments.
2009-03-18 17:40 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (8528b8e715da)
* init.h: Properly initialize more structs
2009-03-19 13:38 +0100 Erik Hovland <> (a802b5127f09)
* pgp.c: Remove unused variable
2009-03-19 10:36 +0100 Roman Kraevskiy <> (6fac57b97bf1)
* mutt_sasl.c: Restore connection polling callback when
closing SASL connection. Closes #3206.
2009-03-18 14:48 +0100 Erik Hovland <> (17d770ae41e4)
* smime.c: S/MIME: Don't leak intermediate cert key
* buffy.c: Properly initialize struct stats in buffy check
2009-03-17 20:04 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (903b3cee5485)
* addrbook.c, browser.c, compose.c, curs_main.c, imap/auth.c, mx.c,
pattern.c, pop_auth.c, postpone.c, query.c, recvattach.c,
remailer.c: Fix some warnings with -W about missing initializers in
2009-03-17 16:44 +0100 Todd Zullinger <> (bb9b845800f6)
* pgp.c: Ensure display is redrawn for application/pgp
When using gpg-agent, a hard redraw is needed after the pinentry
program is called. Otherwise, the screen is garbled and key
bindings are screwed up.
Closes #3196.
2009-03-15 16:44 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (bc7c64ff3e48)
*, protos.h, wcscasecmp.c: Add wcscasecmp() compatibility
function (for OS X)
* doc/ mutt.1: Mention that -a should be last in option
list. Closes #3202
* alias.c: Only define min() if not present. Closes #3199
2009-03-15 14:25 +0100 Erik Hovland <> (3c154fcdad4c)
* rfc822.c: The assigned value of dom is never used. Remove
* alias.c: The file handle will leak if fread fails
2009-03-12 15:16 -0700 Erik Hovland <> (53bea026a2a2)
* curs_main.c: resort_index will use menu->current as a index into an
array. If menu->current is negative, bad things can happen. So check
it before calling resort_index
* recvcmd.c: 'last' is assigned but never used. Remove assignment.
2009-03-15 13:46 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (1238dff54a15)
* alias.c, attach.c, buffy.c,, commands.c, compose.c,
copy.c, crypt-gpgme.c, crypt.c, edit.c, editmsg.c, gnupgparse.c,
handler.c, headers.c, help.c, history.c, imap/message.c, init.c,
lib.c, main.c, mbox.c, mh.c, mutt_ssl.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c,
muttlib.c, pager.c, pattern.c, pgp.c, pgpkey.c, pgppubring.c,
pop.c, postpone.c, query.c, recvattach.c, recvcmd.c, rfc1524.c,
rfc3676.c, send.c, sendlib.c, smime.c, smtp.c: Use safe_fclose()
instead of fclose(), add fclose() to
2009-03-10 18:39 +0100 NONAKA Kimihiro <> (cc6fede605d4)
* mh.c: Fix crashes with 64bit time_t. Closes #3184.
2009-03-09 12:04 +0100 Vincent Lefevre <> (4ce562b7f5d7)
* mbyte.h: Unbreak compilation on OS X with --with-regex/--without-wc-
funcs. Closes #3149.
2009-03-09 11:58 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (f3a33b77dc90)
* mutt.h, regex.c: Unbreak compilation with --without-wc- funcs on
OS X 10.5.*, see #3149.
* init.h: Fix 11cd72da743a
* init.h: Sort SSL-related variables, see #3191.
* hash.c, hash.h, init.c, mh.c, thread.c: Restore $reverse_alias
feature by using case-insensitive hash keys
The fix is implemented as callbacks in the hash table so we can
avoid working with copies of the mailbox keys but work on the
originals instead and don't pollute the code with lower-case
conversions all over the place.
While I'm at it, turn int hashes into unsigned values since the hash
function returns unsigned values now, too.
Closes #3185.
2009-03-07 13:49 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (ff1906f70b1b)
* init.h: Sort most variables (except crypto), see #3191.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Fix typo, see #2430.
2009-02-20 22:14 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (35fbea209c6e)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: verbosely document how the
initial folder is determined, see #3189.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Document address normalization. Closes #2430.
* headers.c: Simplify and fix Attach: header parsing
With ee5e696a9d08 we would skip beyond the filename to look for a
description. This changeset fixes it.
* main.c: Set magic from -m before processing queries (-Q) or dumping
variables (-D)
* doc/, init.h: Better document how the initial folder is
determined. Closes #3189.
2009-02-15 16:09 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (ee5e696a9d08)
* doc/manual.xml.head, headers.c: Support spaces in Attach:
pseudoheader. Closes #3179.
2009-02-10 13:05 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (a21f8bf84149)
* init.h: Fix documentation typos. Closes #3178.
2009-01-27 12:58 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (7ddf1d1cc490)
* imap/imap.c: Move socket close into imap_logout from imap_logout_all
* imap/imap.c: IMAP: only close socket when not already
2009-01-27 18:48 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (d7e44862a08a)
* help.c, main.c, mh.c: Update copyright years
* help.c: Fix help alignment for escape sequences at screen
boundary. Closes #3146.
* mh.c: Unconditionally inode-sort Maildir and MH folders. Closes
2009-01-26 12:32 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (da94a92c3ba0)
* bcache.c: Remove old bcache tmpfile before trying to create new
one. Closes #3163.
2009-01-20 12:34 -0800 René Clerc <> (2006526d1d26)
* po/nl.po: Updated Dutch translation
2009-01-19 20:39 -0800 Ivan Vilata i Balaguer <> (038f1e5cdaea)
* po/ca.po: Updated Catalan translation
2009-01-14 20:04 +0000 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (ddf48761aacf)
* imap/browse.c: Use imap_utf7_encode instead of
2009-01-14 11:45 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (cd0b17c80372)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Add missing hooks to manual section 4
2009-01-13 06:51 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (10e224e86f0b)
* hook.c: Do not allow a command in an account-hook to trigger another
account-hook. Recent changes in the IMAP path canonifier mean that
account-hooks that set variables to URLs (eg folder, spoolfile) can
trigger a recursive account-hook. Now we just bail out of account-
hook early if we are called recursively, but perhaps we should warn
the user to use a folder-hook instead. Thanks to Kyle Wheeler for
finding this one.
2009-01-12 10:27 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (6976aca75d04)
* init.h: Correct defaults for new ssl options (fixes manual
2009-01-11 21:47 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (ff74e612f790)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: GNUTLS: check all available certs
noninteractively before presenting any menus
* UPDATING, init.h, mutt.h, mutt_ssl.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Add
$ssl_verify_dates option to relax certificate date validation
* UPDATING, init.h, mutt.h, mutt_ssl.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Add
$ssl_verify_host to allow skipping host name validation
2009-01-10 22:09 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (db3a61fcde35)
* imap/util.c: Assume INBOX for ""/NULL in imap_mxcmp
* imap/util.c: Use known connection delimiter in imap_expand_path
* imap/util.c: Guard against NULL pointers in imap_mxcmp
* imap/imap_private.h, imap/util.c: Canonicalize IMAP mailboxes before
comparing them.
* imap/util.c: Fix last commit
* imap/util.c: Prioritize the entered IMAP folder delimiter. First
priority is the connection delimiter. Second priority is the user's
delimiter if it is in imap_delim_chars. We no longer use the first
character in imap_delim_chars.
2009-01-06 18:34 -0800 Vsevolod Volkov <> (4032dfd52118)
* po/ru.po: Updated Russian translation
2009-01-05 16:43 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (0d81ef9d40fd)
* build-release: Sign tagged revision, not the one after
* .hgsigs: mutt-1.5.19 signed
* .hgtags: Added tag mutt-1-5-19-rel for changeset a4b47ac32d32
* VERSION, po/bg.po, po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po,
po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/eu.po, po/fr.po,
po/ga.po, po/gl.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/ja.po,
po/ko.po, po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po,
po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_CN.po, po/zh_TW.po:
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.5.19
* build-release: Fall back to vi if VISUAL is unset in
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h: Report CREATE
* browser.c: Style fixes
* browser.c: Leave error message on screen if imap_mailbox_create
* doc/ Add pointer to the full manual to the front of mutt.1
2009-01-05 09:16 -0800 Petr Písař <> (990f1e841dd4)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation
2009-01-04 22:36 -0800 Vincent Lefevre <> (9af288ee9e91)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation
2009-01-04 18:32 -0800 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (e47d05dc2633)
* imap/util.c: Indentation fix
2009-01-04 18:12 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (1947c370fcd9)
* Remove obsolete make target
* doc/manual.xml.head: Update copyright in manual
2009-01-04 17:07 -0800 Vincent Lefevre <> (bbe8694acc33)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation
2009-01-04 17:04 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (d98ab9a591e5)
* pgpkey.c: Remove dead code. Thanks to Ingo Schwarze.
* COPYRIGHT: Update copyrights
* addrbook.c, ascii.h, attach.c, bcache.c, bcache.h, browser.c,
browser.h, charset.c, charset.h, commands.c, complete.c,
compose.c, crypt-gpgme.c, crypt.c, curs_main.c, dotlock.c,
editmsg.c, enter.c, functions.h, gnupgparse.c, handler.c,
hdrline.c, hook.c, init.h, lib.c, lib.h, menu.c, mh.c,
mutt_idna.c, mutt_idna.h, mutt_sasl.h, mutt_socket.c, muttlib.c,
mx.c, pager.c, pattern.c, pgp.c, pgp.h, pgpinvoke.c, pgpkey.c,
pgplib.c, pgplib.h, pgppacket.c, pgppubring.c, pop.c, postpone.c,
protos.h, query.c, recvattach.c, recvcmd.c, remailer.c, rfc1524.c,
rfc2047.c, rfc2231.c, rfc3676.h, send.c, setenv.c, status.c,
url.c: Update copyrights. Closes #3016. I went through the logs of
each file with a copyright header and updated the years for the
authors in the headers for any non-comment changes they
introduced. What a pain!
* imap/auth_anon.c, imap/auth_cram.c, imap/auth_login.c,
imap/auth_sasl.c, imap/browse.c, imap/imap.h, imap/message.h,
imap/utf7.c: IMAP copyright header updates
* imap/auth_gss.c, imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/message.c:
Updated copyrights
* smtp.c: SMTP: complain when authentication fails. Closes
#2117. Now each failed attempt emits an error before mutt tries
the next method. Possibly we should just fail immediately?
* parse.c, snprintf.c: Use ! instead of testing pointers against 0.
Closes #3125.
2009-01-04 20:12 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (33fa1ca4b6af)
* doc/gen-map-doc, init.h: Documentation: Minor fixes and
2009-01-03 21:02 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (5a80ee54a05f)
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, init.c, muttlib.c, postpone.c: Raise
debug level for several messages
* imap/auth_gss.c: Guard against unused variable warning. Thanks
to Ingo Schwarze.
* doc/ Remove obsolete reference to ChangeLog.old. Thanks
to Ingo Schwarze.
* imap/message.c: Ignore unexpected FETCH responses during
imap_read_headers. Thanks to Chris Li for the excellent bug report
in #3041. See #2902, #2935, #2985, #3028, #3041, #3143. With luck,
this may close them. In truth, imap_read_headers is still a horrible
kludge of duct tape and chicken wire.
* hash.c, hash.h: Make hash_string work in unsigned domain
* main.c: Another copyright update
* main.c, smtp.c: Update some copyrights
2009-01-02 23:13 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (87ef3e3550e4)
* smtp.c: SMTP: Use Hostname if Fqdn is bogus. Closes #3142.
* init.h: More tyops
* doc/manual.xml.head: Tyops
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Add SSL intermediate certificate support for
* mutt_ssl.c: Simplify intermediate certificate handling. Return
immediately if a certificate is interactively accepted. Display
index of current certificate in chain in menu title.
2009-01-02 12:46 -0800 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (5db868a874b6)
* globals.h, mutt_ssl.c: Add support for intermediate certificates to
openssl code. Gnutls support is not included in this patch.
2009-01-01 17:02 -0800 Marcel Telka <> (532f695b4352)
* smtp.c: SMTP: Require SP after AUTH response (strict RFC
conformance). Closes #3141.
2009-01-01 16:55 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (859009a507d8)
* smtp.c: SMTP: guard against short server responses
2008-12-30 00:58 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (ac870203179d)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add missing maps to bind command docs
* doc/TODO: Documentation: Update TODO
2008-12-26 14:36 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (4917897ac9b1)
* init.c: Ignore NULL/empty lines in rc parser, fixes mutt -e ''
2008-12-20 15:33 -0800 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (349986b1af09)
* po/ja.po: Updated Japanese translation.
2008-12-20 15:31 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (a715dca3610c)
* main.c: Cosmetics for mutt -v
2008-11-26 01:15 +0000 Peter Collingbourne <> (2fefd56f440c)
* sendlib.c: Disable line wrapping for Message-ID header
2008-12-16 20:19 -0800 Erik Hovland <> (f6ae8dc70850)
* imap/util.c: Remove unused #include directives
* crypt.c, curs_main.c, flags.c, group.c, hcache.c, mh.c, pager.c,
pgpmicalg.c, pgppacket.c, postpone.c, query.c, recvattach.c,
recvcmd.c, send.c: Remove unused #include directives
* sendlib.c: mutt_gen_msgid() allocates the msgid off of the heap.
Since mutt_gen_msgid() allocates the msgid string with strdup, it is
getting it off of the heap.
When the fprintf writes the msgid, the string is no longer tracked
and that string is leaked.
* parse.c: Match variable type to getch return type
* alias.c: Fix fread rc check
* hash.c: Remove redundant int clamping
* smime.c: Remove check that always succeeds
* pattern.c: fclose correct fp
* rfc822.c: buflen cannot be 0 here
2008-12-16 12:36 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (bbf4dfc2aa41)
* ChangeLog.old, Remove ChangeLog.old
* imap/ Remove imap/BUGS from
2008-12-15 23:45 -0800 Erik Hovland <> (adaf24e4117d)
* mh.c: Fix bad parentheses in stat rc
* bcache.c: snprintf returns int, not size_t
* muttlib.c: Always va_end(ap_retry) in mutt_buffer_printf
2008-12-15 23:11 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (101a8bcba613)
* imap/BUGS: imap/BUGS is superseded by the BTS
2008-12-10 20:00 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (817e5987633b)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix typos found by by Vincent Lefevre,
see #3109.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: trim into chapter, add notes about
* doc/mutt.css: Make mutt.css apply for all media types
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/mutt.css: Manual: Wrap important notes
in <note/>
* doc/, doc/chunk.xsl, doc/html.xsl, doc/mutt.xsl: Move
common XSLT params to mutt.xsl imported into (chunk|html).xsl
* doc/gen-map-doc, doc/makedoc.c, doc/manual.xml.head,
doc/manual.xml.tail, init.h: Manual: Only wrap real text
paragraphs in <para/>
Elements such as lists, tables, synopsis don't need it and produce
hundreds of warnings in tidy because of empty paragraphs.
With this change, the manual should be fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional
and validate without warnings and errors.
* hg-commit: hg-commit: Work even in subdirectories
* doc/chunk.xsl, doc/html.xsl: Manual: Use right XSLT-way to embed
CSS to avoid invalid xmlns="" attributes on <style/>
* doc/devel-notes.txt: devel-notes.txt: add some words about preparing
& contributing patches
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add section about typographical
conventions, see #3109.
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/mutt.css: Manual: Wrap important examples
in <example/>
2008-12-06 15:06 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (e13e903af3bf)
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/mutt.css: Manual: Fixup configuration
command synopsis and switch to <cmdsynopsis/>
* doc/makedoc.c: makedoc: use <quote/> and <literal/> in string
default values
The goal is to improve readability of settings where spaces are
* doc/, doc/chunk.xsl, doc/html.xsl, doc/mutt.css:
Manual: Add simple and clean stylesheet, see #3109.
2008-12-02 16:10 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (3a8e5756613c)
* init.c: Include mutt_menu.h in init.c for mutt_menu_init() prototype
2008-12-01 21:27 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (1e8252a9e92f)
* ChangeLog, charset.c, history.c, init.c, init.h, pattern.c: Fix some
typos to silence compiler warnings
2008-11-30 20:28 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (cb251bde7fc1)
* addrbook.c, browser.c, compose.c, crypt-gpgme.c, curs_main.c,
init.c, menu.c, mutt_menu.h, mutt_ssl.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c, pager.c,
pgpkey.c, postpone.c, query.c, recvattach.c, remailer.c, smime.c:
Manage last search pattern outside of menu lifecycle
Previously, the pattern was thrown away during menu destruction. For
the next search, mutt then can't provide a good suggestion. The new
behaviour is to manage the pattern outside the lifecyle to always
provide the last pattern as suggestion.
* query.c: Start numbering query results with 1 instead of 0
2008-11-24 11:44 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (fd555f9fcb03)
* doc/manual.xml.tail, main.c: Belatedtly acknowledge Rocco's
significant contributions to mutt
2008-11-24 12:41 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (dc62594cc9e9)
* doc/ Manual: Fix lynx call for html to text
conversion, strip \001 when dumping with elinks
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix/Improve quoting
* hg-commit: hg-commit: Exit if manual validation fails
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/ Documentation:
Consistently use "backtick" for `
* doc/, doc/manual.xml.head, doc/
Manual: Add 'spellcheck' target for aspell and fix typos (closes
2008-11-23 18:46 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (82b4664129cd)
* doc/ Complete e1304a641938 commit
* doc/, doc/db-cleanup.xsl: Manual: Convert manual.html
to manual.txt under C locale
This ensures manual.txt is always pure ASCII and removes the
horrible XSLT-based and incomplete hack.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix wording for simple search
2008-11-22 18:09 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (0837f7b13990)
* po/de.po: Fix German translation for what-key
* UPDATING, functions.h, keymap.c, pager.c: Make what-key function
available in pager-based menus, too
2008-11-21 11:34 -0800 Petr Písař <> (870b7dfb89ef)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
2008-11-21 11:19 -0800 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (34315aab7401)
* ChangeLog, mbyte.c: Initialize mbstate in mutt_filter_unprintable.
Closes #3134
2008-11-16 21:01 -0800 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (8199185fa595)
* snprintf.c: Add support for %ll to the bundled snprintf
*, doc/makedoc-defs.h: Add --disable-full-doc flag to
only build documentation for enabled features
2008-11-15 20:24 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (8087be7178cd)
* Use with_tokyocabinet exclusively (with_tc is
undefined). Closes #3131.
2008-11-15 19:51 -0800 Alexey I. Froloff <> (af87aa1846be)
* md5.c, md5.h: md5.h, md5.c: updated to latest version from gnulib.
Buggy old md5.h causes problems with gcc 4.3 compiler. In md5.h
__attribute__ is #define'd to no-op and causes mutt_md5 to enter
inifinite loop while calling memcpy().
2008-11-15 19:36 -0800 Gary Johnson <> (01e4deee6827)
* curs_lib.c, mutt_socket.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c, smtp.c: Suppress
several progress messages in batch mode
2008-11-11 11:41 -0800 Kyle Wheeler <> (53ffd34f4de3)
* smtp.c: Use envfrom instead of recomputing it in mutt_smtp_send.
2008-10-29 20:49 -0700 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (c2439fc68cd6)
* pager.c: Restart pager search from top if called twice. Do not
loop infinitely. Closes #3127.
2008-10-30 01:02 +0100 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (6c58b678d360)
* account.c: Remove unused variable in mutt_account_match and fix
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.h, imap/util.c: Add imap_account_match
wrapper over mutt_account_match that canonicalizes accounts with
imap_conn_find so that username comparison always work as expected.
2008-10-28 22:20 +0000 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (caa738600644)
* enter.c, group.c, handler.c, init.c, lib.c, menu.c, mh.c,
mutt_idna.c, mutt_ssl.c, mx.c, parse.c, recvattach.c, rfc822.c,
signal.c, sort.c, thread.c: Make some functions static.
2008-10-20 11:50 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (5ea9f336dd60)
* imap/util.c: Accidentally dropped from d4a9c0a68f2b prior to commit
* imap/imap.c, imap/message.c: Hack around INBOX.INBOX breakage
from [5d1cc2f0c1c4]
2008-10-20 18:00 +0100 Vincent Lefevre <> (11d2c6712c88)
* pattern.c: Make eat_regexp static.
2008-10-20 09:55 -0700 Kyle Wheeler <> (361b298c9fe2)
* imap/util.c: Fix #3129
2008-10-20 09:48 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f119005f8169)
* imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h: Call imap_free_idata instead of
freeing directly in imap_logout
* imap/browse.c: Fix memory leak in imap_mailbox_state
2008-10-19 16:26 -0700 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (e1fc907b2968)
* imap/browse.c: Fix up destination path when renaming mailbox. Closes
2008-10-19 16:14 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (5d1cc2f0c1c4)
* imap/util.c: Normalize path component of IMAP URLs in
imap_expand_path (see #2897).
* mutt_socket.c: Fix buglet in logging from previous commit
* mutt_socket.c: Handle short writes in mutt_socket_write_d. See
#3000. Apparently even blocking I/O with signals masked can
sometimes return early. Based on a patch by Patrick Welche.
2008-10-19 15:14 +0200 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (2f04a811db3f)
* pattern.c, sendlib.c: Remove unused functions.
* curs_main.c, init.c, pattern.c, score.c: Make some variables static.
* Fix logic in [13a831a945be].
2008-10-07 19:22 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (10a1f06bc8aa)
*,, mutt_idna.c, mutt_idna.h: Clean up with
/without-idn handling
2008-10-07 15:58 -0700 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (cd3bd3858c6c)
* mutt_socket.c: Minor simplification in mutt_socket_readln_d
2008-10-07 15:27 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (d13106731007)
* mutt_idna.c, mutt_idna.h: Build no-op versions of new IDN functions
if IDN is unavailable. Closes #3122, #3123.
2008-10-01 09:33 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (13a831a945be)
* Clean up autoconf header cache engine selection.
Any explicit --with-$engine will force that engine to be used or
make configure fail if the engine is unavailable.
2008-09-29 14:31 -0700 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (ec96c56be182)
* mutt_socket.c: Simplify host resolution code slightly.
2008-09-26 08:55 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (9e569296190b)
* UPDATING, doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Mention tokyocabinet in
UPDATING and docs
2008-09-25 15:07 -0700 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (2050b44407bf)
*, hcache.c, init.h, mutt.h: Support tokyocabinet
(successor to qdbm). Closes #3112
2008-09-24 15:58 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (2c8bf79d99b7)
* ChangeLog, pager.c: Fix compiler warning in dprint() (closes #3120)
2008-09-24 15:53 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c842922bea10)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix typo
* mbyte.c: Provide legacy implementations for iswalpha() and
In mbyte.h and without using wc functions, only the prototypes were
defined but implementations were missing resulting in build errors.
These new functions are derived from the iswalnum() and towupper()
routines which don't provide full unicode coverage.
* imap/imap.c: Fix an infinite loop for imap searches
Reported by Emanuele Giaquinta on #mutt.
2008-09-18 08:28 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (ffefb446142c)
* alias.c, init.c, muttlib.c, protos.h: Fix compiler warnings
2008-09-17 22:27 +0200 Thomas Roessler <> (77e25415a08a)
* alias.c, globals.h, init.c, mutt_idna.c, muttlib.c, rfc822.h,
sort.c: sorting efficiency
2008-09-16 17:20 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (1cb0a127eb3d)
* UPDATING: UPDATING: $move now defaults to "no"
2008-09-11 09:28 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (1a6842983357)
* ChangeLog, keymap.c: Fix IMAP keepalive if $imap_keepalive >=
2008-09-01 18:23 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (17adea9cdff6)
* UPDATING: Add note about locale-safe hcaches to UPDATING as it's a
user-visible change
2008-08-31 23:36 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (b6d07a662c7f)
* ChangeLog, init.h, pager.c: Fix pager to respect $wrap_search
2008-08-31 23:28 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f4b10e6b415c)
* doc/chunk.xsl, doc/html.xsl: Backout [e5610347fb3f] for further
2008-08-31 21:13 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (581037c15012)
* init.h: Manual: Fix trailing \ for $preconnect
2008-08-31 21:12 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (6d80c3d5b7aa)
* doc/makedoc.c: makedoc: Fix fall-through in [c11ce7feaa3e]
2008-08-31 20:56 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (03d1344f7ea2)
* doc/gen-map-doc: Manual: Harmonize generated function mappings with
the rest of the manual. This includes named keys such as "<Return>",
attempts to use CamelCase and leaves the key column for unbound
functions empty so they're visually easier to spot.
2008-08-31 20:12 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (937c3976df5a)
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Manual: Many content+markup
improvements for option documentation
2008-08-31 19:30 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (df555876d480)
* doc/makedoc.c: makedoc: Also replace | and ^ by entities in XML
2008-08-31 18:25 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c11ce7feaa3e)
* doc/makedoc.c: makedoc: Escape <>& in <screen/> environments
2008-08-31 15:27 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (4cc92c30543b)
* doc/makedoc.c, doc/manual.xml.head, doc/manual.xml.tail, init.h:
Manual: Use <quote/> quoting for DocBook rather than ``''. All
quotes characters are now rendered to Unicode quote chars in the
HTML output (as <xref/> does, too) but still " for manual.txt.
2008-08-31 14:31 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (e5610347fb3f)
* doc/chunk.xsl, doc/html.xsl: Manual: Limit toc section depth to 1
This only lists sect1 items and prevents variables from being shown
making it unusable.
2008-08-31 14:25 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (15a831b84d46)
* doc/manual.xml.tail: Manual: use itemizedlist for acknowledgements
DocBook XSL renders simplelist to a html table which is
2008-08-30 20:21 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (c2af57b1e7ee)
* ChangeLog, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Make gnutls read function more robust
against interruptions. Signals should be masked off anyway, but see
2008-08-30 23:19 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (996e4e2d2855)
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Manual: use $variable syntax, only
quote non-variable links
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Various fixes+improvements in chapters
* doc/gen-map-doc, doc/makedoc.c, doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Manual:
Layout functions as <function-name>, s/ESC/Esc/ for consistency
* doc/devel-notes.txt, doc/makedoc.c: makedoc: Add support for
monospace fonts with \fC...\fP
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: trim trailing whitespace
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix processing warnings by manually
assigning missing id attributes
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add a section on mutt core concepts as
2008-08-30 19:59 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (12a6de725483)
* curs_lib.c, enter.c, flags.c, keymap.c, menu.c: Rework timeout
handling to support keepalive in the line editor. Also allow
keepalives of less than $timeout without returning before $timeout,
so people who don't want to be notified of new mail don't have to
2008-08-29 23:10 -0700 Rado Smiljanic <> (4f67fc336986)
* curs_main.c, keymap.c, menu.c, pager.c: Make curses timeout the
minimum of $timeout and $imap_keepalive. Do keepalive in km_dokey
instead of directly in menu. Closes #2747.
2008-08-29 22:40 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (e37ae3f79ec0)
* imap/imap_private.h: Dead code
* imap/imap.c: Remove redundant code
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c:
Use sorted headers in imap_exec_msgset. Fixes [e68f79fef249]. Closes
#3000 again.
2008-08-29 10:23 +0200 YONETANI Tomokazu <> (78aab353e217)
* buffy.c: Only consider empty files non-existent for buffy's
According to SUS, the st_size member of struct stat is undefined for
directories. In case a system reports 0, the newly_created flag will
be set for a directory and the magic will be cleared.
If the folder type is cleared, mutt won't check the folder for new
mail and thus will ignore MH and Maildir type folders on such a fs
completely (e.g. the HAMMER fs on DragonFly BSD).
2008-08-28 11:19 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (1d94905ad00b)
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c:
The msgset changes seem buggy. Reverting pending further testing.
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c:
Split long IMAP commands for the benefit of lazy servers (closes
#3000). Also touches lots of old, hairy code. Likely to wake
sleeping dogs.
2008-08-26 23:09 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (2731e5174c5a)
* imap/util.c, mutt_sasl.c, mutt_ssl.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c:
Properly set the SASL external auth name when using SSL client
certs. Also zero out the account structure before filling it with
available data. Client certificates + SASL EXTERNAL were only
working by luck.
* imap/imap.c: Remove leftover IMAP IDLE handling from before
2008-08-25 00:52 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (36aa1130091a)
* UPDATING, globals.h, imap/command.c, imap/imap.c,
imap/imap_private.h, imap/util.c, init.c, init.h: Introduce
$imap_pipeline_depth. This lets users control the number of
commands that mutt will queue up before sending them to the
server. Setting this to 0 disables pipelining, which should close
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c:
Rework IMAP command queueing to allow pipelining to be disabled.
IDLE handling has been better abstracted, and there are fewer entry
points to the IMAP command issuing machinery. Any commands that are
simply queued may be executed whenever the pipeline fills, instead
of requiring explicit handling in the caller.
Tested on my Cyrus server, but I wouldn't be surprise if this causes
new problems.
2008-08-24 20:01 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (045c5942e1ad)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix DTD validation error and
message header display section
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix typo
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix style and typos. Noted by
Vincent Lefevre, see #3109.
2008-08-23 15:25 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (1f9849496bc2)
* main.c: Whitespace cleanup
* main.c: Fix infinite loop with "mutt -", introduced in
[31c9e9727d42]. Treats - as a non-option argument. It would be
reasonable to treat it as an error instead.
2008-08-19 16:44 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (31c9e9727d42)
* main.c: Handle -- correctly with or without -a, closes #3097
Prefix optstring with "+" to force POSIX behavior on GNU getopt, and
thereby prevent reordering argv. This allows us to correctly handle
mixed addresses, attachments, options and the double-dash to signal
Signed-off-by: Aron Griffis <>
2008-08-22 17:49 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (6fd1fa2d98bc)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: fix/improve markup/content, see
2008-08-21 10:42 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (15d93fe50e62)
* init.h: Clarify documentation for $config_charset. Closes #2021.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Improve color/mono command synopsis.
Closes #2630.
* init.h: Better document the effect of $thorough_search being unset.
Closes #3104.
* mutt_ssl.c: Port certificate host checking from msmtp to
mutt. It supports IDN, wildcards and extracting the hostname from
subject alternative field as well as common name which should be
the same gnutls supports. Closes #3087.
2008-08-19 13:17 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (573d1aab3c89)
* init.c: Silence an incorrect uninitialized variable warning.
* init.h: Better documentation for how quote_regexp determines
quote level. Closes #1463.
2008-08-19 09:39 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (3e850c6e43fd)
* handler.c, mutt.h: Make text/enriched handler multibyte aware.
Closes #3033.
2008-08-18 13:08 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (95a11c7f677d)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2008-08-18 10:24 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (51bd7a47d552)
* pager.c: Ignore zero width characters U+200B/U+FEFF which may garble
the display. Closes #3061, #3048.
* charset.c, charset.h, init.c: Validate charset names for all
charset options. Validation is either done against mutt's table of
IANA assigned names or local iconv implementation (based on the
assumption that iconv_open(charset,charset) fails if charset is
unknown to the implementation). Closes #1668.
2008-08-15 11:53 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (ff3fbb6a92a8)
* mutt_sasl.c: Fix type-punning warning in sasl_getprop usage
* parse.c: Fix a couple of compiler warnings introduced in
[00ce81d778bf]. Make the style of mutt_parse_references more
pleasing to me.
2008-07-10 09:38 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (d3ee9644765f)
* copy.c: Fix three bugs handling flags in mutt_copy_header
1. mutt_copy_header incorrectly tests CH_UPDATE to determine whether
to write the In-Reply-To and References headers. CH_UPDATE
refers only to Status: and X-Status:
2. mutt_copy_header ignores CH_NOSTATUS which is supposed to
indicate that the mailbox type doesn't use those headers.
3. mutt_copy_header tests h->env->irt_changed and
h->env->refs_changed when it should be testing CH_UPDATE_IRT and
CH_UPDATE_REFS, respectively. Early in the function this
if (h->env) flags |= (h->env->irt_changed ? CH_UPDATE_IRT
: 0) | (h->env->refs_changed ? CH_UPDATE_REFS : 0);
This means that for most callers, the result is the same, but
mutt_copy_header should be testing the flags because the caller
might have set them explicitly without setting
* parse.c, protos.h, send.c: Unify parser for message-ids
Rewrite mutt_extract_message_id and change mutt_parse_references to
us it. The parser in mutt_extract_message_id is looser than the old
one in mutt_parse_references; it just looks for <[^\s>]+> and
doesn't worry about @-signs. Additionally it doesn't use strtok, so
the input string can be const.
Closes #3090, #1935, #1116 (both the stated bug and the conversation
2008-08-11 16:42 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (508ffc26dad2)
* alias.c, doc/manual.xml.head, init.c: Prefer "backtick" over
"backtic" on comments and docs as it's more common, closes #3101.
2008-07-27 10:48 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (3f595d14a285)
* doc/manual.xml.head: doc: semi-colon needs quoting too
If semi-colon is bound or macro'd, it needs to be quoted like space,
otherwise mutt thinks it's separating commands.
Signed-off-by: Aron Griffis <>
2008-07-21 10:24 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (96b0dd25a550)
* copy.h, mutt.h: noop cleanup: move mutt_copy_header flags to copy.h
Noticed while reading that these flags are better defined in copy.h
than mutt.h. Builds without warnings.
Signed-off-by: Aron Griffis <>
2008-07-24 16:19 -0400 Brendan Cully <> (0e2f9189a1dd)
* m4/codeset.m4, m4/iconv.m4: Fix m4 serial numbers to avoid
aclocal 1.10 warnings
2008-07-21 11:42 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (7e6d98886cce)
* doc/makedoc.c: makedoc: Add ".ie" and ".il" to support itemized
Some settings docs use verbatim screen environments to print lists
while support for real lists will make it look nicer: for docbook
use <itemizedlist/>, \(hy for roff and '-' for text.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Document that account-hook is intended for
connection-related settings only
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Use tables for message flags as it's
more compact
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: minor formatting tweaks
* alias.c, init.h: Encode lines written to $alias_file in
$config_charset if set. Closes #3095
2008-07-10 09:38 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (7729b1ad530c)
* copy.c, protos.h, sendlib.c: Unify mutt_write_references
copy.c and sendlib.c have independent and different implementations
of writing references to a file. Choose the one in sendlib since
it's conservative with mallocs and supports trimming the list.
Signed-off-by: Aron Griffis <>
* copy.c: Clean up error handling in mutt_copy_header
mutt_copy_header unnecessarily tests the result of each fputc/fputs
(well, most of them anyway, it's not consistent). This obfuscates
the code and hides bugs. Remove these extraneous checks since
ferror/feof are checked at the bottom of the function, and get rid
of all the early returns.
Signed-off-by: Aron Griffis <>
2008-07-17 19:48 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (f135d64e0082)
* query.c: Cleanup unused vars changeset ba0d96408425 didn't
2008-07-11 11:34 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (cc67b008038c)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Mention that @ can be used in usernames in URLs
* charset.c: Allow UTF-8 charset to be misspelled as "utf8"
* mutt_ssl.c: Verify hostname in (Open)SSL certificate validation
This is based on the patch by gkloepfer attached to #3087 but passes
the proper connection as argument (avoiding adding hostname to
struct sslsockdata) and validates the hostname even in case OpenSSL
cannot find the local issuer certificate. GnuTLS already supports
hostname checking. Closes #3087.
2008-07-10 22:02 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (b9ac445b035b)
* hcache.c: Prevent some pointers of 'struct body' being saved to
This addresses the hcache safety issue but maybe doesn't fix it
completely, see #2942. This also prevents mutt from crashing when
using a hcache that was synced when syncing the mailbox (updating
changed and fully-parsed messages).
2008-07-10 21:46 +0200 Aron Griffis <> (6244eefaea64)
* headers.c: Remove completely wrong comment regarding in-reply-to and
references fix one other comment and some whitespace.
2008-07-09 09:14 +0000 Rocco Rutte <> (2a9e9c487bad)
* doc/, main.c: Document redirection to trigger batch send
mode in mutt(1) and mutt -h. Closes #2070.
2008-07-04 09:09 +0200 Ralf Wildenhues <> (74b54f11c919)
* protos.h: Fix syntax error for strtok_r compatitility prototype
2008-07-02 18:26 +0200 Vladimir Marek <Vladimir.Marek@Sun.COM> (f72fce68ca19)
* lib.c: Use stat() instead of dirent->d_type to test for
directory. Closes #3089.
2008-07-02 18:23 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (7783502a04c7)
* curs_main.c: Calculate menu->max after a possible resort in index
(maybe changing number of messages). Closes #3088.
* curs_lib.c: Fix casts for progress update to prevent -ftrapv
aborts to trigger. Closes #3018.
2008-07-02 08:56 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (c51c16db46cc)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Only make LC_MESSAGES conditional on NLS in GPGME
locale support.
2008-07-02 11:19 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (8b783c916893)
* browser.c, buffy.c, commands.c, compose.c, curs_main.c, enter.c,
headers.c, hook.c, imap/imap.c, init.c, mbox.c, muttlib.c,
postpone.c, protos.h, recvattach.c, send.c, status.c: Use
realpath() in mutt_pretty_mailbox() for paths that may need
it. This requires to add the buffer size as parameter since the
result may be longer than the original but still fit in the
buffer. Closes #2948.
* hash.c: Use casts to avoid triggering integer overflow detection in
hash function
2008-07-01 20:06 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (fb0df4ae0836)
* ChangeLog, curs_lib.c: Clamp timeval math to unsigned int to match
progress timestamps. This is fine since only relative differences
matter. Closes #3018.
2008-07-01 18:29 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f9af0501d2dd)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Set GPGME locale on first attempt to create context.
Closes #2913.
* crypt-gpgme.c, crypt-gpgme.h, crypt-mod-pgp-gpgme.c: Stub in a
gpgme version of extract-keys. It doesn't currently work right
because apparently while gpg on the command line can parse a whole
message, we'll have to do it for gpgme. I really wonder about the
'ME' part of GPGME sometimes.
* crypt-gpgme.c, lib.c, lib.h: Support displaying application/pgp-keys
with GPGME. This was pretty convoluted because GPGME provides no way
to examine a key block without importing it. This code creates a
temporary GPG home in which to import the key in order to display
* crypt-gpgme.c, handler.c, pgp.c: Handle DONTHANDLEPGPKEYS in
handler instead of crypto modules. This lets gpgme and classic pgp
share a bit of logic, and unbreaks key extraction at least for
classic PGP.
* copy.c: Bail out of copy if decryption is requested but the desired
engine is missing. This closes #2684, but handling of mixed crypto
in a single message needs more investigation.
2008-07-01 01:10 -0700 rtc <> (49fe0292b503)
* copy.c: When deleting attachments, always print newline
separating header from body. Closes #3085.
2008-06-29 01:09 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (677e7712d735)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Improve gpgme SMIME uid display: align each line by
the length of the first.
* crypt-gpgme.c: Show more information about problematic SMIME
signatures under gpgme. Also warn if the key is not known to be
good. For some reason expired keys in my environment are not
flagged as expired in sig->status or sig->summary.
2008-06-28 20:33 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (1492c24f2a4e)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Extract CN from client certificate in gnutls.
Nothing currently uses it, but I suspect we should be using it as
the external auth name in mutt_sasl_client_new.
* UPDATING, globals.h, init.h, mutt_sasl.c, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c:
Basic support for $ssl_client_cert when compiled with
gnutls. The key must not be encrypted. Closes #2911.
2008-06-27 12:04 -0700 Petr Písař <> (40c6e851bf76)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
2008-06-26 12:52 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (c5256c65eedb)
* handler.c: Mark new error message for translation.
* curs_lib.c: Force a resize event after calling an external editor.
Closes #2207
* lib.c, lib.h, mh.c: fflush before fsync and close. Closes #2962
* mh.c: fsync maildir/mh messages on commit. Closes #2962.
2008-06-25 23:40 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (32374c911c6c)
* smime.c: Check S/MIME signing ID exists before attempting to use
it. Closes #3069. Also make (s)ign automatically ask for a key if
no default is defined.
* init.h: Make $move default to no instead of ask-no. Closes #2945.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Document difference between index and pager
search. Closes #2886.
* commands.c, copy.c, crypt-gpgme.c, handler.c, mbox.c, pgp.c: Make
mutt_copy_message distinguish between fatal and non-fatal errors.
Non-fatal errors should prevent moving messages, since they indicate
data loss. But mutt should still attempt to display them, since
being able to see some attachments is better than nothing. Also stop
printing out non-PGP material in application/pgp attachments. Closes
#2545, #2912.
2008-06-24 23:12 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f5fe657f0633)
* handler.c: Make multipart decoding a little more
forgiving. First, ignore bad content-transfer-encoding in
multipart sections. Second, if an attachment fails to decode,
print a warning and continue instead of giving up on the entire
1970-01-01 00:00 +0000 Brendan Cully <> (a2e8f6fab8d3)
* smtp.c: Test that envelope from or from is set before attempting
SMTP delivery. Closes #3079.
2008-06-14 18:23 -0700 Christoph Berg <> (4b790909a037)
* doc/ Document that From_ lines use asctime-style dates,
not RFC2822 dates. Closes #3077.
2008-06-11 22:45 -0700 Alexey I. Froloff <> (1e8ca708a52f)
* attach.c: Do not attempt to close invalid descriptors. Closes #3075
2008-06-05 13:06 +0200 Vladimir Marek <Vladimir.Marek@Sun.COM> (5ab92dd44ce2)
* alias.c: Wrap Fqdn in NONULL() to prevent crash with -d5 if Fqdn
2008-06-02 09:45 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d6d04a7f5aea)
* init.c: Allow for printing variable values longer than 256
* rfc822.c: Allow for mail addresses longer than 256
characters (closes #3066).
2008-05-30 16:14 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (2f59be26ad22)
* protos.h: Define prototypes for compatibility functions in protos.h
to silence compiler warnings
2008-05-29 14:18 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (bf74c85070c4)
* menu.c: Respect $wrap_search in generic menu search (e.g. for
* doc/ Only install mutt_dotlock(1) if binary is
installed, too (closes #1601).
2008-05-28 22:22 -0700 Paul Walker <> (f4259a92dab6)
* doc/Muttrc.head: Make default muttrc header weeding
tidier. Closes #286.
2008-05-23 01:40 -0400 Todd Zullinger <> (73a180edce53)
* pgp.c: Call mutt_need_hard_redraw() in pgp_decrypt_part().
This change ensures that the screen is redrawn when using gpg-agent.
Without this, mutt's navigation keybindings are lost after pinentry
curses prompts for a passphrase to descrypt a message.
2008-05-28 22:16 -0700 Moritz Schulte <> (7fd74c40eced)
* curs_lib.c: Make sure that the redrawing/reinitializing is done
always, not only when the environment variable DISPLAY is not set.
2008-05-28 22:05 -0700 Vladimir Marek <Vladimir.Marek@Sun.COM> (9d0509641865)
*, m4/iconv.m4: Cosmetic fix to configure
--help. Closes #3060.
2008-05-28 21:44 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (7b8ef3b8ff5a)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation
2008-05-23 18:39 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (8a3a037ec6b3)
* UPDATING: UPDATING: fix 1.5.18 line as noted by Kyle Wheeler
2008-05-22 20:22 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (96a01436f88b)
* imap/command.c: Escape LSUB mailbox names given to
mutt_parse_rc_line. Handle literals in STATUS responses for Notes
2008-05-22 17:01 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (d612ef757ee9)
*, m4/types.m4: Use C99 macros "PRId64"/"PRId32" to
format file sizes/offsets if available. This fixes warning about
mismatching int argument sizes on amd64.
* init.h: Document that $check_mbox_size should be set before
mailboxes commands
* UPDATING: Mention requirement to encode X-Label: headers in
2008-05-21 23:20 -0700 Rocco Rutte <> (bba92e401440)
* imap/browse.c: Guard idata->mailbox read in imap_mailbox_state.
Closes #3057.
2008-05-21 22:59 -0700 Piarres Beobide Egaña <> (51c494a2e735)
* po/eu.po: Updated Basque translation.
2008-05-21 22:55 -0700 René Clerc <> (e95a579cf5e4)
* po/nl.po: Updated Dutch translation
2008-05-21 20:36 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (1bdb7a7c3c8f)
* buffy.c, buffy.h: Fix new mail detection for >2 GB mboxes with
$check_mbox_size set
* mbox.c, sendlib.c: Use ftello() instead of ftell() in more places
that need it (fixes progress updates for >2 GB mbox files)
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Improve documentation for handling
multiple folders and new mail detection
2008-05-20 17:08 +0200 Paul Walker <> (a4d423798321)
* parse.c: Fix more compiler warnings on amd64 by use of %p instead of
2008-05-19 09:52 -0700 Ivan Vilata i Balaguer <> (38319cd7d832)
* po/ca.po: Updated Catalan translation
2008-05-19 18:49 +0200 Vladimir Marek <Vladimir.Marek@Sun.COM> (8ac4b70221ee)
* Unbreak build with included gettext by explicitly
removing libs for mutt_md5
2008-05-19 11:14 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (85654735d27e)
* UPDATING: Mention mime_lookup change in UPDATING
2008-05-19 10:59 +0200 Paul Walker <> (d3fd07d0016c)
* init.c: Use %p instead of %x to debug-print pointers (fixes warnings
on 64bit platforms)
2008-05-19 10:56 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (771276a3bace)
* hcversion.h depends on new mutt_md5 tool
2008-05-18 12:42 -0700 Roland Rosenfeld <> (4ef0fc2f8378)
* po/de.po: Updated German translation
2008-05-17 19:31 -0700 Andreas <Andreas Jobs> (aaeee8f868c4)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Fix GPGME S/MIME micalg generation, broken
in [e6f958b093b6]. Closes #2994.
2008-05-17 18:34 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f9545d5ec15f)
* doc/Muttrc.head: Add 'mime_lookup application/octet-stream' to the
distributed Muttrc. Closes #2984.
* .hgignore,,,,
md5.c: Build local md5 tool for Closes #3025.
2008-05-17 12:39 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (692b7c063bf1)
* .hgsigs: mutt-1.5.18 signed
* .hgtags: Added tag mutt-1-5-18-rel for changeset ff9e4d0464b1
* ChangeLog, VERSION, po/bg.po, po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po,
po/de.po, po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/eu.po,
po/fr.po, po/ga.po, po/gl.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po,
po/ja.po, po/ko.po, po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po,
po/ru.po, po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_CN.po,
po/zh_TW.po: automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.5.18
* imap/browse.c: Use context to get IMAP new message count in mailbox
browser if possible.
2008-05-17 11:08 -0700 Rocco Rutte <> (b341d157ae72)
*, hcache.c, When necessary, convert
strings to utf-8 in the header cache. If iconv is unavailable,
include the charset in effect as part of the cache file
name. Closes #3023.
2008-05-16 09:24 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (001d6be61905)
* Glob paths derived from mutt -Q output in Patch by Fabrice Bellet and Miroslav Lichvar (closes
2008-05-15 17:29 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (132474d6dd3b)
* alias.c, protos.h: Make mutt_check_alias_name()
multibyte-aware (closes #2403).
* doc/manual.xml.head: Document exact address in the manual (closes
2008-05-14 16:23 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (7f4711b9b61f)
* alias.c: Ensure alias file ends with \n before appending new
aliases. Closes #1580.
2008-05-14 15:19 +0200 Samuel Tardieu <> (5518355bc6da)
* curs_main.c: Always update status bar after sorting method changes
(closes #2120).
2008-05-12 23:15 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (97aa20438c47)
* imap/imap.c: Terminate open IMAP message sets at end of mailbox
even if the last message is inactive. Closes #3002.
2008-05-11 10:52 +0200 Matthias Andree <> (09b0363cdf54)
* rfc3676.c: In debug output, cast size_t arguments to long for
consistency with printf %ld argument.
2008-05-11 00:50 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (98c39c5187a9)
* main.c: Update copyright in -vv output. Closes #3042.
2008-05-07 11:54 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (385efdbf9423)
* mutt_sasl.c, mutt_sasl.h: Make SASL support conn_poll method.
Make SASL IP lookup failure non-fatal. Both are for tunnel support.
2008-05-05 19:32 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (0eacf5297484)
* mbyte.c, mbyte.h: Fix some compiler warnings if compiling without
system wide character functions
* mbyte.c, protos.h, utf8.c: Pass buffer size to mutt_wctoutf8()
to prevent crashes if MB_LEN_MAX<6 as pointed out by exg on #mutt.
2008-04-29 10:44 -0700 David Champion <> (1de934f1d618)
* muttlib.c: [9414b9dd36db] broke softfill. (closes #3035)
2008-04-29 10:38 -0700 Wilfried Goesgens <> (8017c8074f62)
* imap/auth_gss.c: Print GSSAPI status messages to debug log on
2008-04-03 17:08 +0200 Miroslav Lichvar <> (bdd44e92919d)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Fix sending long commands when using gnutls.
2008-04-09 15:57 -0700 Dan Fandrich <> (3b7b3c0e459e)
*, strtok_r.c: Replace strtok_r when it's not
available. The implementation comes from glibc 2.6.1 (like the
strsep replacement) and uses the same autoconf hooks.
2008-04-09 18:13 +0200 Christian Ebert <> (ae90c8e8ea4d)
* doc/manual.xml.head: manual.xml.head: grammar correction
2008-03-11 17:20 -0700 N.J. Mann <> (e3bc99a4a6bd)
* mbox.c, mh.c, pop.c: Respect ctx->quiet when initializing
progress bar.
2008-03-09 14:01 -0700 Sébastien Hinderer <> (c4212a17fad6)
* compose.c, mx.c: Remove pointless NULL checks against
arrays. This silences a warning on newer GCCs.
2008-03-04 22:00 -0800 Petr Písař <> (fdad7b9fa741)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation
2008-03-02 21:45 -0800 Vincent Lefevre <> (9a7d802004d3)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2008-02-27 14:45 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (553ae136f20e)
* COPYRIGHT, main.c: Update copyright years in 'mutt -v' output and
2008-02-27 13:27 +0100 Anders Helmersson <> (d2eb082fd872)
* curs_lib.c: Fix progress updates for large messages. Closes #3029.
2008-02-27 09:30 +0100 N.J. Mann <> (eb4e214c8ced)
* status.c: Cleanup status_format_str()
2008-02-20 12:02 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (9414b9dd36db)
* muttlib.c: Fix truncation logic for soft-padding (Closes #3035).
2008-01-29 21:06 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (fd741c1922f3)
* hg-commit: Fix typo in hg-commit
2008-01-29 21:05 -0800 Benno Schulenberg <> (95807c4b824f)
* po/nl.po: Improvements to the Dutch translation
2008-01-17 17:32 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (039d939d8c3e)
* browser.h: Use 'unsigned int' for file browser state to browse huge
dirs (closes #3017).
2008-01-15 17:46 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (6e6e6c4bee59)
* recvattach.c: Fix logic error in b3cde588fe9a commit
2008-01-15 17:34 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (b3cde588fe9a)
* recvattach.c: Prepend './' to (some) suggested filenames when saving
attachments. Attachment filenames may start with characters that are
special to mutt_expand_path() may cause undesired expansion. Closes
* mh.c: Make maildir_delayed_parsing() more readable
* init.h: Mention that References: and Date: cannot be
changed in editor (closes #1234).
* UPDATING, globals.h, init.h, query.c: Make formatting of query menu
configurable via $query_format (closes #170).
* init.h: Link $timeout from $mail_check, see Debian #385456.
2008-01-14 23:00 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (130aa0517251)
* mh.c: Fix typo of in dae38f5ab2a5 commit
2008-01-14 22:54 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (dae38f5ab2a5)
* ChangeLog, mh.c: hcache: Fetch data for correct message from hcache.
With $maildir_header_cache_verify set (the default), the list (and
thus the current) header change after data was fetched from hcache
making some message appear as duplicate. Now fetch data for the
correct message after possible in-place inode sorting altering file
order. See debian bug #459739.
* hcache: use HEADER for version calculation too
2008-01-09 13:06 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (2a5636080210)
* Fix mutt_dotlock build issue on cygwin
(closes #3009).
* init.h: Mention $recall in description for $postpone
2008-01-02 11:47 -0800 Johan Svedberg <> (3cf8bc21bc3d)
* po/sv.po: Updated Swedish translation
2007-12-11 15:22 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (68a9c3e74f9a)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Update caching docs (hcache naming,
* pop.c: POP: Name hcache the way IMAP does. Place the file
under $header_cache/<url>/mutt.hcache. For now ignore that this may
break if hcache == bcache and a message's uid is "mutt.hcache"
(extremely unlikely) in which case the user will loose only the
hcache file.
* pop.c: POP: Respect $message_cache_clean
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: mention $time_inc in tuning chapter
* enter.c, history.h: Maintain different history lists for
files and mailboxes. Closes #2999.
* history.c: Do not trust history file and mutt code about history
class. This prevents crashes as result of programming errors and/or
wrong history file (e.g. negative or too high classes).
2007-12-08 12:54 -0800 Michael Elkins <> (3971bcfd9112)
* mh.c: Skip over messages which were previously parsed after sorting
the tail of the list. Avoids a segmentation fault when rescanning
the new/ subdir of a maildir when messages were left over from a
previous scan.
2007-12-07 11:38 -0800 Rocco Rutte <> (b891b1736885)
* lib.c, md5.h: Check definition of ENOTSUP before use
(closes #2983)
* mh.c: Sort MH folders into natural order after 2nd pass (closes
* init.h: Mention subscribe and lists commands for
$ignore_list_reply_to (closes #2996).
* mx.c: Don't attempt to move messages when $mbox is unset.
2007-12-05 10:03 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (63c97881cb76)
* UPDATING,, main.c, mh.c: Improve inode sorting,
enable it by default and add MH support. Sorting is done on-demand
only before the first stat() or open()
($maildir_header_cache_verify=yes/hcache miss). Furthermore, only
a partial list of messages starting from that item is sorted
reducing sorting overhead in most cases. For a fully hcache'd
folder with $maildir_header_cache_verify=no, no sorting is needed
and no sorting will be done. MH parsing is now two-pass, too to
simplify the code and remove duplication.
2007-11-30 10:29 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (5c635c9b5982)
* Add version numbers for bdb 4.6
* parse.c, sendlib.c: RfC2047 decode/encode X-Label: header
(Closes #2970).
* commands.c: Format status line for external and internal pager the
same way to make %P work
2007-11-29 16:03 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (4899bcc1c2c3)
* doc/db-cleanup.xsl: Add ascii-replacements for 0x2dc
(tilde) and 0x2026 (...) too. The manual cannot be clean us-acii
but now we should have at least latin1
* doc/, doc/db-cleanup.xsl: Add a really ugly hack to make
sure the plain text manual is us-ascii. The hack is filtering
manual.html to another HTML file but replacing unicode chars by
their ascii equivalents. The intermediate file is used to dump HTML
to us-ascii text (and only for that).
* hcache.c: Fix hcache build issue when building with gdbm if qdbm
is installed, too
2007-11-21 13:19 +0100 Miroslav Lichvar <> (9286a76e79a2)
* send.c: Don't ignore $from in batch send mode.
2007-11-23 15:11 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (12a1d843c975)
* curs_lib.c: Don't attempt to print progress if inc is 0, just
print initial message
2007-11-21 14:14 -0800 Ronny Haryanto <> (0e99eaaecd67)
* po/id.po: Updated Indonesian translation
2007-11-21 16:47 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (309ab3a63d91)
* UPDATING: Add UPDATING entry for $check_mbox_size
* init.h: Clarify the description for $timeout
* UPDATING: Remove raw utf-8 char in UPDATING to make it ascii
2007-11-20 19:46 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (96f931ae0b22)
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Document that save-hook/fcc-hook/fcc-
save-hook use $index_format expandos. Closes #2135.
* doc/manual.xml.head, pattern.c: Simple search: Allow
[~+%] to be \-escaped. Closes #2426.
*, strsep.c: Add glibc implementation of strsep() in case
a system misses it. Closes #2989.
* lib.h, mbyte.c: Alternate fix for not calling
bind_textdomain_codeset() to fix Solaris build.
2007-11-19 15:32 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (033eba2d6834)
* rfc3676.c: Make f=f handler multibyte-aware by not buffering flowed
content until it's finished. We now write out content as we read it
(which simplifies the code quite a bit) and properly flow multibyte
paragraphs. This should improve DelSp=yes handling where a flowed
paragraph may not have spaces at all except trailing ones for
flowable paragraphs (after concatenating lines we didn't have access
to the original break points any longer). We still split content by
ASCII space (this should be safe as f=f itself uses ASCII space to
mark flowable lines (even for languages that aren't expected to use
spaces, see DelSp). Closes #862.
2007-11-15 13:17 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (a0161768f631)
* doc/makedoc-defs.h, doc/makedoc.c: Fix more documentation build
issues. Define USE_SASL (for $smtp_authenticators) in makedoc-
defs.h, include it in makedoc.c to force doc rebuild if makedoc-
defs.h changes.
* parse.c, protos.h, send.c: Properly parse and validate Message-IDs
from my_hdrs. Closes #2452.
* Check for bind_textdomain_codeset() outside libc,
2007-11-15 11:53 +0100 peb <> (22c68faeec08)
* lib.h: Don't use bind_textdomain_codeset() if we're not using
NLS/gettext. Closes #2162.
2007-11-15 11:22 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (933e57dff004)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Properly document simple searches and its
"secret" keywords. Closes #2136.
2007-11-13 13:31 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (7a4a154eefa5)
* wcwidth.c: Fix compiler warnings in new wcwidth.c (too large values
for 'unsigned short')
* hg-commit: hg-commit: Run 'make validate' in doc/ if manual.xml
is present
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Document that %f in $index_format is
either Return-Path: or From: depending on which parses correctly.
Also note that alternates' regex should be as precise as possible to
avoid mismatches. Closes #1894.
* init.h: Properly document $hostname, link it to $use_domain and
$hidden_host. Closes #891.
2007-11-07 14:54 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (84284776659e)
*, po/, po/ Don't build
keymap_alldefs.h in srcdir as it may be read-only
* po/ Don't try to build $(PACKAGE).pot in srcdir as it
may be read-only
2007-11-08 22:13 -0800 Michael Elkins <> (4bba47e6d026)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Removed the [!] prefix from the usage from the
usage string for the un/mailboxes command since it has no special
meaning in this context other than referring to $spoolfile.
2007-11-08 11:48 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (daf29fe0ed4c)
* UPDATING, curs_lib.c, globals.h, init.h: Add $time_inc to
control progress update frequency. I found 250ms to be noticeably
different from the old behaviour, and it ruins the rounding of the
other _inc variables.
* color.c, copy.c, imap/command.c: Turn down some debug logging
2007-11-08 09:03 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (92a6bfbed657)
* doc/ Add stamp-doc-rc to makedoc-all to build Muttrc
with fresh checkout
2007-11-07 14:48 -0800 Brendan Cully <> (b68ccc2e66e2)
* curs_lib.c, mutt_curses.h: Suppress progress bar updates less than
250ms apart. Closes #2899.
2007-11-07 12:12 -0800 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (c62c5495d67c)
* wcwidth.c: Updated wcwidth to Unicode 5.0
2007-11-07 12:03 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (fce40f3a1aec)
*, Muttrc.head, doc/, doc/Muttrc.head, doc
/makedoc-defs.h, doc/makedoc.c, functions.h, init.h, makedoc-defs.h,
makedoc.c: Try to fix parallel build problems by moving makedoc to
doc/. This also requires to move Muttrc into doc/.
2007-11-06 16:34 -0800 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (ac14b76ef8b2)
* Remove unnecessary workaround for automake
dist target
2007-11-06 18:23 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (1770ab532bfd)
* curs_lib.c, imap/imap.c, imap/message.c, mbox.c, mh.c,
mutt_curses.h, pattern.c, pop.c, pop_lib.c, smtp.c: Add
percentages to progress bar optionally supplied by caller. This is
necessary to let the mbox driver print useful percentages. If
there's no percentage given and we have a size, calculate on it on
our own. Closes #2929.
* mh.c: (Re-)Add total msg count to progress for parsing maildirs
2007-11-05 14:24 -0800 Vincent Lefevre <> (ecb694b6176b)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation
2007-11-05 17:47 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (6b9e91edba54)
* curs_lib.c: Save value of errno across mutt_endwin()
calls. Mutt_endwin() is sometimes called after noticing an error
but before printing the message via perror(). Closes #2965.
2007-11-05 15:53 +0100 Emanuele Giaquinta <> (b8dc6926ddf4)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Fix typo
2007-11-05 14:53 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (ad7983699656)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Improve [un]mailboxes
documentation. Closes #2204.
2007-11-05 12:11 +0100 Ralf Wildenhues <> (645fcdd66828)
*, intl/, po/ Optionally define
$datarootdir on our own for autoconf <2.60 compatibility. While I'm
at it, fix two warnings in other files about ignoring datarootdir
with autoconf >2.60. Closes #2905.
2007-11-04 13:19 -0800 Vsevolod Volkov <> (dc5ec6dbb278)
* po/ru.po: Updated Russian translation
2007-11-04 13:17 -0800 Ivan Vilata i Balaguer <> (1f72281eb36c)
* po/ca.po: Updated Catalan translation
2007-11-04 13:16 -0800 Roland Rosenfeld <> (b2f0d89881dd)
* po/de.po: Updated German translation
2007-11-04 19:10 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (02e8b9c7bdc6)
* UPDATING: Fixup UPDATING for 1.5.16/1.5.17
2007-11-04 18:27 +0100 cypher <> (ab676b9f0c04)
* url.c: Use strtok_r() to parse mailto: links, not strtok(). In
case a headers needs to call mutt_parse_references() which uses
strtok(), too, later headers will be silently discarded. Closes
2007-11-04 18:14 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (6248b3c04f61)
* main.c, url.c: Prevent mailto parsing buffer overflow by ignoring
too long header. If they're longer than our buffer, we can't turn it
into a header to be parsed by mutt_parse_rfc822_line() anyway, so we
bail out in this case. Also make main() catchup mailto parsing
errors. Closes #2980.
* UPDATING: Add 1.5.17 to UPDATING
* doc/manual.xml.head, init.h: Improve DSN docs (require sendmail-
compatible MTA, add SMTP notes). Closes #2979
2007-11-03 11:12 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (0c054faeb285)
* muttlib.c: Check Maildir for not being NULL when expanding
'='-paths. Closes #2977.
2007-11-02 16:55 -0700 Pawel Dziekonski <> (cc5de08f4612)
* po/pl.po: Updated Polish translation.
2007-11-01 20:36 -0700 Petr Pisar <> (0b4bd0452b5a)
* ChangeLog, po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
2007-11-01 15:45 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (5123cded9988)
* Use $datarootdir as default prefix for documentation
(closes #2905)
2007-11-01 14:07 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (cd03dff9b576)
* VERSION, po/bg.po, po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po, po/el.po,
po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/eu.po, po/fr.po, po/ga.po,
po/gl.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/ja.po, po/ko.po,
po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po, po/sk.po,
po/sv.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_CN.po, po/zh_TW.po: automatic
post-release commit for mutt-1.5.17
* hg-commit: Fix typo in hg-commit
2007-11-01 21:21 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (4f3814a57eaf)
* INSTALL, UPDATING, rfc822.c: Unbreak exact address feature. The
problem was that when reading back tempfiles for pager display,
trailing \n were not removed from the input so the pager displayed 2
instead of 1.
2007-11-01 12:13 -0700 Oswald Buddenhagen <> (8aebd2ea4db8)
* Detect BDB automatically if --with-bdb is empty
2007-11-01 14:33 +0100 Rocco Rutte <> (80f1331abec2)
* doc/devel-notes.txt: devel-notes.txt: Mention where hg repo is, how
to clone and update
* doc/TODO: Documentation: Add doc/TODO with some items still open
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: s/SMTP support/SMTP Support/ (for
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Remove 404 link for fetchmail,
mention getmail, too
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add short section on SSL/TLS support
(needs more details)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Document URL syntax in just one place,
let others refer to it.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Document optional SMTP support
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add some general notes about optional
features. Mention 'configure --help' and 'mutt -v' output.
* doc/, doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Move POP3, IMAP and
cache-related sections to their own chapter.
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: Add ids to all tables and use <xref/>
for reference.
2007-10-31 16:34 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (7cebeacc3b83)
* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing: Remove
autotools support files which autoreconf -i can generate
*, is obsolete
* doc/ s/Mercurial/hg/
* doc/ s/cvs/Mercurial/
2007-10-31 14:09 -0700 rea-mutt <> (c6ce36a67121)
* lib.c: Fall back to rename for ENOTSUP and EOPNOTSUPP
too. Closes #2975
2007-10-31 14:04 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (51595292e112)
* imap/imap.c: Fix the test for flushing queued STATUS requests in
imap_buffy_check. This should fix the bug that caused every other
IMAP connection to fail to get the new message counts. Thanks to exg
for his generous help debugging this one.
2007-10-25 17:03 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (5d96f24efa85)
* muttlib.c, protos.h: Large file support for mutt_pretty_size().
Based on a patch by Corinna Vinschen, adjusted for LOFF_T/OFF_T_FMT
(closes #2191).
* UPDATING: Add UPDATING entry for %P for $pager_format
2007-10-18 10:20 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (4e738d998bb3)
* hdrline.c: Enlarge temporary buffer in hdr_format_str to prevent
subject truncation. The subject along with the thread tree are
composed using a SHORT_STRING-sized buffer which may lead to
truncation even though the destination buffer is large enough.
2007-10-16 11:33 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c33f288c3aab)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: fix typo (closes #2971).
2007-10-15 11:01 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (35e5c34b7e91)
* rfc3676.c: f=f: Print standalone fixed lines as-is (closes #2917).
2007-10-11 12:10 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c15eeb44f139)
* UPDATING, doc/manual.xml.head: Document format string
pipes. This is roughly the commit message only. Add a line to
UPDATING (mark it as a change rather than a new feature as it may
break setups).
* init.h: Document that $indent_string actually is a format string.
* muttlib.c: Do not consider empty pipes for filtering in format
strings. This fixes a crash with $indent_string="|" and
$text_flowed unset.
2007-09-28 11:06 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (709db707bcdf)
* curs_lib.c, muttlib.c, protos.h: Make mutt_FormatString()'s string
truncation multibyte aware
2007-09-19 12:22 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (c768a1ebf78a)
* menu.c: Enlarge buffers for printing menu entries from STRING to
LONG_STRING. Now that multibyte padding works, we may too soon run
into too short buffers for common terminal widths in graphical
* compose.c: Use mutt_paddstr() to print compose menu's status line
rather than printw(). All other menus use mutt_paddstr(): printw()
prints only N bytes, not N columns.
2007-09-18 11:37 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (5827331565a2)
* init.h: Document that $charset is a fallback for $send_charset
2007-09-17 17:32 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (ae47263fc1b0)
* muttlib.c: Enable padding with multibyte chars for %>X, %*X and
* hcache.c, hcache.h, main.c: Include hcache backend version info
in mutt -v output
* init.c: Use NONULL to ensure we can pretty-print empty paths for
option queries
2007-09-14 11:35 -0700 Emanuele <Emanuele Giaquinta> (c699e5847630)
* ChangeLog, The new MD5 code needs AC_C_BIGENDIAN on
big-endian systems
2007-09-13 09:39 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (154417d57b9d)
* Do not clobber --with-bdb argument (closes #2955)
2007-09-11 18:33 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (785c95c8ff9a)
* commands.c: Enlarge error buffer in mutt_enter_command() to not
truncate option queries. The error buffer gets passed down into
parse_set() using it to report option values. SHORT_STRING is too
short to even print some defaults (e.g. $status_format).
* muttlib.c: Let %*X padding share the same code of %>X padding The
current implementation of %*X was completely multibyte-unaware and
had buffer overflow issues with large terminals. Now we use the same
code as %>X has and optionally only truncate left content to make
sure the right content can be printed entirely.
2007-09-10 11:14 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (664c5ec1a727)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2007-09-10 08:54 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (49d69399cf21)
* curs_lib.c, muttlib.c, protos.h: Make mutt_FormatString() more
multibyte-aware As default cause, don't copy raw bytes but copy
multibyte chars instead to ensure column computation is correct
(needed for padding).
* init.c: Escape option values for variable queries and completion
to ensure they're parsable
2007-09-09 15:48 -0700 Andreas Jaggi (4e9445a06369)
* imap/imap.c: Let imap_complete_hosts work with the last mailbox
(closes #2949). This was an off-by-one error in the mailbox loop.
2007-09-09 15:20 -0700 Julien Cristau (7e60c2515318)
* ChangeLog, mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Only check whether GNUTLS error is
fatal when an error occurs (closes #2954). The API for GNUTLS
changed to require this in 1.7.18.
2007-09-08 15:30 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (1e4a6efddc81)
* prepare: autoreconf --include doesn't pass its argument to aclocal.
Let ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS in handle that.
* Attempt to clean up DB back-end selection
2007-09-06 20:13 +0200 Rocco Rutte <> (648ad3832e82)
* muttlib.c: Rewrite padding logic for mutt_FormatString()
Do so by checking columns and bytes individually to make sure we
really don't write past the end of allocated buffers. This patch
fixes all my crashes I saw with files attached to/with the settings
for #2882 and #2900.
2007-09-05 10:52 +0000 Rocco Rutte <> (078744e84667)
* init.c, pattern.c: Fix/improve intl error messages
* browser.c: Interpret relative paths in browser relative to shown
dir, not working dir (closes #2471).
* help.c, pager.c, pager.h: Teach pager how to ignore $wrap and use it
for help (closes #2896).
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: make sure <screen/> contents in shorter
than 80 chars
Otherwise conversion to plain text may cause line breaks rendering
examples syntacially invalid (closes #2185).
* doc/manual.xml.head: Manual: don't use <screen/> to present
structured data
* muttlib.c: Fix buffer overflow in mutt_FormatString()
The variable in question is supposed to track string sizes, not
string widths (closes #2882 and #2900).
2007-09-04 17:22 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (7df563e4b7fd)
* Add libz to crypto libs if available
(closes #2303).
2007-09-04 12:06 -0700 Ivan Vilata i Balaguer <> (d9a6b3f8a492)
* po/ca.po: Updated Catalan translation
2007-08-31 10:12 -0700 Gary <Gary Johnson> (791bfed8ba62)
* editmsg.c: Decrement the mtime of the tempfile during
edit-message to make mutt notice changes taking less than one
2007-08-28 11:33 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (3f8829e739e9)
* init.h: Insert .pp after .de to fix man page generation (closes
* imap/imap.c: Check subscriptions after any authentication,
rather than after fist connection (closes #2908)
* dotlock.c, lib.h, mutt.h: Use limits.h for PATH_MAX instead of
posix1_lim.h (closes #2525)
2007-08-27 11:07 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (9cfb5ac98e26)
* imap/auth_cram.c: Update auth_cram for new MD5 code
*,, hcache.c, md5.c, md5.h, md5c.c,
pgppubring.c, pop_auth.c: Replace RFC md5 implementation with GPL
version from coreutils
2007-08-16 09:32 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (d096219907e7)
* curs_lib.c: Check for lost tty if getch returns error (closes #1220)
Great thanks to Vincent Lefevre for tracking this one down.
2007-08-15 20:09 -0700 Michael Vrable <> (acd71f2f2555)
* rfc3676.c: Fix RFC 3676 (format=flowed text) handling.
The old code would consider a line containing "> " to be flowed, but
since this is a quoted and space-stuffed line containing no
additional text, by my reading of RFC 3676 it should be fixed.
Clean up the handling of format=flowed text. Fix the test to
determine whether a line is fixed--if a line ends in a space only
because the last character is a space from space-stuffing, consider
the line to be a fixed line. This makes the test for ((buf_len -
buf_off) <= 0) later no longer necessary.
Also simplify the code by removing checks for curline being non-
null; it is allocated at the start of the function and never
reallocated to size zero, so it should never be a null pointer.
2007-08-08 10:49 -0700 Kyle Wheeler (6d3e90261321)
* makedoc.c: Trim whitespace in definition lists for man pages (closes
2007-08-02 22:30 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (aefdab8fad80)
* init.h: Clarify the documentation for $use_envelope_from
(closes #2936). Thanks to Vincent Lefevre for the suggestions.
2007-07-25 11:16 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (6bc60516fffa)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2007-07-16 10:46 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (bd75134a6b65)
* enter.c: Make is_shell_char static. Closes #2907.
* init.c: Check that spam expression has enough matches for its
template. Closes #2927.
2007-07-14 17:26 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f4b2c6eba5fd)
* crypt-gpgme.c: GPGME: do not attempt to extract signatures
unless gpgme_op_verify returned success.
2007-07-09 11:32 -0400 Aron Griffis <> (4e8e3db418ea)
* send.c: Allow send-hooks to effectively change $from and $use_from
* mx.c: Clean up mx.c: init stat structs to zero
prev_sb.st_size was initialized to zero if USE_FCNTL but not if
USE_FLOCK. Silence the gcc warning for both cases by zeroing the
stat structures on the stack.
Other minor cleanups:
- clean up some whitespace
- convert return (foo) to return foo
- return r at the bottom of the function instead of testing values and
returning them explicitly
- add vim modeline
2007-07-10 14:47 +0200 Thomas Roessler <> (c06e39893cce)
* handler.c: Actually bail out, but wiht an ok return value.
* handler.c: Don't bail out on a bad message/external-body!
2007-07-08 18:27 -0700 David Champion <> (6241f5669264)
* commands.c, curs_lib.c, doc/manual.xml.head, init.h, lib.h, menu.c,
muttlib.c, query.c, recvcmd.c: This patch implements the "%* "
notation, which is analogous to "%> " but gives precedence to the
right side instead of to the left when the fill length is zero. The
default $pager_format is updated to use it so that %P is always
available at the edge of the screen.
2007-07-08 15:34 -0700 Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS <> (5d74a79deeb3)
* po/eo.po: Updated Esperanto translation.
2007-07-04 17:36 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f24fa301493f)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Fix some compiler warnings in GPGME. Closes #2919.
* crypt-gpgme.c: GPGME: Stop parsing message as soon as PGP header
is found. Use file_to_data_object to build data for inline
signature verification instead of doing it by hand. This fixes
inline verification for me.
TODO: crypt-gpgme helper functions seem to return lots of pointers
off the stack in very dubious ways.
2007-06-27 10:38 -0700 Dan Fandrich <> (3354ac2e79c7)
* pager.c: Fix %P in pager status for off_t variability.
* dotlock.c: remove a double inclusion of config.h
2007-06-14 18:17 -0700 Sertaç Ö. Yıldız (55cd4cb611d9)
* rfc3676.c: flowed: consider a single space as a hard line break.
Closes #2906
2007-06-13 10:43 -0700 Vsevolod Volkov <> (8d02c65ed0b5)
* po/ru.po: Updated Russian translation
2007-06-11 09:27 -0700 René Clerc <> (5eaa1cfe80ad)
* po/nl.po: Updated Dutch translation
2007-06-11 09:19 -0700 Petr Písař <> (b9accd463528)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
2007-06-10 21:30 -0700 Pawel Dziekonski <> (ef1882fe42f9)
* po/pl.po: Updated Polish translation.
2007-06-10 21:27 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (156ce3622588)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2007-06-10 09:55 -0700 Roland Rosenfeld <> (5a61c162b9c0)
* po/de.po: Updated German translation
2007-06-09 21:08 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (50b11beb4265)
* build-release: Fix quoting for hg sign in build-release
2007-06-09 20:32 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (aaf805734d24)
* VERSION, po/bg.po, po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po,
po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/eu.po, po/fr.po,
po/ga.po, po/gl.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/ja.po,
po/ko.po, po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po,
po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_CN.po, po/zh_TW.po:
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.5.16
2007-06-09 20:26 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (4b5b42ddfe42)
* ascii.h, crypt-gpgme.c: Make GPGME backend generate a
RFC3156-compliant micalg parameter (blush). Based on a patch by
Stefan Haun. Closes #2901.
2007-06-09 01:03 +0200 Thomas Roessler <> (53e5e1105fd2)
* sendlib.c: remove unnecessary dprints
* sendlib.c: Fix header encoding corner case.
2007-06-05 13:12 -0700 pywatson <> (9e90789518ad)
* sort.c: Make sort by "To" stable (closes #2515). compare_to()
calls mutt_get_name(), which may return a static pointer if it in
turn calls mutt_addr_for_display(). If this static pointer is used
for a and b, the result is bad. The fix is to make a copy of the
first object.
2007-05-17 14:40 +0200 Christoph Berg <> (edefe5e1f2b4)
* Muttrc.head: Temporarily set pipe_decode in the \cb urlview macro.
(Debian #423640.)
2007-05-28 16:44 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (794b039bacaa)
Use autoconf instead of "which" to discover MD5 tool
2007-05-20 00:29 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (a0e038310f42)
* smtp.c: Forget SMTP password if authentication fails. Thanks to
Gregory Shapiro for the initial patch (I've moved the reset from
smtp_auth_sasl up to smtp_auth, and used the account API instead
of twiddling account bits by hand). Closes #2872.
2007-05-15 21:05 +0200 Thomas Roessler <> (33af2883d52b)
* curs_main.c: Jump to the next *sub*-thread when tag-subthread is
invoked, not to the next thread.
2007-05-08 12:54 -0700 Rocco Rutte <> (763bd781d108)
* rfc3676.c: f=f: flush buffer contents (if any) after reading input
Otherwise mutt maybe won't show the last line if it's supposed to
2007-05-07 11:50 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (89a3e1c5c28b)
* OPS, UPDATING, curs_main.c, functions.h: Rename next-folder to next-
unread-mailbox. Remove default binding.
* muttlib.c: Use signed arithmetic in mutt_gecos_name to avoid an
overflow. Closes #2885.
2007-05-02 10:50 -0700 N.J. Mann <> (f6861b85f22b)
* OPS, curs_main.c, functions.h: Add next-folder command
2007-05-01 10:41 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (1ed1cbc7bad4)
* Make IDN depend on iconv support
2007-04-29 19:10 -0700 Alain Bench <> (0e32bd00f341)
* contrib/smime.rc, smime.c: contrib/smime.rc:
$smime_verify_opaque_command fallback to -noverify to get signed
text despite a failed -verify (but send only this first failure
notice to stderr). smime.c: fflush() before rewind(). Closes #2428.
Helps Debian Bug 420014
2007-04-24 17:51 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (a58527ead950)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2007-04-24 14:08 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (21c7e172030f)
* remailer.c: fixup for mutt_FormatString() changes
2007-04-23 12:12 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (1bae5dcd7292)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Fix compilation error related to change in
2007-04-21 13:05 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (4c70812b3104)
* pgp.c: Use PGP_SECRING to find PGP signing keys. Closes #2878.
2007-04-21 13:00 -0700 Piarres Beobide Egaña <> (2b97fdbd6ce1)
* po/eu.po: Updated Basque translation.
2007-04-15 15:43 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (cb9bef17b3a8)
* hdrline.c, init.h, pager.c, protos.h: Removed hardcoded pager
progress indicator and add %P format code to $pager_status which
contains the same information.
Append "%> -- (%P)" to $pager_status to emulate old behavior.
Closes #2087.
* browser.c: merge with tip
2007-04-11 22:36 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (0c47f7b06158)
* addrbook.c, browser.c, compose.c, hdrline.c, muttlib.c, pgpinvoke.c,
pgpkey.c, protos.h, recvattach.c, smime.c, status.c: Pass column
value recursively when expanding format strings (bug #2840).
2007-04-13 14:14 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (021f494d5154)
* browser.c: Strip / from tail of LastDir when copying from
Maildir (closes #1885)
* doc/ Allow elinks for building manual.txt (closes #2876)
* sendlib.c: Even simpler header wrapping fix
* sendlib.c: Fix header wrapping
2007-04-12 20:11 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (c9e92a1d71cf)
* mh.c: Differentiate between first and second maildir passes in
progress indicator
* mh.c: Only call mutt_set_flag when necessary when checking for
maildir changes (fixes #1216)
* flags.c: Only update header color in mutt_set_flag if flag has
changed (see #1216, #1931)
* init.h: Make $header_cache_compress default to set
* imap/message.c: Simplify IMAP message fetch loop slightly
* imap/message.c: Handle a missing or corrupted header cache entry
(closes #2676) If imap_hcache_get fails, stop parsing the header
cache and simply refetch from that point on.
2007-04-11 14:19 -0700 Paul Eggert <eggert@CS.UCLA.EDU> (ac7355452a60)
*, Make mutt more posixly-
correct (closes #1615).
2007-04-11 14:06 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (5393c104e08a)
* Remove un-POSIX TZ NOOP in (see
* account.c, globals.h, init.h: Add $smtp_pass (closes #2116)
* doc/ Explicit -j1 breaks some versions of make (see
* imap/util.c: Make imap_hcache_open robust against missing
* imap/util.c: Do not attempt to parse idata->ctx->path if an explicit
path is given
2007-04-10 20:22 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (429fb67340cd)
* UPDATING, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c,
init.h, mutt.h: Add $message_cache_clean option to prune message
cache on sync
* hcache.c: Try to unlink old header cache if open fails
* bcache.c, imap/imap.c, imap/util.c, lib.c: Fix some warnings
* hcache.c: Refactor mutt_hcache_open to share more code
* hcache.c: Save some stats when header cache already exists
* hcache.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c,
imap/util.c: Make IMAP header cache layout match body cache. You can
now make them point to the same directory. Each folder will have a
folder.hcache file for the header cache.
* hcache.c, hcache.h, imap/imap.c, imap/util.c, mh.c, pop.c: Add
hcache path name hook
* bcache.c, url.c, url.h: Simplify body cache path creation
* imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c, imap/util.c:
Do not hold hcache open while mailbox is open - it can lead to
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/util.c: Add
imap_hcache_del; minor cleanups
* main.c: Fix a compiler warning
* rfc3676.c: Don't use $indent_string to quote replies to flowed
messages (closes #2874).
2007-04-10 10:16 -0700 Petr Písař <> (af01580c9a08)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation
2007-04-10 10:13 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (9bbf304e09bc)
* rfc3676.c: Wrap flowed lines at no more than FLOWED_MAX in
2007-04-09 20:36 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (fbe67329e688)
* main.c: Exit with a nonzero value if sending a message in batch mode
fails (bug #2709).
* browser.c: Use mutt_pretty_size() to format '%s' in $folder_format
so it is similar to '%c' in $hdr_format
2007-04-09 11:32 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (df7a0ee95618)
* imap/TODO: Kill off some IMAP TODO items
* imap/imap.c: Null out idata->hcache when closing, and remove close
from open failure (mx_close will handle it).
2007-04-09 08:56 -0700 Vsevolod Volkov <> (605c6d60217d)
* po/ru.po: Updated Russian translation.
2007-04-07 16:22 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (c310dd3d6d73)
* hook.c, pattern.c: Allow reply-hook to use ~h when replying from the
index. Fixes regression introduced by fix for bug #2190.
mutt_pattern_exec() now checks for ctx!=NULL so that Mutt will no
longer segfault when replying to a message from the attachment menu.
2007-04-07 16:20 -0700 Fabian Groffen <> (1c9db84ed54f)
* imap/message.c, muttlib.c: Fix compiler aliasing warnings
* hcache.c: Fix compiler warnings
2007-04-07 16:05 -0700 Jukka Salmi <> (ef35baf2a2d0)
* Fix BDB autoconf buglet introduced in
2007-04-07 15:21 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (70e637e40943)
* enter.c: add "|" to the list of shell chars
* enter.c: "complete" function should consider shell chars to be word
boundaries when doing filename completion (bug #2871)
* complete.c, lib.c, lib.h: bug #2871
Avoid altering the argument to mutt_complete() when completion
fails. Previously, the trailing component of filename was removed
each time the user pressed TAB.
2007-04-07 14:32 -0700 Fabian Groffen <> (eed43900f612)
* copy.c: Fix some compiler warnings
2007-04-07 13:40 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (980949218b09)
* regex.c: Fix compiler warnings
* smtp.c: Mark error message for translation
2007-04-06 18:03 -0700 Vincent Lefevre <> (1ab836e94c70)
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation
2007-04-06 14:00 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (cde224ad2662)
* build-release: More build-release fixes
* .hgsigs: mutt-1.5.15 signed
* .hgtags: Added tag mutt-1-5-15-rel for changeset 4fd2d768fe5c
* VERSION, po/bg.po, po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po,
po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/eu.po, po/fr.po,
po/ga.po, po/gl.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/ja.po,
po/ko.po, po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po,
po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_CN.po, po/zh_TW.po:
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.5.15
* build-release: More minor build tweaks
*, build-release, Fix up release
scripts for Hg
* lib.c: safe_rename: fall back to rename on ENOSYS and EPERM as well
as EXDEV. sshfs returns ENOSYS when attempting cross-directory
links. vfat returns EPERM.
* lib.c: Make safe_open with O_EXCL friendlier for NFS. Per #2707,
when an open file is moved into a different directory over NFS, it
may leave a .nfsXXX hardlink behind. This causes the rmdir in
safe_open to fail, leaving tempdir droppings around. This patch
works around the problem by closing the file after creating it and
reopening it after rename.
2007-04-05 21:38 -0700 Michael Elkins <> (177c060504bb)
*, hcache.c: Fixup to detect qdbm includes in
Remove HAVE_QDBM_VILLA_H because it is redundant.
2007-04-05 19:22 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (ee0fabbde466)
*, hcache.c: Fix up QDBM autoconf test for arguments
and includes in subdirectories
* imap/message.c: Fix logic error introduced in [efbcef81ac49]
* hcache.c: Fix typo in 26b19fc9b78c
* imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c, imap/util.c: IMAP header cache
API improvements.
* imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c, imap/util.c:
Keep hcache pointer in idata, open and close with mailbox
* hcache.c: Do not cache some unsafe header fields.
* imap/message.c, mh.c: Small hcache-related memory leaks
* hcache.c, mh.c: Fix mh header caching (closes #2472)
* Teach --with-gdbm to accept a prefix (closes #2413)
* POSIX fixes for
2007-04-05 13:06 -0700 Jukka Salmi <> (3638701db407)
* Check for BDB4 libs in $lib as well as
$lib/$ver (fixes pkgsrc BDB4 detection)
2007-04-05 12:55 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (4f435337507e)
*, hcache.c, Version header cache against
MD5 of structures on which it depends
* UPDATING, globals.h, imap/browse.c, imap/imap_private.h, init.h:
Remove broken namespace support
2007-04-04 16:31 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (e96bd1f85634)
* imap/command.c: Only reset UIDNEXT if new mail has been detected.
This prevents mutt from suddenly finding new mail when switching
from unknown UIDVALIDITY to known.
2007-04-04 09:37 -0700 Fabian Groffen <> (330cb15403f0)
* Check for Berkeley DB versions 4.4 and 4.5
2007-04-04 01:35 +0200 Christoph Berg <> (b841df908929)
* cryptglue.c: Fix typos in CRYPT_BACKEND #ifs.
2007-04-03 14:08 -0700 Christoph Berg <> (339fd21bf139)
* doc/manual.xml.head, doc/, main.c: When -- is present in
the argument list, allow attachment globs. The -- separates file
names from recipients. Also works for -A and -Q.
2007-04-03 10:54 -0700 Fabian Groffen <> (89abe8bd0713)
* hdrline.c, imap/message.c, mh.c, muttlib.c, regex.c, sendlib.c: Fix
some warnings.
2007-04-03 08:59 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (e363d7a69046)
* pop_auth.c, rfc822.c, rfc822.h: Validate msgid in APOP
authentication. Closes #2846
* hcache.c: Fix DB4 crash introduced in d5ab883ef90a
* imap/util.c: Add missing hcache.h include
2007-04-02 20:44 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (59fcc37f8c75)
* sendlib.c: Check message for boundary collisions (closes #902)
* enter.c: Do not clobber string field on keypress when returning
from file browser (closes #755)
* browser.c, browser.h, imap/browse.c, imap/imap.h: Add hook for
proper IMAP unseen count in mailbox browser
2007-04-02 18:41 -0700 David Yitzchak Cohen <> (503c2882d0be)
* flea: produce mutt version info in C
locale (closes #1881)
2007-04-02 18:17 -0700 John Hawkinson <> (a283e5ab5de7)
* sendlib.c: Write Sender header if specified (closes #2682)
2007-04-02 17:56 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (15f8a55220a7)
* mh.c: Fix off-by-one allocating mh sequences
* curs_lib.c: Make mutt_edit_file display error if editor return is
non-zero. (closes #1638)
* imap/command.c: Reset uidnext unconditionally in IMAP new mail
check. Reverts a logic error introduced in [0cb476dc70a7]
* imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c, imap/util.c: Fix a
segfault in the new mboxcache hcache lookup. idata may not have an
associated context, so the cache path must use the account info
instead. For harmony with the other hcache callers, make them all
canonify the path the same way with imap_hcache_open.
* imap/imap.c: Fix segfault in new mboxcache hcache check when
create is 0
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c:
Add create flag to imap_mboxcache_get
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c: Push mbox cache header cache check
into imap_mboxcache_get
* imap/imap.c: Cache IMAP access checks
2007-04-01 23:12 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (4f598543d7a5)
* imap/imap.c, imap/message.c: Adjust context->size on IMAP load
and expunge (closes #2749)
2007-04-01 20:00 -0700 Ambrose Li <> (38e896c4c192)
* po/zh_TW.po: Updated Taiwanese translation
2007-04-01 15:40 -0700 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <> (6dcb53bc679c)
* crypt-gpgme.c: gpgme: check result for signatures pointer
(closes: #2199)
2007-04-01 15:33 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (3a81b3793f77)
* doc/ Update flea man page to current addresses
* Adjust flea to use new submission address; check
email for @
* doc/, Restore muttbug
2007-03-31 18:50 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (f467353f5657)
* bcache.c, bcache.h, imap/message.c, pop.c, pop.h: Add tmp flag
to bcache_put, create bcache_commit.
* imap/command.c, imap/imap.c: Allow IMAP FCC to reconnect if
append fails (closes: #890)
* mh.c: Always set up data pointer in mh_read_dir, not just when
allocating context