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This file lists incompatible changes and additional/new features made to
mutt. Please read this file carefully when upgrading your installation.
The keys used are:
!: modified feature, -: deleted feature, +: new feature
hg tip:
! $thorough_search defaults to yes
+ imap-logout-all closes all open IMAP connections
! header/body cache paths are always UTF-8
+ $wrap_headers to control outgoing message's header length
+ all text/* parts can be displayed inline without mailcap
+ send-hooks now run in batch mode; previously only send2-hooks ran.
1.5.20 (2009-06-14):
! mbox/mmdf new mail flag is kept when leaving folders with new mail
! $fcc_attach is a quadoption now
+ $honor_disposition to honor Content-Disposition headers
+ $search_context specifies number of context lines for search results
in pager/page-based menus
! ssl_use_sslv2 defaults to no
+ uncolor works for header + body objects, too
+ the "flagged" and "replied" flags are enabled/supported for
POP when built with header caching
! browser correctly displays maildir's mtime
+ <set-flag> and <clear-flag> work in the pager, too
+ ~x pattern also matches against In-Reply-To
+ lower case patterns for string searches perform case-insensitive
search as regex patterns do (except IMAP)
+ $ssl_verify_dates controls whether mutt checks the validity period of
SSL certificates
+ $ssl_verify_host controls whether mutt will accept certificates whose
host names do not match the host name in the folder URL.
1.5.19 (2009-01-05):
! command-line arguments: -a now mandates -- at end of file list
+ support for SSL certificate chains
+ <what-key> function works in pager, too
+ support for tokyocabinet (qdbm successor)
! $move now defaults to "no" instead of "ask-no"
+ $imap_pipeline_depth controls the number of commands that mutt can issue
to an IMAP server before it must collect the responses
+ $ssl_client_cert available with gnutls as well as openssl
+ 'mime_lookup application/octet-stream' added to system Muttrc
1.5.18 (2008-05-17):
! header caches internally are utf-8 regardless of current locale
+ $query_format (customize external query menu)
! inode sorting is always enabled
+ $time_inc suppresses progress updates less than $time_inc
milliseconds apart.
+ X-Label: headers must now be RfC2047-encoded
1.5.17 (2007-11-01):
! --enable-exact-address works again
1.5.16 (2007-06-09):
+ next-unread-mailbox
+ $message_cache_clean (clean cache on sync)
+ $smtp_pass
! $header_cache_compress defaults to yes
1.5.15 (2007-04-06):
- $imap_home_namespace (useless clutter)
+ $check_mbox_size (use size change instead of atime for new mail)
! improved f=f support wraps lines at $wrap if $wrap is not 0
+ $wrap (>0 wraps at $wrap, <0 = $wrapmargin)
+ $assumed_charset, $attach_charset, $ignore_linear_white_space
+ $save_history, $history_file (save history across sessions)
+ $smtp_url (ESMTP relay support)
+ $crypt_use_pka (use GPGME PKA signature verification)
! format pipe support: format strings ending in | are filtered
! buffy size is configurable at runtime (no --enable-buffy-size
configure option, new $check_mbox_size variable)
1.5.13 (2006-08-14):
+ thread patterns. Use ~(...) to match all threads that
contain a message that matches ...
1.5.12 (2006-07-14):
- $imap_cachedir replaced with $message_cachedir
+ Header/body caching for POP ($message_cachedir)
+ Header caching for MH folders
! $record now defaults to ~/sent
! $imap_idle now defaults to "yes" instead of "no"
+ Tab-completion for $my_* variable names and values
+ Expansion of mutt variables (except shell escape)
+ Self-defined variables with $my_* prefix
+ Pattern group support
+ $imap_cachedir
+ 'old' flag on IMAP folders
+ SASL-IR support for IMAP
+ IMAP IDLE support and $imap_idle
+ Pipeline-based IMAP communicaton
+ Full large file support
+ Attachment counting: attachments and unattachments commands,
%Q and %X for $attach_format, %X for $index_format
+ Basque translation
+ QDBM backend for header caching
+ Irish translation
1.5.11 (2005-09-15):
! $envelope_from_address has been added, $envelope_from has been renamed
to $use_envelope_from
+ Progress bar via $net_inc
+ IMAP server-side simple string search
+ Simple string matches instead of full regex matches for '=' instead
of '~' with pattern modifiers
! ~l matches all known lists, ~u only subscribed
- SASL 1.5 support
! The manual is now build from DocBook/XML instead of Linuxdoc/SGML source
1.5.10 (2005-08-11):
+ $imap_check_subscribed
+ Tab-completion for IMAP hosts
! $imap_force_ssl has been replaced without synonym by $ssl_force_tls
- NSS support
! The default for $menu_move_off has been changed from "no" to "yes"
! An empty <limit> now cancels the current limit
+ Editing threads via <break-thread> and <link-threads>
+ -D command line option
+ the folder shortcut '^' refers to the currently opened folder
+ $imap_login
+ $braille_friendly
+ Header caching for Maildir folders
Mutt 1.5.9 (2005-03-13):
+ $menu_move_off
+ <rename-mailbox> function for IMAP
Mutt 1.5.8 (2005-02-12):
+ $menu_context
! IDNA decoding is now optional via $use_idn defaulting to "yes"
+ GPGME support via $crypt_use_gpgme
Mutt 1.5.7 (2005-01-28):
+ SSL support via GNUTLS
+ Header caching for IMAP via $header_cache and $header_cache_pagesize
+ send2-hook
+ $ssl_client_cert
+ $hide_thread_subject
+ Generic spam detection: new configuration commands: 'spam' and
'nospam', new options: $spam_separator, new expando: %H (for
$index_format), new pattern: ~H pattern
+ $include_onlyfirst
! $pgp_mime_ask has been renamed without synonym to $pgp_mime_auto,
new default is "ask-yes" rather than "no"
+ Inline PGP creation support via $pgp_replyinline, $pgp_autoinline
and $pgp_mime_ask
! the 'bind' command can now be used on multiple menus at once
+ $config_charset
+ ~$ pattern
1.5.6 (2004-02-01):
! the 'list' and 'subscribe' commands now take regular expression
rather than string lists
! the $alternates option is replaced by the 'alternates' command
taking lists of regular expressions
! mailing lists can be recognized via domain matching when
starting with '@'
+ STLS (STARTTLS) support for POP3
1.5.5 (2003-11-05):
+ Bulgarian translation
- Kendra mailbox support
+ <tag-prefix-cond> and <cond-end>
+ ':' as expando modifier (e.g. '%:A')
+ $crypt_autopgp and $crypt_autosmime
+ $pgp_check_exit
1.5.4 (2003-03-19):
+ IDNA support
+ $bounce
! $crypt_replyencrypt and $pgp_replyencrypt now default
to "yes" instead of "no"
+ $pgp_auto_traditional
+ %A for $index_format
1.5.3 (2002-12-17):
+ <next-new-then-unread> and <previous-new-then-unread>
! $mark_old: it only controls whether new messages
are marked as old when leaving the mailbox
+ <what-key>
1.5.2 (2002-12-06):
+ -A command line option
+ SASL2 support
+ <buffy-list>
+ $forward_edit
+ $content_type
+ unmailboxes command
+ unalternative_order command
+ reply-hook
1.5.1 (2002-01-24):
+ $smime_default_key
+ $narrow_tree
+ -Q command line option
+ $crypt_timestamp
+ ~V pattern
+ S/MIME support
+ mime_lookup command