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- implicitly add exec to the commands for new windows (switch to disable it)?
- bring back detach-session to detach all clients on a session?
- allow fnmatch for -c, so that you can, eg, detach all clients
- garbage collect window history (100 lines at a time?) if it hasn't been used
  in $x time
- flags to centre screen in window
- activity/bell should be per-window not per-link? what if it is cur win in
  session not being watched?
- use a better termcap internally instead of screen, perhaps xterm
- should be able to move to a hidden pane and it would be moved into view. pane
  number in status line/top-right would be cool for this
- support other mouse modes (highlight etc) and use it in copy mode
- set-remain-on-exit is a bit of a hack, some way to do it generically?
- clear window title on exit
- would be nice to be able to use "--" to mark start of command w/ neww etc
  to avoid quoting
- make command sequences more usable: don't require space after ;, handle
  errors better
- attach should have a flag to create session if it doesn't exist
- choice and more mode would be better per client than per window?
- hooks to which commands may be attached, for example: tmux add-hook
  "new-session" if-shell "[ -e $HOME/.tmux-session.conf ]" source-file
- get it passing all the vttest tests that don't require resizing the terminal
- way to set socket path from config file
- what about utmp etc? can tmux update it like screen? setgid?
- warts on current naming:
   - display-time but message-fg/bg/attr
- list-* vs show-*
- server-info
- up-pane/down-pane/swap-pane -U/swap-pane -D vs next-*/previous-*
- split-window -> split-pane??
- a way for force-width/height to apply to only one pane (how?)
- command to list what is actually running in each window with command line,
  pid (need some adaption of the osdep code)
- support for bce
- some way to force a screen to use the entire terminal even if it is forced
  to be smaller by other clients. pan smaller terminal? (like screen F)
-- idea of a "view" onto a window, need base x/y offsets for redraw
- handle resize better in copy mode
- way to copy stuff that is off screen due to resize
- commands should be able to succeed or fail and have || or && for command
- some way to KEEP a command running continually and just use its LAST line of
- UTF-8 to a non-UTF-8 terminal should not be able to balls up
  the terminal - www/ruby-addressable; make regress
- support esc-esc to quit in modes
- fix ctrl+F1-F4 output. to what?
- better utf8 support: window names, prompt input, message display
- session history for client and last-session command
- option to change status line colour when current window is in a mode?
- option to move copy mode indicator into status line
- list-buffer/show-buffer should display UTF-8
- selection behaviour closer to vi in vi mode
- live update: server started with -U connects to server, requests sessions and
  windows, receives fds
- command to show a tree of sessions-windows-panes (active marked with *)
- sort out inheriting config from shell on new sessions/windows:
        should pick up default-path/termios/etc from client if possible,
else leave empty/default
- link panes into multiple windows
- bells should be passed between sessions with visual-bell etc
- use screen-256color when started on 256 colour terminal??
- if-shell/run-shell should block further command execution in the same command
  sequence until its shell exits, to allow them to be used from the config file
- better session sharing: create-socket command to create socket somewhere (-r
  flag for readonly)
- multiline status line (no?)
- flag for absolute pane size to resize-pane
- sanity check input to socket
- support title stack, both internally and externally
- command to show status line information briefly when it is off
- some way to pad # stuff with spaces, #!2T maybe
- a binding to "scroll down and exit at bottom" copy mode
- some way to pass keystrokes in copy mode through to underlying window
- last window update time and # replacement for it for display-message
- find-window across sessions - other ways to make session handling easier?
- ' and " should be parsed the same (eg "\e" vs '\e') in config and command
- command to toggle selection not to move it in copy-mode
- why are alerts per-winlink? try per window?
- audit of escape sequence support vs xterm
- support binding keys to mouse (mouse-select-pane -> mouse-keys or something,
  mouse click == select-pane -t %%, mouse scroll up == copy-mode)
- something for -t "last window in session" so a session can be used as a stack
- synchronous commands - client sends cmd and blocks, neww/splitw saves client
  ptr then when program inside died, sends MSG_SOMETHING with wait status to
- documentation improvements - rlpowell's tutorial - build instructions
- bind commands to key sequences? -- make it so ALL keys go through a table,
  first an implicit table in which C-b is the only default binding to a
  command that says "next key from $othertable" and so on. means -n can
  go away as well
- monitor, bell etc should monitor /all/ panes in the window not just one
- a history of commands that can be reversed (reverse member of each command,
  and a buffer) info() when changing to same window
- way to add dest for break-pane; maybe some easier way to unbreak-pane
- case insensitive searching
- option to move status line to top
- configurable borders and empty space filler for when panes < window?
- mouse-select-pane will screw up with !MODE_MOUSE_STANDARD (it sets the
  flag on w/o checking the others before calling tty_update_mode)
- multiple keys could be done with tables, ie have prefixes go and instead
bind -n ^A prefix-table "default"
  where prefix-table sets command lookup table and sets prefix flag, then next
  key is looked up in that table
- pass shell commands as argv rather than strings, allow them to be specified
  in commands without quotes
- a command to choose from a generic list, so you can do eg
  choose-list -l Abc,Moo,Blah "run-shell 'sh /my/choose/script %%'"
- numeric prefix in copy mode should be paste buffer for C-w
- named buffers and allow gaps in the stack
- get rid of separate UTF-8 cell stuff: add 1 byte to cell and store BMP as
  uint16_t+3 bits of flags. anything <=0xffff is Unicode, higher are used to
  build tree of combined characters/non-BMP (LRU dropped when full)
- entry in FAQ about what to do when someone does mkdir /tmp/tmux-1000
- show size under pane number in display-panes mode
- monitor-activity is broken in several ways with multiple clients
- monitor-activity should be more powerful (eg set a region)
- maybe a way to put pane names instead of window names in status line
- support for borderless panes
- run-shell/if-shell should support status_replace stuff
- wait-pane command or another way to make it synchronous/wait for command to
- last-pane across sessions
- attach should take a pane and select it as well as attaching
- should default-path be a window option?
- option to put status line at top (why?)
- panes should have names like windows
- command-prompt doesn't work if made read-only. why?
- option to quote format eg #{session_name:quoted}
- formats need to be used for much much more stuff!
- formats need conditions for >0 (for #P)
- flags to find-window to select what is searched (title, name, content, history)
- fetch full command line on !Linux, and add option to strip prefixes
  such as "sh " "/bin/sh " etc etc
- synchronize-windows option
- possibly support rxvt-unicode extended mouse input (1015)
- append to buffer in copy mode
* We need a tmux terminfo entry to document the extensions we are using in
  upstream terminfo. Must NOT change (only add or remove) anything from
  TERM=screen so we can fallback!
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