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#compdef xsltproc xmllint -value-,XML_CATALOG_FILES,-default-
# xmllint: using libxml version 20707
# xsltproc: using libxml 20707, libxslt 10126 and libexslt 815
local -a encoding
case $service in
_arguments \
'(-)'{--version,-V}'[show libxml and libxslt versions]' \
'(--verbose -v)'{--verbose,-v}"[show logs of what's happening]" \
'(--output -o)'{--output,-o}'[specify output file]:output file:_files' \
'--timing[display the time used]' \
'--repeat[run the transformation 20 times]' \
'--debug[dump the tree of the result instead]' \
'--dumpextensions[dump registered extension elements and functions]' \
'--novalid[skip the DTD loading phase]' \
'--nodtdattr[do not default attributes from the DTD]' \
'--noout[do not dump the result]' \
'--maxdepth[increase the maximum depth]:depth' \
'--maxparserdepth[increase the maximum parser depth]:depth' \
'--html[input document is an HTML file]' \
'--encoding[the input document character encoding]:encoding:(${encoding[@]})' \
'--param[pass a parameter,value pair]:name::value (xpath expression)' \
'--stringparam[pass a parameter]:name::value' \
'--path[provide a set of paths for resources]:paths:_files -/' \
'--nonet[refuse to fetch DTDs or entities over network]' \
'--nowrite[refuse to write to any file or resource]' \
'--nomkdir[refuse to create directories]' \
'--writesubtree[allow file write only with the path subtree]:path:_files -/' \
'--catalogs[use SGML catalogs]' \
'--xinclude[do XInclude processing on document input]' \
'--xincludestyle[do XInclude processing on stylesheets]' \
'--load-trace[print trace of all external entites loaded]' \
{--profile,--norman}'[dump profiling information]' \
'1:stylesheet:_files -g "*.xslt#(-.)"' \
':file:_files -g "*.xml(-.)"' && return
_arguments \
'--version[display the version of the XML library used]' \
'--debug[dump a debug tree of the in-memory document]' \
'--shell[run a navigating shell]' \
'--debugent[debug the entities defined in the document]' \
'--copy[used to test the internal copy implementation]' \
'--recover[output what was parsable on broken XML documents]' \
'--huge[remove any internal arbitrary parser limits]' \
'--noent[substitute entity references by their value]' \
"(--output -o)--noout[don't output the result tree]" \
'--path[provide a set of paths for resources]:paths:_files -/' \
'--load-trace[print trace of all external entites loaded]' \
'--nonet[refuse to fetch DTDs or entities over network]' \
'--htmlout[output results as HTML]' \
'--nowrap[do not put HTML doc wrapper]' \
'--nocompact[do not generate compact text nodes]' \
'--valid[validate the document in addition to std well-formed check]' \
'(--dtdvalid --relaxng --schema)--postvalid[do a posteriori validation, i.e after parsing]' \
'(--postvalid --relaxng --schema --dtdvalidfpi)--dtdvalid[do a posteriori validation against a given DTD]:DTD:_webbrowser' \
'(--postvalid --relaxng --schema --dtdvalid)--dtdvalidfpi[as --dtdvalid but specify DTD with public identifier]:DTD identifier' \
'--timing[print some timings]' \
'(--noout --output -o)'{--output,-o}'[save to a given file]:output file:_files' \
'--repeat[repeat 100 times, for timing or profiling]' \
'--insert[ad-hoc test for valid insertions]' \
'--compress[turn on gzip compression of output]' \
'--html[use the HTML parser]' \
'--xmlout[use the XML serializer when using --html]' \
'--push[use the push mode of the parser]' \
'--memory[parse from memory]' \
'--maxmem[imits memory allocation]:bytes' \
'--nowarning[do not emit warnings from parser/validator]' \
'--noblanks[drop (ignorable?) blanks spaces]' \
'--nocdata[replace cdata section with text nodes]' \
'--format[reformat/reindent the input]' \
'--encode[output in the given encoding]:encoding:(${encoding[@]})' \
'--dropdtd[remove the DOCTYPE of the input docs]' \
'--c14n[save in W3C canonical format]' \
'--c14n11[save in W3C canonical format v1.1 (with comments)]' \
'--exc-c14n[save in W3C exclusive canonical format]' \
'--nsclean[remove redundant namespace declarations]' \
'--testIO[test user I/O support]' \
'(--nocatalogs)--catalogs[use SGML catalogs]' \
'(--catalogs)--nocatalogs[deactivate all catalogs]' \
'--auto[generate a small doc on the fly]' \
'(--noxincludenode)--xinclude[do XInclude processing]' \
'(--xinclude)--noxincludenode[do XInclude processing but do not generate XInclude nodes]' \
'--loaddtd[fetch external DTD]' \
'--nofixup-base-uris[do not fixup xml:base uris]' \
'--dtdattr[loaddtd + populate the tree with inherited attributes]' \
'--stream[use the streaming interface to process very large files]' \
'--walker[create a reader and walk though the resulting doc]' \
'--pattern[test the pattern support]:pattern value' \
'--chkregister[verify the node registration code]' \
'(--dtdvalid --postvalid --schema)--relaxng[do RelaxNG validation against specified schema]:schema:_webbrowser' \
'(--dtdvalid --postvalid --relaxng)--schema[do validation against specified WXS schema]:schema:_webbrowser' \
'(--dtdvalid --postvalid --relaxng)--schematron[do validation against specified schematron]:schema:_webbrowser' \
'--sax1[use the old SAX1 interfaces for processing]' \
'--sax[do not build a tree but work just at the SAX level]' \
'--oldxml10[use XML-1.0 parsing rules before the 5th edition]' \
'--xpath[evaluate the XPath expression, inply --noout]:XPath expression:' \
'*:XML file:_webbrowser' && return
compset -q
if [[ -prefix *: ]]; then
compset -S ':*'
_alternative \
'files:catalog file:_files' \
'url-schemas:URL schema:compadd -S "" file:///' && return
return 1
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