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18433: package documentation for 4.1.1

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@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2003-04-04 Peter Stephenson <>
+ * 18433: INSTALL, README, Etc/CONTRIBUTORS, Etc/NEWS: information
+ for 4.1.1.
2003-04-03 Peter Stephenson <>
* 18432: Completion/Unix/Command/_mh,
@@ -15,6 +15,52 @@ to be currently accurate. If you feel that you or someone else have
been unfairly omitted from this list please mail the current maintainer
at <>.
+Version 4.1.1
+Clint Adams <>: termcap/terminfo, completion, configuration,
+various modules, networking, prompts
+Andrej Borsenkow <>: configuration, completion functions, cygwin
+Chmouel Bodjnah <>: Linux completion support
+Wayne Davison <>: shell history mechanism,
+Zvi Har'El <>: completion functions
+Doug Kearns <>: completion functions
+Oliver Kiddle <>: builtins, completion, parameters, prompts,
+standards support, tests
+Andrew Main <>: zle keymaps, games
+Akinori Musha: BSD completion support
+Felix Rosencrantz <>: completion, zle
+Bart Schaefer <>: configuration, parameters, prompts,
+signals, syntax, tests, functions, sanity checking
+Adam Spiers <>: completion and other functions
+Peter Stephenson <>: configuration, zle, networking, syntax,
+Tanaka Akira <>: completion functions
+Philippe Troin <>: signals, process groups.
+Geoff Wing <>: archiving and distribution network, line editor
+display, configuration
+Sven Wischnowsky <>: internal completion mechanism and
+low-level functions, line editor internals, syntax, wordcode mechanism,
Version 4.0.1
@@ -1,7 +1,75 @@
+New features between zsh versions 4.0 and 4.1
+- upgraded to use autoconf post-2.50
+- improved compatibility with other shells through shell options,
+ builtin arguments and improved builtin option parsing
+Syntax and builtins:
+- new printf builtin
+- `+=' to append to parameters which works for scalars, arrays and (with
+ pairs) associative arrays.
+- enhanced multiple parameter `for' loops:
+ for key value in key1 value1 key2 value2 ...
+ maintaining full compatibility with POSIX syntax
+Add-on modules and functions:
+- zsh/net/tcp module provides builtin interface to TCP through ztcp
+ builtin. Function suite for interactive and script use with expect-style
+ pattern matching.
+- zsh/net/socket module provides zsocket builtin.
+- zcalc calculator function with full line editing.
+- builtin interface to pcre library
+- zsh/zselect module provides zselect builtin as interface to select
+ system call
+Completion system:
+- general improvements to command and context support, low-level functions,
+ display code.
+- in verbose mode, matches with the same description are grouped
+- highly configurable completions for values of specific parameters,
+ specific redirections for specific commands
+- support for bash completion functions (typically zsh native functions are
+ more powerful where available)
+- New completions provided for (some of these may be in later 4.0
+ releases): valgrind, tidy, texinfo, infocmp, Java classes, larch, limit,
+ locale parameters, netcat, mysqldiff, mt, lsof, elinks, ant, debchange
+ (dch), email addresses, file system types, Perforce, xsltproc.
+Line editor:
+- special parameters $PREDISPLAY, $POSTDISPLAY available in function
+ widgets to configure uneditable text (for narrowing)
+- recursive editing
+- supplied widgets read-from-minibuffer, replace-string use these features
+ (more intuitive prompting and argument reading than 4.0)
+- access to killed text vai $CUTBUFFER and $killring
+- supplied highly configurable word widgets forward-word-match etc., can
+ set what constitutes a word interactively or in startup script
+ (implement bash-style behaviour, replacing previous bash-* word widgets)
+- interface to increment search via $LASTSEARCH
+- better handling of keymaps in zle and widgets
+- better support for output from user-defined widgets while zle is active
+- tetris game which runs entirely in zle
+Local internal improvements:
+- disowned jobs are automatically restarted
+- line numbers in error messages and $PS4 output are more consistent
+- `=prog' expands only paths, no longer aliases for consistency
+- job display in prompts; `jobs' command output can be piped
+- prompts: new $RPROMPT2, %^, %y, enhanced %{, %}, %_.
+- rand48() function for better randomness in arithmetic
+ (if the corresponding math library function is present)
+- $SECONDS parameter can be made floating point via `typeset -F SECONDS'
+ for better accuracy
+- improvements to command line history mechanism
+- many bugfixes
New features in zsh version 4.0.1
@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ Alternatively, you can install the various parts in separate stages. To
install the zsh binary, execute the command:
make install.bin
Any previous copy of zsh will be renamed "zsh.old"
To install the dynamically-loadable modules, execute the command:
make install.modules
Note that this is required for the shell to operate properly if dynamic
@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ THE Z SHELL (ZSH)
-This is zsh version 4.0. This is a stable release.
+This is zsh version 4.1. This is a development release. However, it has
+been in use over a long period by many people and it is believed to be
+fairly stable.
Installing Zsh
@@ -24,38 +26,14 @@ details, see the documentation.
Possible incompatibilities
-Some particular differences you may notice between version 3.0 and 4.0
-(mostly based on 3.0.8; there are other differences from earlier versions):
- o The options ALWAYS_LAST_PROMPT (return to the line you were
- editing after displaying completion lists) and LIST_AMBIGUOUS
- (don't do AUTO_LIST if there was an unambiguous prefix that could be
- inserted, i.e. only list if it is ambiguous what to insert next) are
- now set by default. This is in response to complaints that too many
- zsh features are never noticed by many users. To turn them off,
- just put `unsetopt alwayslastprompt listambiguous' in your
- .zshrc file.
- o The editor commands history-search-{forward,backward} are implemented
- slightly differently, as are {up,down}-line-or-search. You may
- well not notice this, however.
- o Cursor keys are now usually bound in both vi command and insert
- mode. In the latter case, this may result in a slight delay after
- hitting ESCAPE to exit insert mode. Purists who object to this can
- unbind the appropriate key sequences (see zshzle(1)). Most beginning
- users of zsh apparently find the current behaviour preferable.
- o History file format is incompatible with versions older than 3.0.6,
- but this should only affect people who try to share history files
- between the two versions -- 4.0 can read the old format, 3.0.6 and
- later can read the new format. Just beware of INC_APPEND_HISTORY,
- which could conceivably mix the two.
- o Default compctl completions have been removed for some builtin
- commands. Either use the new compinit-derived system, use the
- improved compctls from Misc/compctl-examples, or restore these
- equivalents yourself:
- compctl -b bindkey
- compctl -v export typeset vared
- compctl -o setopt unsetopt
- compctl -c which
+Some particular differences you may notice since version 4.0:
+The bash-compatibility zle functions described in the zshcontrib manual
+page have been removed as a more configurable set of editing widgets for
+dealing with words have been added. The following code in .zshrc will set
+up for bash-style word handling:
+ autoload -U select-word-style
+ select-word-style bash

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