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Coraline plugin skeleton/code generator
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Coraline Plugin Development Skeleton Generator

This is a skeleton/generator used to create a basic Coraline plugin. The files included may serve as simple samples, but they are really templates used to setup new projects, thanks to the magic of cmake.

Using the generator you get:

  • all required boilerplate code generated
  • a project you can build usind cmake/make
  • a make package command that lets your create DEB/RPM/ZIP files for distribution



Setup a project, by converting the templates to a usable project with a CMakeLists.txt file etc.


  1. SETUP: Generate a project

From the top-level dir, here, do:

mkdir gen; cd gen
cmake -DPLUGIN_CLASS=SuperDuper ..
cd .. ; ls

The 'superduper' (lowercase of your class name) directory will now hold the skeleton for a Coraline plugin project.

Optional arguments. In addition to defining PLUGIN_CLASS, as shown above, you may also define:

  • PLUGIN_SHORTNAME, the name used to reference the module in JS, e.g. "BLE" or "Notifications", by setting -DPLUGIN_SHORTNAME=Notifications. Defaults to same name as the class itself.
  • PLUGIN_FULLNAME, the cordova name used in config xml tags, e.g. cordova-plugin-dialogs, by setting -DPLUGIN_FULLNAME=cordova-plugin-dialogs Defaults to an all lower-case version of the class name, used as a suffix to "cordova-plugin-" (so cordova-plugin-superduper, here).

Build your project

  1. BUILD the generated project (here called 'superduper' as per instructions above):

    cd superduper ; mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. ; make package

You will find an .so file of your compiled plugin, as well as deb/rpm/zip file(s) (assuming you have debuild/alien/tools to generate packages). Hurray.


The sample code has all the boilerplate you need to get going, but it's not a very interesting plugin: it has one method, hello which may be triggered from JS using your "shortname". In this sample it would be something like

var sup = new SuperDuper();
sup.hello(function(val) { console.log("got hello back: " + val.message); });

Short version: any exposed callback must have the same signature as the hello() example, and needs to be exposed in the registerAllMethods() call, as is shown for hello.

Finally, callbacks need support on the JS side, using the standard cordova.exec calling convertions (with all arguments passed to the C++ side callback in a single array, as the final argument). See the generated init.js file for an example.


This skeleton/plugin code generator is

Copyright (C) 2017,2018 Pat Deegan,

and release under the terms and conditions of the Apache License, v2.0. See the included LICENSE file for details.

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