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Stimulus annotations for the movie Forrest Gump

This repository collects stimulus annotations for the research cut of the "Forrest Gump" movie used in the project. Annotations are collected from various contributors and publications.

Annotations are typically provided as plain text tables, using a tab-separated-value markup with a header row. Table usually contain a onset and a duration column to indicate the timing of an event. All other columns contain variables that describe properties of an event.

Repository content

  • code/

    All code necessary to import and convert annotations from the formats they were originally provided in.

  • researchcut/

    Annotation plain text tables with timing matching the entire "research cut" as one continuous piece.

  • segments/

    Annotation plain text tables with timing matching individual movie segments used in the project.

  • src/

    Datalad subdatasets referencing repositories with available annotations.

  • old/ (deprecated)

    Previously provided, less uniformly structured, annotation. All of these will eventually be replaced by the format described above. This directory will be removed in the future

General information

This is a DataLad dataset (id: 45b9ab26-07fc-11e8-8c71-f0d5bf7b5561).

For more information on DataLad and on how to work with its datasets, see the DataLad documentation at: