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This is a modified version of this thesis template. It has been adjusted for use in German/English theses at the Institute of Psychology II, OvG University Magdeburg. In principle, it can be used as described in the original documentation (below). However, be aware of the following differences:

  • the bibliography files are in the `bib/` folder
  • there should be no need to edit `main.tex` all your own writing starts in `thesis.tex`

Here is how you start:

  • `git clone` this repository (best) or download it as a ZIP file and extract it.
  • enter the directory with the extracted content, and edit the file `projectname.txt`: this should be a single word that serves as a label for your thesis. The default is `thesis`, if that is OK, there is no need to edit anything.
  • next edit the file `metadata.tex`, read through its content, select a language and fill in the relevant fields.

Afterwards you should be able to build a PDF by running `make pdf` in a terminal.


Purpose of this project

This is a generic template for LaTeX documents using KOMA Script classes which are pretty common at least in German spoken countries.

The template does not want to contain each and every trick but should provide a clean, consistent and well documented starting point for any document exceeding a few pages. So if you plan to write a longer report, a diploma thesis, a PhD thesis, or similar, this template should give you a good basis.

The focus is that you - the author - is able to concentrate on the content of your work rather than start fiddling around with the look of the document. Several typographic optimizations are included in order to get a final document that is optimized to deliver your content.

Please do read Template-Documentation.pdf.


This template uses up-to-date technology like pdflatex, biblatex (instead of BibTeX-Format), biber (instead of bibtex-compiler), and optionally GNU make. You should be familiar with compiling LaTeX documents by yourself. If you are new to LaTeX please get basic knowledge from tutorial pages such as this one.

You can find out more in Template-Documentation.pdf.

What makes this template special?

The speciality of this consistent template is, that every setting in the preamble is well documented (in LaTeX). You can generate the documentation file “Template-Documentation.pdf” on your own by not removing the template documentation include command in the main LaTeX file and using GNU make with the rule “templatedocu”:

make templatedocu

This command results in the ”Template-Documentation.pdf” file containing the most current documentation of this template. Please refer to this PDF file for further information about the template.

How to start?

Please do read the ”Template-Documentation.pdf” file which contains a “How to use this LaTeX template” section.


This template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license:

  • You can share (to copy, distribute and transmit) this template.
  • You can remix (adapt) this template.
  • You can make commercial use of the template.
  • In case you modify this template and share the derived template: You must attribute the template such that you do not remove (co-)authorship of Karl Voit and you must not remove the URL to the original repository on github.
  • If you alter, transform, or build a new template upon this template, you may distribute the resulting template only under the same or similar license to this one.
  • There are no restrictions of any kind, however, related to the resulting (PDF) document!
  • You may remove the colophon (but it’s not recommended).

What is still work in progress?

Please have a look at the file ”template/”.


Template project for B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses (maybe even Ph.D. theses)




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