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Parses ntlmssp netlm[v2] hashes out of a pcap file for use with a password cracker.

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Octocat-spinner-32 README
This script can pull ntlmssp hashes with the challenge/response from a pcap.
Requires scapy

It's pretty slow, and I'm not entirely sure if it gets the correct server challenge yet. (update: i've successfully cracked hashes from this script, implying it has all that is necessary)
UPDATE: I got a 350% speedup on a 1700 packet file when using pypy
It's also terribly written, all my type checking and return checking is in all the 
wrong places. Essentially it's a dirty hack that *should* get the job done

My old method, seen here ( 
doesn't seem to work becuase the username is unicode and the -z to show the username is null terminated

python <outfile.pcap>

You MUST run:
    tshark -r <file>.pcap 'ntlmssp.ntlmserverchallenge or ntlmssp.ntlmclientchallenge' -w <outfile.pcap>
before running this program, or it will take ages.

Becuase scapy doesn't have a state machine, like in wireshark/tshark, my method for finding the
server/client pair is kind of botched. I basically flip source and dest ip and ports and take the first packet
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