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For running psychology and neuroscience experiments
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docs DOCS: fixed reference to paper
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pytest.ini TST: mark test_mov as needing sound HW and skip those in travis RF: tweak searchCopyrightYear to future-proof against </b>
setup.cfg git-svn-id: 1c617f74-e3c… RF: prefer #!/usr/bin/env python2 DOCS: version bump and changelog DOCS: version bump and changelog DOCS: bumped version number for release 1.80.05
version DOCS: changelog for and version release


PsychoPy is an open-source package for creating psychology stimuli in Python (A real and free alternative to Matlab). PsychoPy combines the graphical strengths of OpenGL with the easy Python syntax to give psychophysics a free and simple stimulus presentation and control package.

The goal is to provide, for the busy scientist (including me!), tools to control timing and windowing and a simple set of pre-packaged stimuli and methods. The code is platform independent, using Python and C libraries that are widely available.


To contribute, please fork the repository, hack in a feature branch, and send a pull request. For more, see

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