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"default" not correctly checked for speaker option
If default is selected, it should do nothing - but because the condition was set to check for "auto" instead of "default", it gives an error log saying that default doesn't exist on the audio device list.
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frankgasking committed Mar 7, 2017
1 parent 5029631 commit d54d14feb1c4700dd9d35afc6ec800de6f89dfa9
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@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ def setDevice(dev, kind=None):
# a single option
dev = prefs.general['audioDevice']
# is it simply "default" (do nothing)
if dev=='auto' or travisCI:
if dev=='default' or travisCI:
pass # do nothing
elif dev not in backend.getDevices(kind='output'):
devNames = backend.getDevices(kind='output').keys()

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