Test release 2 for 1.85.0

@peircej peircej released this Jan 15, 2017 · 32 commits to master since this release

You can use this test release to have a preview of:

  • the new web outputs (PsychoJS) for Builder experiments
  • the new sounddevice replacement for pyo (change it in your preferences)

We don't recommend you use this release for real experiments; it's just up here as a preview to see how things go. Don't get angry if it contains bugs (it surely does!)

Known issues:

  • The PsychoJS use of "norm" units doesn't quite match the Python equivalent currently


Release 1.84.2

@peircej peircej released this Oct 3, 2016 · 212 commits to master since this release

  • FIXED:
    • Problem with renaming of Routines preventing experiment from re-loading #1248
    • Several bugs with Builder code generation since PEP8 refactoring:
      • Static Components gave error compiling script
      • some Keyboard Components (with variable "allowed keys" settings) gave error compiling script #1245
      • Mouse Component with "Save state at end of trial" gave indentation error #1253
      • Loops gave error compiling script if conditions file was a formatted string #1253
    • Standalone distributions were not including the correct pylink and pyxid packages
  • ADDED:
    • Keyfinder demo to Builder view #1252
    • Support for key modifiers using event.getKeys() #1242


Release 1.84.1

@peircej peircej released this Sep 5, 2016 · 246 commits to master since this release

  • FIXED:
    • Builder Keyboard component was treating non-response as correct answer. #1230 <https://github.com/psychopy/psychopy/issues/1230>_ Thanks Jarrod
    • MovieStim2 (opencv) now compatible with newer versions of opencv (v3.x) #1223 <https://github.com/psychopy/psychopy/issues/1223>_
    • SSL certificates for OS X causing failure to connect to osf.io for projects
    • dependencies added/updated in Standalone packages:
      • pyHook, pygame, pylink 0.3.2, (win32)
      • pysoundcard (OS X)
    • hello_world demo crashing the app on load
  • ADDED:
    • Movie outputs in gif, mp4, mov formats automatically, using moviepy #1228 <https://github.com/psychopy/psychopy/issues/1228>_


Release 1.84.0

@peircej peircej released this Aug 17, 2016 · 275 commits to master since this release

Finally! Release 1.84.0 is here! :-)

Known issues:

  • On Mac the 0.8.0 release of pyo audio lib, which is being packaged in this version of PsychoPy, is not closing properly with the 'coreaudio' backend so you might want to switch that to use 'portaudio' instead for now

A few highlights:

  • you can now upload/sync/search projects with OpenScienceFramework
  • you can now rename a Routine (in the Experiment menu)
  • support for Mac Retina displays (and 64bit mac binaries now working pretty well we think!)
  • many updated dependencies in the Standalone apps
  • many bug fixes (including several memory errors)

A lot of code "refactoring" occurred in this release so really do check that your experiment runs as expected and saves data correctly.